Three Discriminators That Allow Companies To Grow To A Billion Dollars In Ten Years


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Dick Davies' handout to the Harvard Business School Washington DC Alumni

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Three Discriminators That Allow Companies To Grow To A Billion Dollars In Ten Years

  1. 1. Open Source Changes Business As enterprise IT solutions grew, paid support didn’t scale with it. Users were forced to find alternative solutions. DICK DAVIES The best customer service is no HTTP://THROUGHTHEBROWSER.BLOGSPOT.COM customer service – The visit to Ning. WWW.DICKDAVIES.COM The question is “How do you make your business pay? Google proved advertising. There will be other models. Anything coming out of an internet browser better be free. Controlling the internet is like boiling the ocean. Winners work with the best. What is Web 2.0… Linus’s Law - "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" And Why Should You Care? Microsoft FUD Three Web 2.0 Discriminators That “Open source and Microsoft were never Allow Companies To Grow to a really enemies in the first place. Open Billion Dollars in Under Ten Years source is a business model. Microsoft is a company. It’s like pitting a noun against a verb.” Dana Blankenhorn Microsoft hosts 2008 Open Source Awards, becomes a Platinum Sponsor DICK DAVIES of the Apache Foundation (A patchy server). PRESENT@DICKDAVIES.COM International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners (IAMCP) already uses open source organizing and management practices to compete. “The future is already here, It’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
  2. 2. Introduction The Internet Changes Business Web 2.0 Changes Business September 2008 was Google’s tenth Potential Prospects/Customers – Web 1.0 – Brochureware websites and birthday. We are watching a new Finding enough prospects no longer an shopping cart software. One way paradigm, from startup to a billion issue. (If everyone in China pays us a broadcast and rudimentary purchasing dollars valuation in less than ten years. penny, we’ll be RICH!) of defined offerings. This has been accomplished several Uses beyond eyeballs/sales Web 2.0 – “All marketing is a times, so we will look at three conversation” (Cluetrain Manifesto) Search – Has changed how business is companies. increased access to feedback and planned, designed, and executed. Looking at some common enablers, guidance from stakeholders. Increases Modeling – “A model is a simplified data stored on the web. they are – Internet, Web 2.0, and Open version of reality” Mythical Man Source Management. Web 3.0 – Repurposing the data stored Month. Analysis has always run into the wall of computing capability and on the web. Mashups, Tony Blair, The Companies available data. “Should I stay or should I go?” Google – $140B ten years. Changed the index of the web, overtook Yahoo. 200 BC Eratosthenes determined the wKZiDsY4 and “Where did the circumference of the earth from the Presidents’ children go to school? Revolutionized advertising value. difference of the sun’s shadow between Freebase Parallax Leader/organizer of global open source two points. development. =131&tag=nl.e539 9/8/2008 Google Launches GeoEye-1 FCC Bandwidth gambit put open Web 2.0 Summary – No one is the sole satellite which can show objects on the source on wireless networks source of information on any subject ground as small as 16 inches. Chrome changes the IT security any more. Anyone can post an opinion. Kevin Kelley in The Technium defines paradigm, will change use of open What we lose in content control, we the “Google Way of Science” source for distribution. make up in amount of information available. Welcome to the knowledge Facebook - $15B, founded 2004, 53 s/2008/06/the_google_way.php. If you economy. million users, 500 employees, 400,000 can use all the data, you don’t need a independent Facebook developers. model. It is now easier than it has ever been to be a contributing part of the internet. Ning $500M valuation in 2006, Of course, if you have a million data New tools give us incredible founded 2004. Currently 453,962 social points, there is a new business making capabilities. Blogs, commenting, wiki’s, networks (each one like Facebook). sense of unimaginable information, like and social networks are all easily Gene Allen’s “Open Social” broke the available and leverage reach to tens of Facebook/MySpace duopoly thousands of people. Customer base as marketing driver.