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Govloop presentation


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This is a class/student presentation for Georgetown University

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Govloop presentation

  1. 1. + An introduction 11/21/2012 Robb Hughes // Steve Lewis
  2. 2. +  Social media platform built to “connect government to improve government”  60,000+ professionals from across public sector: federal, state, local and academia  Partners with Google, HP, IBM and Microsoft to provide resources like guides, infographics and online training  Founded in 2008 by CEO Steve Ressler and is now a part ofWhat is it? GovDelivery
  3. 3. +What can you do withit?
  4. 4. +  Users ask questions and interact with each other on various topics like human resources, acquisition, social media strategy and communication theory  Forums and discussions are added on a regular basis that cover things like developing government mobile apps and drafting agency social media policies  Integration with Apple iTunes for podcast subscriptions, Twitter,Joining the discussion Facebook and LinkedIn
  5. 5. + External Social Media Integration  GovLoop has a strong presence on external social media platforms and leverages social technologies of each platform in a consistent manner  Google + hangouts  Facebook – use of links and photos to drive followers back to GovLoop’s website  LinkedIn – discussions for group members  YouTube – videos for webinars, case studies, trends  Twitter - @ mentions and hashtags like #SocialGov
  6. 6. +   Communities Social Networking  Blogs  Discussion  Job and Career Portal  ResourcesKey Features
  7. 7. +  GovLoopis organized around communities of interest  Communities serve as a central hub to find infoFeature:Communities
  8. 8. + Feature: Communities (cont’d)  Each key feature is represented within the community
  9. 9. + Feature: Social Media  Collaboration and networking  Facebook-style profiles  Personal photo  Personalized content  Network of friends and colleagues
  10. 10. +  Users create and manager individual GovLoop blogs  Posts categorized for easy searchFeature: Blogs
  11. 11. + Feature: Discussions  Users ask for and provide advice and best practices  Opportunity for thought leadership and skill development
  12. 12. + Feature: Job and Career Portal  Instant access to info on available government jobs  Resume advice and mentoring opportunities
  13. 13. + Feature: Resources  Helpful information presented in the following formats:  Guides and reports  Online trainings  Data visualization and infographics  Tools and mobile apps  Videos and tutorials
  14. 14. GovLoop’s community of public+  sector professionals is growing fast  Constant improvements are being made to knowledge network  New sponsors are still being added  Deeper integration with existing social media platforms  Shift in content and discussion to digital technologies and mobile accessibilityConclusion