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Hollier, Dase & Smyth - Extending the academic library: social responsibility, information literacy and schools


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Hollier, Dase & Smyth - Extending the academic library: social responsibility, information literacy and schools

  1. 1. Extending the academic library:social responsibility, information literacy and schools Carol Hollier Annike Dase Neil Smyth
  2. 2. Funding environment“We are living through aperiod of remarkableturbulence, triggered by theglobal financial crisis andsustained by its aftershocks.” Professor David Greenaway Vice-Chancellor University of Nottingham
  3. 3. Social responsibilityWe believe in embeddingcommunity engagement andsocial responsibility in ourplanning, people, resources andstrategic infrastructure acrossall academic schools andprofessional services.
  4. 4. Social responsibilityAim:To contribute to regional effortsto raise aspirations touniversity study and to supportrising educationalattainment, by maintaining thelevel of activities delivered inpartnership with local schoolsand colleges.
  5. 5. Social responsibilityAim:To open up our physicalenvironment and resourcesfor greater use by the public, toengage, inspire and educate.
  6. 6. Social responsibilityAim:To promote public access to ourcampuses and supportappropriate use of our facilitiesby schools.
  7. 7. Widening participation Our widening participation programme helps to raise aspirations and educational attainment in primary and secondary schools and colleges. We have made information literacy part of this widening participation agenda.
  8. 8. Information Literacy Activities Visits beforeVisits, but piecemeal •Piecemeal activity •No consistency in offering •No inclusion of local widening participation target schools Photo: KEN: Wikimedia Commons
  9. 9. Collaboration within the University • Librarians • Widening participation staff • Academic staff
  10. 10. Collaboration beyond the University
  11. 11. Visits
  12. 12. Library Staff OnlyLibrary and AcademicStaff
  13. 13. Academic Staff Involvement 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 individuals delivering sessions 2 0 sessions delivered by School/Department
  14. 14. Future• Primary school visits to the libraries• Work placements for local students• Outreach visits to “Into University” centres
  15. 15. FutureCommunity engaged research
  16. 16. Questions?Reflections?Comments?