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"Graceful Hacks" - UX, IA and interaction design tips for hack days


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Putting a working hack together in just 24 hours is hard graft, and the emphasis on getting it to work may mean that user experience is not your primary concern. Especially when there is also usually the distraction of beer, pizza and Rock Band. We can't all be born beautiful and graceful, so here are some tips about how to avoid your hack looking like a hack.

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"Graceful Hacks" - UX, IA and interaction design tips for hack days

  1. 1. Graceful hacks Martin Belam Guardian Hack Day - July 2009
  2. 2. Not everybody can be born naturally graceful
  3. 3. The Yahoo! Design Pattern library is your friend
  4. 4. Peter Morville has a great collection of search designs
  5. 5. Drawing attention to changes... <div id=&quot;my_brilliant_hack&quot;>        <blink>              ....        </blink> </div>
  6. 6. There are a limited number of article 'slots'
  7. 7. This is the Google Adsense heat map
  8. 8. Think widescreen...
  9. 9. Think small screen...
  10. 10. CSS frameworks might save you time
  11. 11. Labels are important to users
  12. 12. We have a style guide
  13. 13. Smashing Magazine has lots of design resources
  14. 14. The FamFamFam Silk icon set covers everything
  15. 15. Come and ask me...
  16. 16. Graceful hacks [email_address] Twitter: @currybet