Twitter Flyer from Aquire Inc.


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Twitter 101 from Aquire Inc.

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Twitter Flyer from Aquire Inc.

  1. 1. What Social Media Does for Aquire — and Can Do For You Aquire — an advocate for all forms of social media — uses Twitter, blogging, LinkedIn groups, Facebook and other social media outlets to build vibrant, two-way relationships with HR peers, potential customers, job-hunters and anyone who has an interest in HR topics. Social media gives Handy Hashtags Aquire a human presence in addition to its brand presence on websites and in advertising. You can have that too. • #HRHappyHour: Hear what people are saying about the After all, HR is inherently personal, right? As a purveyor of workforce planning and analytics solutions, Aquire is deeply aware of the importance of connecting with others. Through OrgPublisher’s HR Happy Hour Show on org charts and Aquire InSight’s Talent Pipeline, among other tools, you connect with your Blog Talk Radio workforce community. Likewise, Aquire uses social media to connect with the HR community. It’s an invaluable resource. • #WomenOfHR: Discover a community dedicated to the development of women in So in the spirit of community building, here’s a quick intro to Twitter. HR and Business Twitter is about conversations, relationships and — above all — community. • #HRFL10: Keep up with the Think of it as a great big on-line cocktail party. You have conversations (in just 140 characters at happenings of the 2010 HR a time), cultivate relationships with those who have common interests and keep in touch — updating Florida Conference others on what you’re up to and sharing relevant items of interest — job postings, hot topics in HR, local or national events. If your tweets are not relevant, people will not follow you. • #HRSWC10: Find all things Twitter Basics related to HRSouthwest • Tweet: A single message, 140-characters or less Conference 2010 • Following/Followers: When you “follow” someone, their tweets appear in your timeline, your “followers” will see your tweets in theirs • @[username]: How you communicate directly with someone on Twitter and how you see who’s been communicating with you. To communicate with Aquire you would tweet @AquireInc. • Hashtags (#): A way to tag a concept, theme or event within a tweet. Clicking on or searching #HRHappyHour brings you all tweets containing that hashtag. • Short URLs: Save characters by shortening long URLs using services like or appears as Real-world Tweets from @AquireInc
  2. 2. Hello Twitter! Follow these easy steps to create a Twitter account. Step 1: Point your browser to Get started by following some of Step 2: Click on “Let me in” these standout voices in the HR Twitter-verse! Step 3: Complete the four questions: • Full Name: This is your real name and it is searchable and visible. @AquireInc • User Name: This is the name people will use to follow you. Keep it short and memorable. (See @CarnivalofHR sidebar for examples.) This will be list of twitter accounts below. @HRHappyHour • Password: Private and of your choosing. @HR_Minion • Email: Is private but can also be searchable (if you allow it). @LoisMelbourne @Lruettimann Step 4: Agree to the terms of service @Stelzner Step 5: Click on “Create My Account” @SteveBoese @VoiceofHR Step 6: Congratulate yourself on stepping into the Twitter-verse! Add Your Account Details Name • The “full name” you entered upon registration • Can be anything you’d like it to be Location • Can either be dynamic or static • Helps to build a sense of localization and community Web • The primary non-Twitter destination of your choice • Often includes websites, blogs, LinkedIn profiles, etc. Bio • You have 160 characters to include anything you’d like • Think of this as your Twitter resume Get Tweeting! At first, you are in a Twitter vacuum. You have to let people know you’ve arrived. Post a few Tweets and start following those you want to reach with your Tweets or who you believe will post relevant content to you and your followers. Use keywords to search Twitter for topics of interest. Check out the followers of those Twitterers you decide to follow to find others you’d like to follow. Following lists is the fastest way to follow people that your trusted tweeps (twitter peeps) are following. Hopefully, the people you follow will follow you back. Don’t be hurt if they don’t. Likewise, don’t feel obligated to follow every one of your own followers. Keep a balance between those you follow and your followers — unless you’re Ashton Kutcher who has 1 million+ followers. And there you have it. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t think social media is a waste of time or unprofessional. Use it for: • Recruiting • Staying current on legislation changes • Sharing best practices • Accessing surveys, research, etc. • Monitoring your employer’s brand • The list goes on — and it’s a free service! See what’s out there for yourself by reading the tweets or following some of the excellent HR voices suggested here. (see sidebar)