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  • 300 million campus development project The Times Higher Education World University Rankings show continued improvement in the position of University College Dublin and place the university at 108 for 2008.  This represents a climb of 69 places since 2007 and a leap of 111 places since 2006 . 2010: Into top 100 at 94. 2012: QS World University Rankings, UCD 131, up from 134 in 2011.  2012: Since breaking into the Top 100 in the world in 2010, UCD has seen a steady decline, from 94th to 159th, to this year’s rank of 187th.
  • Key observation is that we provide more support for the postgrad progs over undergrads.
  • 2 trends which are interesting. Coorelation between information skills delivery and the professionally accreditated schools. (and potentially between site libraries and service) Health Med 53 Nurs 99 Sphpps 63 Architecture Vet
  • This is very interesting. 13 hrs to second level. 165 hrs to undergrad and 316 to everything else.
  • 98% surveyed worked with library staff because they wanted their students to be able to find, evaluate and use good quality sources in their assignments. 60% indicated that their module had explicit learning outcomes relating to information seeking and evaluation skills 88.6% felt that the intervention resulted in improvement in the quality of sources used by students in projects. 80.6% would like to be able to draw on a range of information literacy resources (tutorials, videos, etc) that they can use in their own teaching.
  • Hickey - Reorganising to succeed

    1. 1. Reorganising to Succeed Peter Hickey University College Dublin LILAC: Parallel Session: 11.45-12.15: 26 March 2013
    2. 2. 7 Colleges screen. Add in UCD image full90+ Subject Dis ciplines
    3. 3. Top 30 Target CampusConsolidation& Development2 new libraries
    4. 4. Library Strategy 2010-2014The mission of UCD Library is to organise the University’sinformation to inspire engagement and learning, to enable its usein promoting research and innovation, and to contribute to thepreservation of Irish cultural heritage.It is the vision of UCD Library to be the University’s centre forinformation and knowledge management services and expertise,creating dynamic environments that inspire learning, catalyseinnovation, and enable the creation of new knowledge. UCDLibraryUCD Library is the University’s organisational knowledge centreand, as such, the heart of a dynamic knowledge enterprise and akey to its success. In supporting the University’s mission, it alsoembraces UCD’s core values of excellence (Ad Astra) and itscommitment to equity and fairness (Comhthrom Féinne).
    5. 5. 5 Libraries
    6. 6. Economic DownturnBudget: 28.7% since 2008Staffing: 17%(30% reduction in Librarian team)
    7. 7. Information Collection Information Literacy Development services: - Desk support - Consultations - Guides Liaison Subject with Schools & Expertise academics Research Services: Accreditations Institutional Repository New Skills Annual reports Bibliometrics E-Learning Promotions G.I.S. Social media Datasets
    8. 8. College Liaison Librarian Role College Relationship •Develop and manage •Advocate and promote •Identify opportunities to collaborate •Represent College/school perspectives to help inform library decision making
    9. 9. College Liaison Librarian Role Teaching & Learning •Develop Library strategy to support university T&L agendas •Develop, coordinate and deliver teaching supports •Develop resource toolkits and online supports •Develop specialist skills in thematic areas •Develop expertise in best pedagogical practice.
    10. 10. Lead Responsibilities• Welcome & • PBL/EBL Orientation • Plagiarism• Learning Support • Systematic & Menu Literature reviews• E-Learning • Reference• Measurement & management Assessment • Games for learning• Task & Finish • Learning journals, Projects social media
    11. 11. UCD Education Strategy Implementation plan
    12. 12. Academic Buy in Deputy Registrar Academic Workshop Graduate Diploma in University Teaching & Learning feedback Teaching & Learning Committees Programme Boards
    13. 13. Review of current practice
    14. 14. College breakdown College Breakdown 250 200 150 All other Levels 100 UG 50 0 Agriculture, Arts & Celtic Business & Engineering Health Human Sciences Food Science Studies Law & Sciences Sciences & Veterinary Architecture Medicine
    15. 15. Level breakdown
    16. 16. Type of Session
    17. 17. For Whom?
    18. 18. 2012 CONUL NationalSurvey on Academic opinion
    19. 19. With whom? strategy New Shopping Basket Which module? Retrieving When? Reusable learning When Evaluating objects Level Communicating(tutorials, videos, guides, games, quizzes, Mappingwhat Level? handouts, etc.) At competencies Expected Samples Explicitly taught (Learning objectives, Encouraged assessment ideas) Required Evaluated Needs assessment
    20. 20. Learning Support Support Menu Learning Strategy Learning NeedsLearning Support Menu Retrieving Evaluating Communicating Resources Suite My students need to develop skills on Documents Avoiding Citing Reference Plagiarism Sources Software Bibliometrics Writing a thesis Copyright Research Writing an Susan Boyle 2013 Compliance Repository Susan Boyle 2013 assignment
    21. 21. Our Guiding Principlesa. Focus on programmeb. Engage with core modules onlyc. A curriculum driven processd. Focus on consultation over deliverye. Focus on quality over quantityf. Encourage self directed learningg. Develop measures to gauge learningh. Support model which is flexible and customisable
    22. 22. • Role of the professional Librarian• Effectiveness of relationship role• Concerns over workloads• Loss of subject expertise
    23. 23. • Bringing five teams together• Office moves• Timelines & prioritisation• Managing Semester 1• Relationship responsibilities• Lead Responsibilities• New Service model
    24. 24. Questions? Thank you, Peter Hickey