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Harnessing Disruptive Innovation - Managing The New Normal


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Harnessing Disruptive Innovation - Managing The New Normal

  1. 1. Holding Back The Tide How do you stop disruptive innovation? America has the best system of government money can buy, so the first WWW.SALESLABDC.COM step is to buy some laws. More laws help the entrenched players, HIGH RETURN LEADERSHIP while raising the cost of doing business. It’s a holding action, trying to go back to “the good old days.” Undertakers, retailers, telephone companies, computer companies all tried to use the courts and the legislature to stamp out disruptive innovation. It’s a temporary fix at best. Harnessing The only sure fire way to compete is to offer more value at a lower price to a new segment of the audience. Get Disruptive below the disruptor and disrupt them. A lot of perks and processes must go Innovation out the window when you reorganize, and you have much more risk than when winding down an industry leader. Managing the New Normal Windows of opportunity shrink each generation. You must execute faster Makers by Cory Doctorow shows how shrinking cycle times reshape business. DICKDAVIES@SALESLABDC.COM Completing today’s presentation Please comment with the best thing you have learned from this presentation at Thank you! This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
  2. 2. The Opportunity their own radio, even if they did have Harnessing Disruptive Innovation to go outside to get a signal. I met Clay Christensen when he was The major enabler of disruptive doing three presentations about When solid state television was innovation is the Internet. Different Disruptive Innovation at the American introduced, they had a hard time social groups are being tried, more Enterprise Institute in Washington DC finding distribution channels, since information is available, we have in 2009. Turned me into the proverbial replacing tubes was the most lucrative unlimited resources at our disposal. six year-old with a hammer as I am part of a television sale. Luckily, Target Yet most disruptive opportunities fail. seeing disruptive innovation explaining wanted to sell the new maintenance- both existing situations and also free products since they didn’t have a Many writers state that the best chance providing new opportunities to gain technical service staff to support a for success is to start with a new competitive advantage. television repair business. The company. That would be unfortunate. television series American Dreams Intel, Seagate, Perkin Elmer, McCaw, Disruptive Innovation is a powerful chronicled the end of the tube and Google are all billion dollar force that can be harnessed for rapid television service business. operations that have used both their growth. Disruptive innovation has already had a size and disruptive innovation to create The Basics new market dominance. dominant role in reshaping the Disruptive Innovation occurs when a automotive industry, agriculture, steel, It starts at the top. What is the role of less accomplished, less feature filled travel, computer hardware and management? offering creates a new market under- software, entertainment, healthcare, segment. housing, fashion, almost every The Aztecs were sure that sacrificing industry. virgins made the sun come up. Established competitors are locked into Command and control management a path of increasing scope creep to keep Disruptive Innovation Comes From practices may be throttling as many their existing customers and cannot organizations as they help. Customers launch a simultaneous minimization effort for cost, features, support, sales, Doers Have you ever managed an open source and distribution. project? Do one for your career. Economy Typically an existing producer will not Does your current internal reporting Technology cause major improvements at least six allow an internal project to disrupt an existing market. They are too focused Manufacturing times a year? Then don’t apply it to a on exploiting the top end of their new operation. They need better. Distribution market. Beware the weight of an organizational Financing One of the earliest examples was chart. Let’s not have the sixth graders Christensen and his brother pooling Marketing bullying the kindergartners. They might their money to buy a Japanese Sales control your pension. transistor radio. It could not compete with the tube powered console in their Service parent’s living room, but the boys had Tribes