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IL on a shoestring – using a ‘whole team’ approach to developing in-house resources - Jess Haigh


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IL on a shoestring – using a ‘whole team’ approach to developing in-house resources - Jess Haigh

  1. 1. Information Literacy on a shoestring: Using a ‘Whole Team’ approach to developing in-house resources Jess Haigh Subject Librarian, Leeds City College
  2. 2. Why Make A Resource Together? Keighley Campus library staff like to dress up!
  3. 3. Aims of Project • Create a usable e-learning resource on using various aspects of the Library, accessible through Moodle • Create the resource together as a team, and cross- campus and involved staff from other campuses • Creating a project together gave staff a sense of ‘ownership’ of the resource • Break down barriers between roles- ‘Team building’ • Creating software using Adobe Captivate creates interactive lessons that can be integrated with VLE and used anywhere in College and externally.
  4. 4. The Murder Mystery
  5. 5. Each activity looked at a different resource on the Library Intranet site • E-resources such as Ebrary and Infotrac • The Library Catalogue • Journals Not subject specific Could be used in classroom, but also externally, or in the Library itself Used audio and written instructions.
  6. 6. Everyone Gets Involved • The puzzles and the script written by librarians • All staff had input and ideas on how the resource could be more creative We already had a member of the team with video editing skills who directed the video clips.
  7. 7. The Good Bits… • Information Literacy • Research Skills • ‘Compare and contrast’ • Team loved inventing characters • Brought the team together • Was cheap to produce
  8. 8. Things To Think About • Would have students test at every stage • Would make resources suitable for various levels