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Twitter for Dentists


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Twitter for Dentists

  1. 1. social Be
  2. 2. Agenda • What is Twitter • Who's on Twitter • What to tweet • Setting up an account • Finding your tweeps
  3. 3. Agenda, continued • Twitter for the dental practice • Leveraging Twitter • Managing and monitoring • Questions
  4. 4. What is Twitter? • Social media platform • Collective conscious • Microblogging in 140 characters or less • 300 million tweets, 1.6 billion searches daily
  5. 5. Total reach: 75,000 and counting!
  6. 6. One tweet= 3,700+ people
  7. 7. What Twitter is not Or, at least, shouldn’t be..
  8. 8. Demonstration New Twitter!/Chicago_Dental Old Twitter
  9. 9. Who’s on Twitter • 14% of all Internet users • More men than women (14 to 11%) • 18-44 is the sweet spot • Distributed equally across income brackets • The more educated, the higher the adoption levels
  10. 10. Who’s on Twitter • Urban and suburban • Non-whites have a higher rate of Twitter adoption: 25% among African Americans and 19% among Latinos Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, 2011
  11. 11. What do people tweet about? 40% of all tweets are pointless babble, according to 2009 study by Pear Analytics Tip Separate the wheat from the chaff •Use lists •Follow people who add to the conversation •Don’t contribute to banal “breakfast tweeting”
  12. 12. What to tweet • Remember, you’re engaging in conversation • Listen and respond • Set up Google alerts for your neighborhood, interests and practice • Keri’s 50/50 guide
  13. 13. When to tweet Four periods where activity is at its highest: •Morning commute •Lunchtime •End of day •After the kids are in bed
  14. 14. Quick health check • Follower to tweet ratios For example, 10,000 tweets to >500 followers suggests you are doing something wrong
  15. 15. Twitter lingo • RT or retweet: Sending a message from someone else to all your followers
  16. 16. Replies and Mentions • When someone sends a public tweet that includes your Twitter handle
  17. 17. Hashtags Hashtagging a word or phrase makes it a hyperlink to other tweets that contain the same hashtag. TipYou can’t have spaces in hashtags.
  18. 18. #cds12 hashtags Tweeting with the hashtag #cds12 will make your tweets visible to people at the Midwinter Meeting through Twitter Walls. Example at left of a Twitter wall
  19. 19. Direct Message • Sending a reciprocal follower a message only they can see • Why do this? e.g.,Weinergate
  20. 20. The dark side of Twitter • Spam • Security breaches Tip Read
  21. 21. Hijacked account
  22. 22. Setting up an account • Public or private? • Do you want patients to find you-- and be able to follow you?
  23. 23. Assuming the answer is “yes”... • Tweet under your name, not your practice’s name  Tip Use to check your name across social media  Tip Keep in mind your Google listing for your practice • Use a smiling, head-and-shoulders shot  60% of Twitter users surveyed said they followed someone because they looked “friendly”* • Include your location *Source: Social Media for Dentists 2.0
  24. 24. What are your goals? Some possiblities… • Get more patients • Position yourself as a thought leader • Interact with those in your community • Develop relationships with reporters • Engage people who share your interests
  25. 25. Write a bio! People are 8x more likely to follow a user with a bio • Use your name • First sentence should relate to what you do professionally • Remaining space for interests, things you might tweet about, affiliations you have • Include website when writing profile
  26. 26. Bio example @LoriColwinDDS Dentist in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. I love keeping smiles healthy. Spokesdentist for @Chicago_Dental, #Zumba fanatic, super geek and owner of one spoiled rotten puggle, Henry.
  27. 27. Twitter account set-up demonstration
  28. 28. Finding your tweeps • (Use Twellowhood for geotargeted search) • • • “Twitter recommends” • People you already like and admire • Local media • Your email contacts list ‣ Tip Use lists function in Twitter to stay organized
  29. 29. Twitter for the dental practice Caveat Don’t tweet personally identifiable patient information.
  30. 30. • Create a geotargeted search on commonly used phrases, like recommend and dentist through or desktop application • Link back to your website when you have new content • Promote, promote, promote it in your practice
  31. 31. • Include Twitter handle in printed materials, like office signage, appointment reminder cards, etc. • Include in any email correspondence or newsletters • Bring your tweets into your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page Caveat Don’t auto tweet from Twitter to Facebook or other social media channels Leveraging Twitter
  32. 32. Managing and monitoring Free service that sends you a daily email of activity across your social media channels.
  33. 33. Social Media Desktops • Seesmic (demo) • Hootsuite • Tweetdeck Have integrated URL shorteners, too.
  34. 34. URL shorteners Owly BudURL (fee service)
  35. 35. Resources • •
  36. 36. Questions • Send a tweet to @Chicago_Dental • Coming to Midwinter? Use the #cds12 hashtag to get added to the list! • Are you a member? Tell us in your tweet and we’ll add you to the list.