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A Tale Of Two Resorts                       The New Work Model                          The New OpportunityOrlando, Florid...
New OrganizationLast week, I figured out I was workingwith 15 people in 9 distinct ventures,some paid, some under developm...
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The Direct Economy


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The Internet Changes Everything!
How To Profit From The Most Lucrative Market In The History Of The World.

Published in: Business, Travel, Technology
  • The thing I learned is something I needed to relearn. To become familiar with and good at using new technologies and new models, we have to jump in and start using them. We'll make mistakes and produce some poor results at first, but experience will bring improvement. Fear of the new and unknown can crop up at any age; it can also be conquered at any age. I needed to relearn this important point. Thank you for an informative and thought-provoking presentation.
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The Direct Economy

  1. 1. A Tale Of Two Resorts The New Work Model The New OpportunityOrlando, Florida and Carolina’s Outer Please, somebody tell me what to do! Ten billion addressable customersBanks are two areas on the east coast connected to you through your Guys saying that will be unemployed.where people go to enjoy the weather, browser!vacation and be entertained. It used to be that you did what your Those southern boys coming north to boss asked and the boss would get youOrlando, with a major airport, Walt Detroit after WWII knew how to dirt paid. That hasn’t been true for 20 years.Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, farm. They had to learn how to buildLegoland, and the Magic playing at Increasingly, staff jobs, and the cars.Amtrak Center, is an implementation of “professions” of the ’60’s are being This isn’t about computers. Thebig companies. Most worker are done by software. Figure that ten internet breaks down the old barriers ofcorporate employees. positions then is two positions now, distance. But you have to design your and the repetitive, billable work is doneLegend has it that Nags Head was offering for that market. online by the customer.named for lights hung on mules heads For the past 15 years, we have beenby “wreckers” who would lead ships to Clearly, we need a new understanding. learning this new model. Did you everbe shipwrecked near shore where the We know the job prospects for call 1-800-GOOGLE for support?economically challenged could loot the someone who can’t read. There is no one there.ships of their valuables. What are the job prospects for someone Consider the difference between theHome Depot came to OBX less than who doesn’t know how to find and use Microsoft (paid consultants) and theten years ago, and competes with much the opportunities in the new economy? open source development paradigmolder hardware and lumber recyclers (just do it). How can you learn what you need toproviding construction materials. know? Technology is how you do things. ThatAt the Outer Banks (OBX), instead of is what is changing. Mary Meeker’s 2009 Web 2.0 Summithotels, most visitors rent houses. Chain presentation, slides 31, 32, 62, shows Look at buying books, cupcakes, shoes,franchises compete with local how there were a million mainframes in zip cars, clothing, even air travel. Newrestaurants. There is little corporate the ’60’s, ten million minicomputers in companies are undermining entrenchedoverlay, most people work by the ’70’s, a hundred million PC’s in the providers. The best way to predict thethemselves or in small crews. ’90’s, a billion desktop/cellphone users future is to invent it.Contractors performing maintenance on in 2000, and predicting 10 billionhouses change every year, and we find At Global StartUp Weekend, mobile consumers in the next decade.competent help by asking neighbors. Washington DC had the third most startups of any city in the world. Were you involved?
  2. 2. New OrganizationLast week, I figured out I was workingwith 15 people in 9 distinct ventures,some paid, some under development.It’s not a pyramid, it’s a hub and spoke, some projects I am dominant,others I play a supporting role. Themodel is Open Source Leadership.I was leading BlogLab, when we gotinto a conversation about monetizingblogs. I asked if there was an exampleof monetization without blogging? Gota good one. That video paid for hiskids college education. The lesson,monetizing is not connected to The Direct Economyblogging, it is connected to monetizing.One of the participants described it as How To Profit From Thelightning fortune. Reminded me of the Most Lucrative Market Insculpture in Sweet Home Alabama. The History Of The World!William Gibson wrote, “The future isalready here, it’s just not evenlydistributed.” Dick DaviesDescriptions abound when you know you are looking for.Reamde – Neal StephensonMakers – Cory DoctorowAll of William GibsonTell us what you learned at This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial 3.0 United States License