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BBCi Search tour - May 2003


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This is an example of a typical set of slides that I took around the BBC in 2003, to explain how BBCi Search worked to content production areas

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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BBCi Search tour - May 2003

  1. 1. BBCi Search martin belam may 2003
  2. 3. BBCi Recommended Websites Search Results BBCi Best Links BBC News Headlines Tabs
  3. 4. Source: "I'm Feeling Lucky": the Role of Emotions in Seeking Information on the Web , James Kalbach 2003
  4. 5. word count 36% - 1 word 35% - 2 words 16% - 3 words 7% - 4 words 3% - 5 words 3% - more than 5 words
  5. 6. spelling 1 in 12 searches have an incorrect spelling sceen actor guil themurdergame esatenders air flights to chigargo welesh national anthem Criss Tarent
  6. 7. vocabulary 56 ways to search for the ‘war on iraq’ in a weekend the netherlands or holland? e-cards, ecards or e cards? cult, fantasy, science fiction or sci-fi ‘ planets’ or ‘the solar system’? ks2 revisewise, ks3 bitesize, as guru or “help with my exams”? feedback, contact us or “how do i send you an email?” 20 different queries about Saddam Hussein
  7. 8. content
  8. 9. navigation
  9. 10. synonyms
  10. 11. best bets
  11. 12. highlights potential problems
  12. 15. how do i introduce myself? how can another enron be prevented? how does the media impact politics? how do you make polystyrene? what is argos? when will the dog catch fire? how can i contact the bill program? what is the meaning of ecommerce? who is the founder of juddism? what is britains position on the iraq war? what does hair do? how can the sun tell the time? what is a portion? what do you risk? what was the arab reaction? what is meant by reveue? how do you do flowcharts? what is a drainage basin for floods for? what is locus? how do i speak fluently english & master it? how do you do in bulgarian? what is sex? what is a sedimentary rock? how do i find work from home? what is a couplet? tell me about albert einstein? what is it made of? what is a carpe diem? what are calcified lesions? what is matter? what is hess's cycle? what is a allotropes?
  13. 16. BBCi Search martin belam may 2003