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Flat Connections Global Projects: NMC K-12 Horizon Report

David W. Deeds' presentation for the 2015 Flat Connections Global Projects. Student version. Covers: Flat Connections Global Projects, NMC K-12 Horizon Report, The Tomorrow Student (new identity for 21st century learning).

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Flat Connections Global Projects: NMC K-12 Horizon Report

  1. 1. NMC Horizon Report & The Tomorrow Student David Deeds American School of Guatemala Flat Connections Global Projects March 11, 2015
  2. 2. Goals ● Discuss Flat Connections Projects ● Discuss the K-12 Horizon Report and how it's produced ● Discuss how to use the K-12 Horizon Report in your school ● Discuss implementing the "Tomorrow Student” Model ● No DBP, Q&A throughout
  3. 3. Introduction ● Now the High School Technology Integration Coach for the American School of Guatemala ● Flat Classroom Certified Teacher ● 14 years in education: 8 in HE, 6 in K-12
  4. 4. I took students to a Flat Classroom Conference in Beijing and a Flat Classroom Workshop in Mumbai.
  5. 5. Why do YOU love Flat Connections?
  6. 6. New Media Consortium ● International community of educational technology experts ● Practitioners, visionaries, board and staff, advisory board members ● Your school may be a member!
  7. 7. NMC Horizon Reports nmc-horizon-report-2015-higher- education-edition/
  8. 8. Advisory Board Members ● Help with report research, on 3rd year for K-12 Horizon Report ● Also an NMC Ambassador, K-12+ 2014-horizon-report-k12
  9. 9. K-12 Horizon Report ● 2015’s will be finished by June ● Key trends, significant challenges, emerging technologies: 5 years ● Collaborative, democratic effort
  10. 10. K-12 Horizon Report ● Primary/secondary research ● Panel starts by reading and commenting on items, adding too ● Then each idea/issue is ranked
  11. 11. How to Use the Report ● NMC Academy course available ● Examine/explain technologies, trends, challenges: short-/long- term ● Contact horizon-report-k12
  12. 12. How to Use the Report ● Announce publication and prepare presentation if possible ● Distribute throughout regardless ● Report: can be used to justify expenditure requests, personnel or materiel; provides perspective
  13. 13. How to Use the Report ● No action plan: report can be blueprint ● Action plan: report can be used to adjust and/or verify objectives ● HR Action Plan: How to employ strategies for solving problems, making budget decisions, etc.
  14. 14. The Tomorrow Student ● Got a better name? Let me know! ● Need to focus on who people are vs. what people do, a new identity ● HR Trends/Challenges: Rethinking the Roles of Schools, New Learning ● HR Ed Tech Predictions
  15. 15. The Tomorrow Student ● How to apply change management principles to redefining roles ● Combination of ISTE Standards plus checklists of specific skills ● Step-by-step map for attaining inhouse (and/or other) certification(s)
  16. 16. “ “...a wonderful tool to demonstrate: ‘I am not making this stuff up!’ We use the report as a framework for a global perspective on technology in education and why we are adopting our current initiative.” Michael Nagler, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Mineola UFSD Quotation
  17. 17. Discussion ● Has the report been used in your school? How do you plan to use it? ● STEM/STEAM or other program? ● How is your school preparing students for the transition? ● What do you think of the CAG Plan?
  18. 18. Use the NMC Horizon Report(s)!
  19. 19. Follow My Page educational-technology
  20. 20. Gracias! Questions/Comments? @dwdeeds