Social Media & Advocacy: The Obvious & Beyond
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Social Media & Advocacy: The Obvious & Beyond



CCSN's own Matt Handy's in-depth presentation on how to properly use social media in the context of advocacy.

CCSN's own Matt Handy's in-depth presentation on how to properly use social media in the context of advocacy.



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    Social Media & Advocacy: The Obvious & Beyond Social Media & Advocacy: The Obvious & Beyond Presentation Transcript

    • Social Networking & Advocacy: the Obvious and Beyond
    • BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING Know what your core advocacy goals are!
    • YOUR ADVOCACY GOALS Who are you trying to engage? What is the best type of media to engage your intended audience? The answers to these questions will determine which social network(s) will be best for you! twitter_question_mark.png
    • TRIED & TRUE SOCIAL NETWORKS and 5 reasons to use each of them.
    • TWITTER 1. Political decision-makers are on Twitter 2. Reach a broad audience 3. Easy to network 4. Simplest form of social media 5. Multiple people can manage 1 account
    • FACEBOOK 1. Massive user base 2. More interactive than Twitter 3. Personalized 4. Twitter link is extremely useful 5. Manage your organization through your personal account
    • MANAGING A FACEBOOK ORGANIZATION PAGE Linking to a personal account is easy and much more convenient than managing two fully separate accounts While signed into your personal account, go to: Choose the type of page you’d like to create (business, organization, etc.) Comes with downsides, however: personal account can be exposed
    • #HASHTAGS: A QUICK GUIDE What are they, and why are they important? • Keywords that allow users to find discussions relating to a certain word, phrase, event or topic • Used on many networks including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and now Facebook as well • They categorize your tweets, allow others to find your organization How to use them to further your cause • They are a great tool to help users find your content • They can help categorize the type of content you want to promote • #cdnpoli, #bonehealthincancer
    • #HASHTAGS: A QUICK GUIDE They are KEYWORDS, #so don't hashtag random words #for no #reason Using too many hashtags #can #annoy #your #audience #and #make #you #seem #desperate Hashtag important words - e.g. #cancer, #advocacy and #survivor will always turn up related results It's also very important to pay attention to trending topics and use them to your advantage
    • BLOGS 1. Customizable platforms 2. More detailed and in- depth stories 3. Very personalized 4. Deep interaction with audience 5. RSS feeds can drive traffic to your website/other social media
    • YOUTUBE 1. Once again, massive user base 2. Integration with other networks 3. Outstanding content has the capacity to ‘go viral’ 4. Very comprehensive analytics 5. Consistency is key
    • LINKEDIN ‘Professional’ version of Facebook Supports company profiles Stay in touch with other professionals/groups in a professional environment If your audience is other professionals, use this! 225 million users
    • BEYOND THE OBVIOUS and why they should be obvious!
    • INSTAGRAM Excellent for events Large user base Integration with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & more Hashtags can be used Now video-capable as of June 20
    • VINE Network for posting short 6- second videos captured with a mobile device May be irrelevant now because of Instagram Also great for events Allows for more comprehensive posts Integration with Twitter and Facebook makes up for small user base
    • TUMBLR Network of blogs Allows for more interaction than other blog sites Tight-knit community Emotional or thought- provoking posts are very common
    • OTHER NOTABLE NETWORKS Vimeo: can be used along with YouTube SoundCloud: audio clips or interviews Twitch: live streaming events
    • USEFUL TOOLS to make your social media experience easier & more enjoyable.
    • TWEET DECK Tweet scheduling Multiple accounts Feeds based off of trends, people, interactions, etc. Global filters Different themes HootSuite is another option
    • SLIDESHARE Tool to share slideshows online Embed presentations in your blog Share to all your social networks Discover other slideshows
    • SOME CHALLENGES and what you can do to overcome them.
    • CHALLENGES How much should I be posting? What can I do to stand out? What kind of content should I post? Which networks should I be using? (or not be using) AAAAAAAACJM/92ntfbioTDE/s1600/Twitter-Bird-officiald31850.png
    • FUTURE TRENDS and how to keep up with them!
    • GOOGLE+ Nobody uses it because nobody uses it (Facebook market dominance) Google is slowly beginning to dominate social media Alternative to ‘MomBook’ for younger generation 343 million active users (about 1/3 of Facebook’s user base) Very integrated with YouTube
    • PINTEREST One of the fastest growing networks Very easy to use consistently Directs traffic to the sources of your images Use this if your desired audience is women!
    • HOW TO KEEP UP Consistency is key Healthy mix of outside sources and original material Stay up to date on tech news Show your audience you care and they will as well!
    • RESOURCES E-Advocate Network ( Canadian Medical Association ( canadian-physicians) American Library Association ( media-and-advocacy) Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP ( Community Toolbox (
    • QUESTIONS? Tweet me @matthewhandy1 Send an email to Or ask me right now!
    • Canadian Cancer Survivor Network Contact Info Canadian Cancer Survivor Network 1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210 Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5 Telephone / Téléphone : 613-898-1871 •E-mail or •Web site •Blog: •Twitter: •Facebook: •Pinterest: