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B2B Lead Generation—Using Content to Acquire New Customers
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B2B Lead Generation—Using Content to Acquire New Customers


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Lauren T. Fisher Writer/Analyst N O V E M B E R 3 0, 2 0 1 1 B2B Lead Generation—Using Content to Acquire New Customers Sponsored by:
  • 2. Today’s Agenda
    • A brief B2B content marketing overview
      • Put simply, why content marketing?
    • Four-step content marketing strategy
      • Build it, Gate it, Promote it, Measure it
    • Practical applications
      • Examples of B2B companies practicing good content marketing
    Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 3. B2B Content Marketing (A Quick Recap)
  • 4. What B2B marketers are up against :
  • 5. The average cost-per-lead is rising... Inbound leads are significantly cheaper than outbound leads
  • 6. What value does content marketing bring B2B companies? Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 7. Content marketing is hardly a new concept for B2B companies
  • 8. A proper content marketing strategy contains these four steps:
    • Building content: Who is it for, what solution does it offer and how should it be packaged?
    • Gating content: How does content translate into leads?
    • Promoting content: Where will the audience look for content?
    • Measuring content: How well did a piece of content translate into leads?
    Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 9. Step #1: Build it
  • 10. Knowing the audience will shape the content tone and topic selection But it’s not just “who,” it’s “who else”
  • 11. Each stage of the buy cycle has question B2B marketers should look to answer Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 12. Maria Pergolino, director of marketing, Marketo “ Every message you’re sharing is a form of content.”
  • 13. B2B marketers must decide how to package content Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 14. Formats such as blog posts, webinars and white papers are ideal for sharing top-funnel content
  • 15. Webinars, white papers, case studies and enewsletters guide buyers down the path toward conversion
  • 16. Brian Kardon, CMO, Eloqua “ People want to say, ‘Hey, a webinar is better than a video or a blog post.’ It’s less about the medium and more about the subject matter and how you execute. It’s what’s inside the vessel, not the vessel itself.” Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 17. The value of each content format …
  • 18. … is tied to multiple factors, including industry, DM department, job level and the content itself .
  • 19. Creating content can be a shared responsibility
  • 20. Additional sources of content topics and inspiration include:
    • Customer service and sales feedback
    • Issues and topics competitors are—or aren’t—addressing
    • “ Pain points” discussed in industry forums
    • Topical industry updates or news
    • Repurposing content from other formats
    Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 21. Step #2: Gate it
  • 22. There is a limit to how much information prospects will provide in exchange for content
  • 23. Marketers must weigh their data collection wants versus their needs Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 24. Multistep registration offers a balanced approach to collecting lead information
  • 25. Marketers can also give prospects control to customize future content marketing dialogue
  • 26. Step #3: Promote it
  • 27. Social media is a prime channel for sharing content that B2B decision-makers seek
  • 28. Sharing content on social media sites can help to attract—and convert—leads into customers
  • 29. Maria Pergolino, director of marketing, Marketo “ If somebody is not asking the question, then you shouldn’t be forcing the answer .”
  • 30. Companies that engage in dialogue benefit when it’s decision time
  • 31. Paid media provides additional content promotion
  • 32. Understand where prospects gather online and concentrate on those areas
  • 33. Marketers are already thinking about mobile for lead generation
  • 34. Mobile makes content sharing and viewing easier for busy B2B decision-makers
  • 35. Tablets are great for viewing informational and instructional content
  • 36. Before jumping into a content distribution or promotion strategy, make sure to have the metrics to justify the investment
  • 37. Step #4: Measure it
  • 38. The metrics for measuring content marketing success are straightforward
  • 39. The actual measurement process is a bit more complex Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 40. The majority of B2B companies worldwide track lead activity with a customer relationship management tool…
  • 41. … But a minority are integrating their CRM system with a marketing automation tool
  • 42. Lisa Horner, director of campaigns, Citrix Online “ When you think about lead nurturing programs, you have to be able to continue the story and the conversation as your prospects and your customers evolve their knowledge .”
  • 43. Without tools to measure the value of each content marketing asset , marketers can’t expect to prioritize their efforts or grow their programs
  • 44. B2B Content Marketing Examples Twitter – #eMwebinar
  • 45. Citrix Systems: GotoWebinar
  • 46. Clean , organized approach to sharing content topics and formats
  • 47. Simple registration that provides the baseline for future dialogue and encourages content share and promotion
  • 48. Promotion via email and earned promotion via social networks
  • 49. IBM
  • 50. Solving problems through education and community interaction
  • 51. Tailoring content for each type of B2B purchase decision-maker
  • 52. Repurposing event presentations into video content
  • 53. American Express OPEN
  • 54. What American Express is selling small businesses:
  • 55. Repackaging content to meet decision makers’ needs
  • 56. Conclusions
  • 57.
    • How you package content matters, but what’s inside matters more. Take time to identify the topics that resonate most with prospects’ pain points or educational and informational needs.
    • Content marketing was made to be a community task. Leverage internal expertise and manpower. Look to clients, fans and followers for topic inspiration and additional content creation.
    • Know where to fish. Promoting content takes time and effort. Pick a few networks and communities you know prospects frequent.
    • Be respectful when asking for information, and listen! Multistep registration allows prospects to ease into a relationship with a brand. As they share more information, make sure to have the tools necessary to tailor content to their individual needs.
    • Measurement is a must.
    Conclusions: B2B Content Marketing
  • 58. 2 Minute Case Study: Marketo Jason Miller Content Marketing and Social Media
  • 59.
    • Marketing automation, sales effectiveness and revenue analytics have come a must-have solution
    • >1300 customers; 315% YOY growth
    • Customer Impact: Fast 40%+ improvement across sales & marketing
    • Award Winning Products & Modern Technology
    • Furious pace of innovation: 8-week release cycle
    • World-class management team
    Salesforce - Best Marketing Automation Best Marketing Solution Best Marketing and Sales 2.0 Solution Who’s Who in BtoB Marketo is the leading Revenue Performance Management Solution
  • 60. Content Optimized for Search
    • Plus:
    • Keywords
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Title Tags
  • 61. Social Content
  • 62. Repurposing Content Example
    • Use all types for nurturing and scoring
    • Use all types to drive traffic to your website and in social media promotions
    • Website
    • iTunes
    • Website
    • Youtube
    • Website
    • Slide Share
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Guest Blog
    • Website
    • Slideshare
    • Sribd
  • 63.
    • Demographics:
      • 30 points based on manual Prospect review
      • 0-8 points based on title
      • -20 to 0 based on inferred country
    • Source and Offer:
      • Website lead source: + 5
      • Thought leadership offer: -5
    • Latent Buying Behavior:
      • Attend webinar: +5
      • Download thought leadership: +3
      • Visit any webpage : +1
      • Visit careers pages: -10
    • Active Buying Behavior:
      • Install AppExchange app: +15
      • Download Marketo reviews: +12
      • Visit website 2X in one week: +8
      • Download buyers guides: +8
      • Watch demos: +5 each
      • Search for “Marketo”: +5
      • Visit pricing pages: +5
    • No activity in one month:
      • Score > 30: -15 points
      • Score 0 to 30: -5 points
    Sample Scoring Rules
  • 64. B2B Lead Generation —Using Content to Acquire New Customers Questions & Answers Registrants will receive an email tomorrow that includes a link to view the deck and webinar recording. For more discussion, please join us after the webinar on Twitter. To learn about eMarketer Total Access please visit or contact us: (800) 405-0844 or [email_address] Twitter Hashtag: #eMwebinar Sponsored by: Presented by: Lauren Fisher Writer/Analyst, eMarketer, Inc.