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Twitter presentation

  1. 1. • Itfdfdfdf What isTwitter Heidi Varpelaide SAMK September 2012
  2. 2. • It What is Twitter?fdfdfdf It’s a microblogging website; a social media tool and one of the fastest growing networks.
  3. 3. • It What is a Tweet?fdfdfdf A post to Twitter is called a Tweet, a 140 (or fewer) character text message Tweets can include links, images and videos. A ReTweet: a post that was posted previously by another user
  4. 4. To follow and to be• Itfdfdfdf followed You can follow any Twitter account you find interesting. People who are interested in what you have to say may follow you and they’ll see all the Tweets you share with them.
  5. 5. Twitter – how to startSet up your account. Go to Twitter toget started. Enter your name, email,and a password.Select a username. This is the nameby which you will be known onTwitter.Click on the Create my accountbutton.
  6. 6. Twitter page – my tweets
  7. 7. Twitter page – stream of other tweets
  8. 8. Tweetdeck
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Why use Twitter?• Get The Latest Real Time News• Spread Your Ideas• Create a Personal Brand• Reach a Global Audience Fast• Sometimes more effective than email or search engines• Build relationships. Twitter allows you to build instant relationships with people. Get to know them. Retweet their messages and reply to them. Start a conversation.• Keeping up with the latest news and updates• Internationalization, language skills.• Following important people in your field• Following celebrities or famous people
  11. 11. Twitter for business• Create a corporate brand• Build relationships• SEO, how search engines find your business• Link Twitter to Facebook, blogs, homepage etc.• Share links with Twitter button• Tool for Customer service• Effective Marketing tool
  12. 12. What you should tweet? Write a blog post and post it on Twitter. Post links to your blog posts on Twitter with a teaser headline.
  13. 13. Twitter signsHashtags #topicReply @otheruserRetweetRT @otheruser other tweetDMDirect Message=private message to another user
  14. 14. Examples of using Twitter• Itfdfdfdf
  15. 15. #Twitter is not technology. It’s aconversation. And it’s happeningwith or without you – Charlene Li
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