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        Coming	  August	  2011!	  	  Where:	  	  Fully	  online,	  When:	  	  Aug	  1-­‐21,	  2011	  What:...
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3D GameLab flyer


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Dept. of Educational Technology at Boise State University
Summer Camp in quest-based learning

Published in: Education
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3D GameLab flyer

  1. 1.   Coming  August  2011!    Where:    Fully  online,  When:    Aug  1-­‐21,  2011  What:    Three-­‐week  fully  facilitated  online  summer  camp  for  teachers.    Get  the  tools  and  training  to  turn  your  classroom  into  a  living  game!    Design,  share,  and  play  learning  quests  that  you  associate  with  national  standards  in  our  ground-­‐breaking  quest-­‐based  learning  management  system.    $295,  CEUs  available.  Turn  your  class  into  a  living  game!  Guild  Officers  &  Quest-­‐Chain  Leaders   learning   • Dr.  Lisa  Dawley,  Boise  State  University   3D  GameLab  is  a  unique  quest-­‐based   chool,  home,  or   Virtual  World  Builders   management  system.    Login  from  s • Chris  Haskell,  Boise  State  University   your  mobile  device.     Quest-­‐Based  Learning  Design   • Peggy  Sheehy  &  Lucas  Gillespie   WoW  in  Schools   • Mark  Suter   Technology  Integration   • Scott  Learned   Math  &  Science   • Drs.  Jonathon  Richter  &  Andy  Hung   Reflective  Inquiry  &  Data  Collection   • Allan  Heaps  &  Eric  Orten   Mobile  Learning     Build,  play,  and  live  the  game! infinite  variety    Design  an      of  learning  a national  curri ctivities  tied  t culum  standar o   ds.