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Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to the Social Knowledge Exchange


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In today’s world, effective knowledge sharing within an organization helps to attract talent, to build revenue and to inspire innovation, all of which lead to competitive advantage. Historically, the dissemination of information has happened through a system of content platforms and static document sharing, often via email. Those old paradigms no longer apply in the real-time socially connected world of today. Leveraging social platforms to tap the collective mindshare of the organization is not only important, it's mission critical for success.

These slides from our recent webinar with ClimateWorks and Forrester Research demonstrate how innovation is pushing the boundaries of knowledge management and moving us into the era of the Social Knowledge Exchange.

Kate Leggett, Forrester’s leading expert analyst on knowledge management will lead the conversation and provide industry trends and insights on the future of the Social Knowledge Exchange. We'll also hear from Sarah Nichols, Director of Knowledge Management for ClimateWorks, a foundation dedicated to supporting public policies that prevent dangerous climate change, and learn how ClimateWorks uses its social intranet to:

Create a central services portal that connects its global network of non-profits
Connect systems of record to systems of engagement
Develop innovative UX search and content discovery mechanisms
Apply best practices to increase intranet adoption and usage.

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Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to the Social Knowledge Exchange

  1. 1. Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to the Social Knowledge Exchange Kate Leggett, Principal Analyst Forrester Research Sarah Nichols, Director of Knowledge Management ClimateWorks Foundation
  2. 2. The employee workplace is becoming more complexEmployees are more mobile And use a range of devices Desktop 80% Laptop 46% Smartphone 29% Tablet 8%
  3. 3. The knowledge that employees rely on is becoming more complex Email
  4. 4. And applications are proliferating in the workplace
  5. 5. Knowledge management and collaboration are key initiatives to help add order to this chaos
  6. 6. Collaboration is typically done via email September 2011 “The State Of Workforce Technology Adoption: US Benchmark 2011”
  7. 7. But knowledge management and collaboration are coming togetherSeptember 2011 “The State Of Workforce Technology Adoption: US Benchmark 2011”
  8. 8. Social knowledge has traction across all roles within an organization
  9. 9. To be successful, collaboration tools must beefficient, effective and widely used within an organization September 2011 “The State Of Workforce Technology Adoption: US Benchmark 2011”
  10. 10. Who is driving social knowledge adoption? 1% 38% 35% 26% Seniors Baby Boomers Gen Xers Gen Yersb. 1920–1945 b. 1946–1965 b. 1966–1979 b. 1980–2000 Base: 1,382 US information workers who use social software at least monthly Source: Q2 2011 US Workforce Technology And Engagement Online Survey
  11. 11. Gen Yers not being at the forefront of business social software use make sense because . . . . . . social knowledge users are: Managers, directors, or executives (49%). Well compensated (52% make more than $60,000 per year). Late workers (average 43.53 hours per week and average 6.91 hours working outside the office).
  12. 12. The top reasons that social knowledge isadopted is to increase productivity and efficiency October 2011 “The Enterprise 2.0 User Profile: 2011”
  13. 13. Social knowledge is starting to take off as itdelivers increased productivity and performance
  14. 14. What are the core components of social knowledge?
  15. 15. The ClimateWorks Network• The ClimateWorks Foundation is at the heart of a global network of nonprofits (our grantees) with ~500 staff• Our Network’s Mission: we are dedicated to supporting public policies that prevent dangerous climate change• The Knowledge Exchange Mission: We seek to inspire and facilitate faster learning and knowledge sharing throughout the Network.
  16. 16. What is Knowledge Exchange?“Knowledge Exchange” is the collaborative creation and communication of information and insights that support organizational imperatives.
  17. 17. What is CWKX?• The ClimateWorks Knowledge Exchange is a key component of our knowledge strategy. It is cutting edge in its combination of enterprise social software and a structured content repository – both a system of engagement and a system of record CWKX is: – A collaboration space – An internal media outlet – A document management platform
  18. 18. Benefits to the Network– Multidirectional communication– Supplement to email: reach an unintended yet interested and engaged audience– Self-selection into communities of interest– Central repository; archived and searchable institutional knowledge– Files available within context (of a project, community page or conversation)– Security and risk management– Visible tangible results demonstrated, ongoing– Network wide acknowledgement of individual and organizational contributions– Taxonomy (Sudoku based) for content discovery
  19. 19. The ClimateWorks Sudoku
  20. 20. CWKX Guiding Principles Customer focused  Ease of use  Responsive to customer input; agile Many points of access to same material “Empower customers with relevant content” “Create and maintain usable knowledge”
  21. 21. CWKX Dashboard
  22. 22. Group Dashboard
  23. 23. Policy Analyses by Sector
  25. 25. Campaign Expected Path Forum
  26. 26. Publishing to NetDocs
  27. 27. Checking Out a Document
  28. 28. Checked Out Status
  29. 29. Document Management in Context
  30. 30. All Network Meeting Registration
  32. 32. Participant Flip Book
  33. 33. Story Bank – Wins, Lessons
  34. 34. Story Bank Search Wizard
  35. 35. BIG FINISH!
  36. 36. About Socialtext• First Enterprise Social Software Company founded in 2002• Social collaboration platform that helps your employees “In the Flow of Work”• Flexible Deployment options: Secure on-site or hosted appliance• Widely recognized as Visionary & Leader among key analysts
  37. 37. Thank you• Q&A• For more information on Socialtext, please visit• Recording will be available on Socialtext• How to reach us us: – Kate Leggett - @kateleggett +1 (650) 269-8658 kate_leggett – Sarah Nichols +1 (415) 202-5987 – Sandra Ponce de Leon - @socialtext