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This session will take you by the hand and help you step out into using Twitter. Learn the do's and don'ts in order to make it most effective for using it in an educational environment.

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Twitter 101

  1. 1. Twitter 101
  2. 2. Presenter Director of Professional Development 972-275-9251 @diben Diana Benner @diben @tcea TWEET It!
  3. 3. Have you ever wondered... What is Twitter?
  4. 4. Twitter in Plain English
  5. 5. Goals • Identify what Twitter is and what some of the basic features are • Create a Twitter account and practice tweeting • Reflect on how you and your teachers can benefit from Twitter • Have fun!
  6. 6. Session Resources
  7. 7. Today’s Meet Today’s Meet 1. Introduce Yourself • Name, Position, Campus 2. Do you already have a Twitter account? • Yes or No?
  8. 8. About Twitter
  9. 9. Twitter is a free Web 2.0 social media service that allows users to send and receive messages known as tweets.
  10. 10. Twitter History • Created by Jack Dorsey in 2006 • The first tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 by Jack • The concept behind twitter was “a short burst of inconsequential information” and “a series of chirps from birds”.
  11. 11. Twitter Statistics Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday - 135,000 Average number of tweets per day - 58 million There are nearly 640+ million registered Twitter accounts July 2014 Number of tweets that happen every second - 9,100 Percent of Twitter users who use their phone to tweet - 43 % Number of unique Twitter site visitors every month - 190 million Number of active Twitter users every month - 115 million Percent of Twitters who don’t tweet but watch other people tweet - 40% Number of people that are employed by Twitter - 2,500 Number of days it takes for 1 billion tweets - 5 days
  12. 12. Language of Twitter
  13. 13. Twitter Vocabulary @ Used to refer to individuals on Twitter. It is combined with a username and inserted into tweets to refer to that person or send them a public message RT Re-Tweet or resending another persons tweet. Retweets are an extremely important part of twitter because it allows interesting ideas and news items to spread quickly. DM Direct message in private to a specific person. You can only DM a person who is following you. # Hashtag designating a topic, for example #edchat
  14. 14. Twitter Vocabulary MT or MRT retweet that has been modified from the original. Sometimes when retweeting, people have to shorten the original tweet to make it fit while adding their own comments Favorite Favorite is a feature on Twitter that allows you to mark a tweet as a favorite to easily see it later. Follower A follower is someone who follows or subscribes to another person's tweets. #FF or Follow Friday A tradition that involves Twitter users recommending people to follow on Fridays.
  15. 15. Anatomy of a Tweet 1. Avatar 3. Twitter Name 2. Person’s Name 5. Link to Article 4. When Tweet Hashtag Click to FavoriteClick to RetweetClick to Reply Tweet text
  16. 16. Using Twitter
  17. 17. How can educators use Twitter?
  18. 18. Why Use Twitter For Professional Growth To learn and to connect with others For Your School To rapidly disseminate information
  19. 19. Getting Started
  20. 20. Create an Account  Go to Follow the directions to set up your own unique username – Choose your username wisely and be sure to pick something you are happy with – Be consistent if you have existing other social media channels – This can be different than your given name – This is the way users will interact with you and include you in a conversation
  21. 21. Set up your Profile Upload a photo to use as your Profile Photo Provide your Name, Location and Website (optional) Provide a short bio in 160 characters or less This is where people can find out more about you Include profile details that will be informative to other professionals and captures you as a professional Pick a standard design background Update your email notification and other account settings Enter username -
  22. 22. Start Following @diben @TCEA @DrBruceEllis @teainfo @NMHS Principal @corderj @EdTechSandyK @Larryferlazzo @mguhlin @TechNinjaTodd @technolibrary @TechChef4u @woscholar @OfficeofEdTech @dwarlick @tammyworcester What are you interested in?
  23. 23. Start Tweeting Tweeting • Get started and don’t be intimidated • Establish your voice • Be polite and be yourself • Showcase your expertise What should you Tweet? • Links or resources you find valuable • Retweet others • Interesting quotes • About this presentation • Insights you have • Questions you have
  24. 24. Popular Twitter Hashtags #BYOTchat #classroom20 #cpChat #disted #earlyed #edAdmin #edChat #engChat #iPadEd #edTech #iosEdApp #library #mathChat #mlearning #GAFE #smedu #sped List of Educational Hashtags: • Cybraryman - • Alan November -
  25. 25. Twitter Etiquette  Use the correct @mentions and hashtags  Use URL Shorteners like  Make sure you know the destination of where you are linking to & check hashtags before creating your own  Leave room in your tweet to be retweeted, aim for around 125 characters total  Always identify the user when you’re re- tweeting them Remember – Everything you post stays on the Web
  26. 26. School Twitter Pages
  27. 27. School Twitter Pages
  28. 28. Twitter Resources Eric Sheninger @NMHS Principal
  29. 29. Twitter Third Party Services Hootsuite Tweetdeck
  30. 30. Twitter Mobile Apps iOS Twitbird - Free Twitteriffic - Free Tweetdeck - Free Hootsuite – Free Tweetbot - $2.99 Tweetings - $2.99 Android Falcon Pro – Free Tweet Lanes – Free Twidere – Free Twicca - Free Tweetings - $3.29 Tweetcaster Pro - $4.99
  31. 31. Schedule your Tweets
  32. 32. Free Twitter 101 eCourse
  33. 33. Twitter Challenge #1 “Learn Today, Use Tomorrow” Ask a Question on Twitter Watch how the Twitterverse communicates back to you.
  34. 34. Twitter Challenge #2 “Learn Today, Use Tomorrow” Search for the #edchat hashtag Follow, retweet and/or reply to a few tweets from other educators around the world that you find interesting.
  35. 35. Now What? Tweet your thoughts to: • @diben • @tcea What will you take back to your campus after this session and how will it be used?
  36. 36. Questions
  37. 37. #Hashtag
  38. 38. Session Resources 1. Innovate Teaching & Learning Twitter Resources 2. Twitter 101 for School Administrators 3. Twiiter for Beginners 3532940?related=1 4. Tiwtter for Teachers 2.0 5. Twitter Roadmap twitter-in.html 6. Cybraryman’s Educational Twitter List 7. Learn Twitter - Joe Mazza 8. Sandy Kendell’s Twitter Presentations 9.
  39. 39. Thank You! follow me on twitter @diben