Social Media for the Public Sector


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A short presentation to introduce social media and opportunities it offers for the public sector. Held in Tampere 17.2.2010.

Social Media for the Public Sector

  1. Social Media Introduction and Some Opportunities Harri Lakkala Intosome
  2. Harri Lakkala • Expert on social media and innovations • 6 years of experience with social media in enterprise context • Introduced blogs and wikis to Nokia Ltd • Plenty of experience on coaching teams, enhancing business processes, internal consulting • Nokia Innovation Award -05, Nokia Quality Award -08
  3. Intosome Marketing & Communications Internal Innovations collaboration
  4. Part I: Introduction
  5. Online rules
  6. From content to interactions
  7. “Markets are Conversations”
  8. From knowledge work to interaction work
  9. From hierarchies to networks
  10. Net Generation
  11. What is Social Media?
  12. Features Commenting Liking Rating Tagging Befriending/following Statistics
  13. Tools & Services Blogs Wikis Social networking Publishing content Microblogging Forums
  14. Culture Participation Transparency & openness Conversations
  15. Ref: Dion Hinchcliffe (adapted) Partners Organization Employees Customers Utilization areas
  16. Part II: External opportunities
  17. eParticipation
  18. Dell IdeaStorm
  19. #kouluverkko
  20. Facebook fan pages
  21. Online presence Before Now Website Website Blog Facebook Twitter YouTube
  22. Entresse library’s online presence
  23. Content is King
  24. Owned, bought, earned reach earned bought owned control Ref: Daniel Goodall - Nokia
  25. Customer support
  26. JetBlue - Twitter in customer service
  27. Brands or personalities?
  28. Finnish police on Facebook
  29. Social media newsrooms
  30. Scania Social Media Newsroom
  31. 3 learnings: Engage, engage, engage
  32. Part III: New ways of working
  33. instant email blogs messaging local document wikis documents repository f2f online online meetings meetings processes
  34. Improving productivity Automation Enabling collaboration and participation Web 2.0 tools and approaches Traditional IT systems 2009 Ref: The McKinsey Quarterly - Six ways to make Web 2.0 work
  35. Motivation vs Ability
  36. Leading people
  37. Project work
  38. Internal Communications
  39. How to change the ways of working?
  40. Ways of working and culture 80% 20% Tools
  41. Adoption Plan Understand Transform Pilot
  42. Part IV: Conclusions
  43. Front office & Back office
  44. A threat or a possibility?
  45. Try it yourself!
  46. The World is Social
  47. Thank You!