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New Management is Leadership


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How do you manage in a world of short projects and shifting alliances? This presentation explains how we got here and what you can do to improve your results in an increasingly dynamic environment.

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New Management is Leadership

  1. 1. Organization Models Leadership Models Your Role How many of us have greatly changed Loyalty comes from benefit offered. You probably have seen how a what we do for a living in the last two competent mechanic works, and you “I will do what you ask because you years…five years…ten years? probably know what a competent will pay me, you will enhance my How work is done is changing. I think career, you will provide security for my supervisor does. Did you ever notice we are in an American Renaissance. family, you will defeat my enemy.” how an incompetent supervisor wants That’s hard to see unless you look for to labor like a mechanic? Leadership is the ability to provide it. We are right in the middle of it. If you are going to make the project required benefits at an acceptable cost. William Gibson says, “The future is succeed, it won’t be by working like a Increasingly, project teams are made up competent supervisor. You have other already here, it’s just not evenly of people from different companies, responsibilities. How well you distributed.” and groups, including specialists and discharge your responsibilities will help Going back to the 1930s, FDR and technicians. your supervisor and mechanic. Winston Churchill kicked off a When you no longer control their Stories Are Your Culture corporate era to build multinational benefits, the WWII Command and The culture of an organization is organizations to defeat the Axis. After Control model breaks down. contained in their stories. Creating WWII, we continued the American Century, using enterprise management How can you get what you want when stories controls the job. practices to build the largest economy you have decreasing control over Negotiation Skills in the history of the world. subordinate’s paychecks, employment, I really try not to surprise anyone in a security or career advancement? negotiation. By constantly That is now changing. Define Your Own Limits communicating what we are doing and We understand complex phenomena by enlisting parties who share that end, I Every war has incremental wins and using simplified versions called create a crew to finish the project. losses. If you know how much you can models. Models to help us understand invest in each battle, you have a greater Everyone seeks their best advantage. the change to our current situation chance of winning the war. Conversely, Your job is to get the best value for the might include: if there are no limits to your passion, resources you have. Manufacturing Age to Information Age you are an easy target for backroom counter punchers. Know your limits Meeting Formats Product Economy to Service Economy How much time do people spend in to Internet Economy and use them to your advantage. meetings? Do they create value equal to Enterprise Software to Open Source Define Work time? Software (and Management) Know what a competent first order producer, second order producer, and Mechanics, whether they are code The speed of change is increasing and third order producer accomplishes. mechanics or construction mechanics knowing how to succeed in a faster need to spend their time doing work. paced economy is an important skill. Mission – What are we trying to do? Stopping work to “have a meeting” Vision – Why is that good? kills their productivity.
  2. 2. Thank You! I used to think that “Thank You” was given after someone provided above average service. One day I slipped up and thanked someone BEFORE they had done anything spectacular and WWW.SALESLABDC.COM/LEADERSHIP noticed they upgraded their performance. Tried it several more times and decided “Thank You” is one of the best ways to encourage better performance. Good Job It’s important to remind people you expect a “Good Job.” If you don’t, they may never know. Bruce said I was the most relentlessly positive person he had ever met. I tried the other way and it didn’t work. The New Completing This Presentation You have my notes. Part of open source Management management is EVERYBODY CONTRIBUTES! Please help us by Is Leadership telling us the best thing you learned today on our blog at See what you learn by commenting. Background for this presentation: DICKDAVIES@SALESLABDC.COM Other presentations can be found at: Thank you! This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial 3.0 United States License