news:rewired - Linked data and the semantic web


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A presentation given at December 2010's news:rewired event looking at implications of linked data and semantic web technologies on journalism. A video of the talk is available here -

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news:rewired - Linked data and the semantic web

  1. 1. news:rewired - Linked data and the semantic web Martin Belam Information Architect, Guardian News & Media December 2010
  2. 4. Our content model relies on tags... ...which are not anywhere near as boring as you think Keywords Contributor Series Publication Tone Article Video Audio Gallery Cartoon Tags Content Keywords
  3. 5. Every piece of content carries a selection of hand-picked tags
  4. 6. Now our tags are entering the world of linked data
  5. 7. Our book reviews carry ISBNs
  6. 8. And our content API can be queried by ISBN
  7. 9. Our artist tag pages have MusicBrainz IDs associated with them
  8. 10. And the API can be queried by MusicBrainz ID
  9. 11. So this piece of content has an ISBN and a MusicBrainz ID associated with it
  10. 12. Where do we go next? Where can we get the most linked data for the least effort? What will be used in the real world?
  11. 13. Why XML and JSON? (Don't panic - this is as techie as I'm going to get...)
  12. 14. "What I think is most important is that we provide consistent, RESTful, predictable, persistent hooks into content, in as many ways as possible, with the right licence for re-use" - Martin Belam, Nodalities blog
  13. 15. And you can't please all of the people...
  14. 16. Sometimes only some of the data is free
  15. 17. For news organisations, linked data isn't just about publishing Photograph of Topeka Capital Journal printing press by Marion Doss
  16. 18. We are facing an onslaught of state data
  17. 19. The UK Government is releasing it in a linked data format using RDF and SPARQL
  18. 20. And providing permanent references to transport infrastructure, schools and maps
  19. 21. Linked data about MPs
  20. 22. Legislation as data
  21. 23. The Charities Act 1993, as it stands
  22. 24. The Charities Act 1993, as it stood enacted
  23. 25. The Charities Act 1993, as it will be 2011-06-01
  24. 26. It is still all about the story Photograph of Story Telling in a Boston Public Library
  25. 27. Finding out more?
  26. 28. Finding out more?
  27. 29. Finding out more?