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No more 'us and them': How 20 years of digital communications smashed the boundaries between media and audience

This is a presentation given at the UK UPA's World Usability Day event in London in November 2010. The theme of World Usability Day was 'communication', and so I took the opportunity to look at how digital communication in the last twenty years has transformed the relationship between media companies and their audience, using plenty of examples from the Guardian where I work

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No more 'us and them': How 20 years of digital communications smashed the boundaries between media and audience

  1. 1. UK UPA World Usability Day Event Martin Belam Information Architect, Guardian News & Media November 2010 @currybet For an essay version of this presentation, please visit:
  2. 3. Newspapers were always social...
  3. 8. The Times now has live 24/7 customer service
  4. 9. And users have higher service level expectations
  5. 11. Alan Rusbridger, Editor, The Guardian I think journalists have to ask themselves whether they really are the only figures of authority and whether they know more in all circumstances than their readers, or whether we can adopt a more, slightly more humble approach.
  6. 12. Clay Shirky We are living through a shock of inclusion, where the former audience is becoming increasingly intertwined with all aspects of news, as sources who can go public on their own, as groups that can both create and comb through data in ways the professionals can't, as disseminators and syndicators and users of the news. This shock of inclusion is coming from the outside in, driven not by the professionals formerly in charge, but by the former audience.
  7. 13.
  8. 14.
  9. 15.
  10. 16. Anonymity is powerful on news sites
  11. 17. Lucy Pepper's Troll catalogue -
  12. 18. & Comment is free?
  13. 19. Meg Pickard, Head of Digital Engagement
  14. 21.
  15. 26. You might recall this World Cup ' highlight '
  16. 27. Our Twitter replay captured the conversation
  17. 28. It is no longer just about telling stories...
  18. 29. ...but about building tools that enable stories
  19. 30. The Manchester Guardian was doing datajournalism in the first issue in 1821
  20. 31. We are improving machine-to-machine comms
  21. 32. We've added linked open data into our API
  22. 33. ...and being open about it
  23. 34. I've contributed a chapter to 'UX Storytellers'...
  24. 35. ...and posted my working on Flickr
  25. 36. I use Silverback a lot to do 'guerilla' testing
  26. 37. ...and to get out and talk to the audience
  27. 38. I put the videos on the intranet for all to see
  28. 39. My MacBook, iPhone and Flip is all I need...
  29. 40. ...along with my 'Portable IA' kit My sketching has been inspired by seeing talks and work by Frances Eida, Eva-Lotta Lamm and Anna Lena Schiller
  30. 41. Questions...? Linklog at - Essay version at -     @currybet