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Abson & Lahlafi - The application of IL to gain and undertake graduate employment: a collaboration between the library and the careers service at Sheffield Hallam University


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Abson & Lahlafi - The application of IL to gain and undertake graduate employment: a collaboration between the library and the careers service at Sheffield Hallam University

  1. 1. The application of information literacy to gain andundertake graduate employment: a collaborationbetween the library and the careers serviceClaire Abson & Alison Lahlafi
  2. 2. Todays session• Training & collaboration with careers colleagues• Information literacy as a graduate attribute: •the HE view - Librarian / Academic / Careers Adviser / Student •the employer view
  3. 3. Information Literacy as a graduate attribute: Are employers getting a good deal? University of West London, Dec 2011"get some local employersinvolved in the discussionor to give shortpresentations from theirpoint of view, which willhelp us all to deviseinformation literacytraining with lifelongapplicability".
  4. 4. IL as a graduateattribute
  5. 5. Job and Placement InterviewsResearch the company and sector
  6. 6. Researching thecompany before attending interview will make youbetter prepared to ask and answer questions
  7. 7. What resources do you direct students to ifthey are:a) researching a company prior to a job orplacement interview?b) researching an industry sector prior to a jobor placement interview?
  8. 8. Sector skills Trade press councils Prospects Social Newspapersnetworks e.g. LinkedIn The Library Gateway Print directories Mintel e.g. Kompass Professional body website Company Careers website Central
  9. 9. the name gameCompany Parent CompanyAsda WalmartT-Mobile Deutsche TelekomMarriott Hotels Marriott International Inc.Apple Apple Inc.Rolls-Royce BMWBoots Alliance BootsBHS Arcadia GroupNatwest Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  10. 10. Feedback & follow-up• workshops / careers sessions• on an individual basis, careers service appointments• through academic staff and in lectures• better awareness by the Careers Information Team to enable us to pass information on to students and staff
  11. 11. information gatheringcritical thinking ability to process large amounts of information
  12. 12. How our careers colleagues defined it..."how literate you are, how well you canunderstand research and interpretinformation""being able to handle effectively the vastnumber of resources""ability to use IT effectively"
  13. 13. Is information literacy relevant? "only librarians seem to be making direct connections between information literacy and desirable workplace skills" (Sokoloff, 2012, p.7) "once the term information literacy leaves its domain, it loses its power" (Lloyd, 2011, p.279) "some of the limiting factors in developing interest in information literacy include the term itself, which does not clearly communicate its meaning" (Bruce, 1999, p.34)
  14. 14. Information literacy in the workplace• Does our choice of language mean we aremissing an opportunity to demonstrate ourvalue?• Are we developing truly transferable skillsin our students?
  15. 15. The employer view"it is conservatively estimated that £3.7 billion isspent by SMEs in the UK on time wastedlooking for information that they cannot use"(De Saulles, 2007, p75)
  16. 16. Next steps• online guide• resources for alumni students• scope for work with faculty placement teams• further research!
  17. 17. ReferencesBruce, C.S. (1999) Workplace experiences of information literacy.International journal of information management, 19, 33-47De Saulles, M. (2007) Information literacy amongst UK SMEs: an informationpolicy gap. Aslib proceedings: new information perspectives, 59(1), 68-79Lloyd, A. (2011) Trapped between a rock and a hard place: what counts asinformation literacy in the workplace and how is it conceptualized? LibraryTrends, 60(2), 277-296Sokoloff, J. (2012) Information literacy in the workplace: employerexpectations. Journal of business & finance librarianship, 17(1), 1-17.
  18. 18. Thank you for listening, any questions?