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7 Tips to Win Information Warfare


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Published in: Technology, Business
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7 Tips to Win Information Warfare

  1. 1. “The Art of Winning the Information War” You are granted to use this material under Creative Commons licensed7 Tips to Win Information Warfare
  2. 2. Daily Activities : ICT Watch ( Researcher Ashoka Social Entrepreneur Fellow ( Internet Sehat ( Activist E-Business, Digital Media, Cyber Journalist Lecturer (,,, Former of : Detikcom , Journalist to Vice President (‘99 – ‘10) Formal Educations : University of Indonesia, Comm. Management (2002) Gunadarma University, Computer Science (1998) International Workshop / Conferences : Future News & Civic Media, 2011 – MIT Cambridge Ashoka–Knight Center for Journalist, 2011 – Wash. DC OpenNet Initiative Summit, 2010 – Ottawa Internet Governance Forum, 2009 – Sharm El Sheikh OpenNet Initiative, 2009 – Sharm El Sheikh PAN All Asia Network, 2009 – Penang Access to Knowledge, 2009 – Kuala Lumpur OpenNet Initiative, 2008 – Chiang Mai World Mobile Congress, 2008 – Barcelona e-mail: dbu [at] Digital Review Asia Pacific, 2008 – Singapore Global Knowledge, 2007 – Kuala Lumpur twitter: @donnybu University ICT for Development, 2007 –Vietnam mobile: +62-818-930932My Brief CV: Donny B.U.
  3. 3. Your first 100 seconds of response, may free you a 100 days of sorrow. SAMMMAS: Speed AMMMAS:
  4. 4. Those with agility must given responsibility & authority SAMMMAS: Authorities MMMAS:
  5. 5. Specific Appropriate Consistent Persistent SAMMMAS: Message MMAS:
  6. 6. The medium is the message (McLuhan) SAMMMAS: Media AMMMAS:
  7. 7. I dont think, I leave that to God. Im nothing in all this, Im just the Messenger. (Joan of Arc) SAMMMAS: Messenger AMMMAS:
  8. 8. We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. (Dalai Lama) SAMMMAS: Affection AMMMA
  9. 9. Coherence & Credibility SAMMMAS: Synchronicity AMMMAS
  10. 10. E-mail: dbu[at] | Twitter: @donnybu | Blog: dbu[at] Main Source:Please watch Linimas(s)a, The First Indonesian Social Media & Social Movement Linimas(s)a, Documentary Movie (with english subtitled) at