David W. Deeds: ISTE Conference: World of Warcraft


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David W. Deeds' World of Warcraft slides for the ISTE Conference's Games and Simulations Special Interest Group presentations/demonstrations.

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David W. Deeds: ISTE Conference: World of Warcraft

  1. 1. Teaching with World of Warcraft David W. Deeds ISTE Conference Games & Simulations Special Interest Group June 24, 2013
  2. 2. World of Warcraft Inspiration/Gurus: World of Warcraft in School http://wowinschool.pbworks.com/ Lucas Gillispie, Peggy Sheehy, Craig Lawson
  3. 3. World of Warcraft Download the WoW in School PDF: http://wowinschool.pbworks.com/f/WoW inSchool-A-Heros-Journey.pdf
  4. 4. World of Warcraft Goals:  Not Death by PowerPoint!  Alternate between slides and the game (because it’s just so geeky- cool)  Discuss what’s been done before and what we plan to do next school year  Discuss WHY…a little bit, anyway ;)
  5. 5. World of Warcraft 21st Century Fluency Project: http://fluency21.com/  Collaboration – teamwork  Solution – problem solving  Creativity – storytelling, art/photos  Information – interpretation, application  Media - communications
  6. 6. World of Warcraft Games-Based Learning/Gamification:  Different learning styles accommodated  Different subjects simultaneously  Self- and other-directed engagement  Motivating, provides task-based focus  Project management, strategic thinking
  7. 7. World of Warcraft Kafkaesque Draenei Warrior, Level 66 Exalted Knight of Divine Light Exalted Stormwind Defender
  8. 8. World of Warcraft Background:  Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) by Blizzard Entertainment  Latest in a series, WoW released 2004  Expansion sets, newest one is Mists of Pandaria, released in 2012  8 million subscribers, #1 MMORPG  Free accounts!
  9. 9. World of Warcraft Background (cont):  Players start by choosing a race and a classification (e.g., Draenei Warrior)  Race chosen determines starting spot
  10. 10. World of Warcraft Background (cont):  Choose server (IRL location)  Choose PvE, PvP, RP (PvE is “normal”)
  11. 11. World of Warcraft Background (cont):  Players complete quests to gain XP, rise in level number  Quests and professions earn money
  12. 12. World of Warcraft Background (cont):  Benefits increase as level rises  But also difficulty (regions)
  13. 13. World of Warcraft Interface/Controls/Maps/Tour:
  14. 14. World of Warcraft Standards! And I plan to use the IB’s (especially the Learner Profile) too.
  15. 15. World of Warcraft Wow in School:  Teachers were Loremasters, class managed via Moodle site  Students discuss adventures inside and outside of WoW (e.g., blog)  Books like “The Hobbit” used as background material  Go on quests, design quests for others
  16. 16. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  Start with WoW background story and/or strategy guide
  17. 17. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  Divide class by race, then have them choose classifications (mixture)
  18. 18. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  Devise strategies (cross-curricular between Technology, English, Art classes)
  19. 19. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  Ideally, will tie in with SL/OpenSimulator 3D Global Village, other projects
  20. 20. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  At a certain level, meet at common location(s) for mutual adventures
  21. 21. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  Students will maintain blog, different perspectives according to classes
  22. 22. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  Students will use Haiku LMS to keep track of assignments, hand in work
  23. 23. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  Will copy the gurus, double XP system; but: Haiku vs. Moodle, PvE vs. RP, professions, pet battles, etc.
  24. 24. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  And: want to experiment with machinima (machine cinema)
  25. 25. World of Warcraft Colegios Peterson WoW:  Maybe Guild Wars 2: dynamic event system but costs money
  26. 26. World of Warcraft Follow my Scoop.it page: http://www.scoop.it/t/3d-virtual-worlds- educational-technology
  27. 27. World of Warcraft Thank you for your attention! Questions/comments? ddeeds@peterson.mx davidwdeeds@yahoo.com