Using word for sim stories


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Using word for sim stories

  1. 1. Hi guys, Jo here witha small tutorial on using Word to write and upload sim stories. I keep seeing people on Boolprop ask about posting stories away fromthe exchange. As I answered another one today I thought why not write a tutorial? So I have, and I hope it will be of some use to people who might like to try Word for making their stories in. I was orgianly inspired to try this by TinaG who wrote a tutorial on using Word. Because I was already somewhat familier with Word I found it to be quite easy to use. Her tutorial can be found on her forum Desirable Discourses on the tutorial board. I was a quick convert! I’ve found this to be so much easier then uploading to Photobucket and pasting in HTML lines. Also it’s much safer as I have each upload saved on my computeras well. I can easily upload any of them to another site if I need to. I’ve also learnt heaps of neat tricks in Word since then that I thought I would put some of those into this tutorial. Now there are already tutorials on this around, mostly on Power Point. If you want to give Power Point a go I would advice you try pettech’s tutorial found here:
  2. 2. First things first, this is Word 2007.If you have a different version it willprobably look different.The first thing I do is go to PageLayout and change it to Landscapeview. This is just personal preferenceas I find this gives me more room formy pictures, which are also inlandscape view.
  3. 3. Next I change the default margins to myown custom setting. I do this as I find Ineed more room then what is given for mytext to fit. Just click on Custom Marginsdown at the end of the list and set it tohowever you like. Or you may prefer oneof the set sizes. Fiddle around in Wordwith this and other settings to discoverwhat you prefer. Do something you don’tlike? Doesn’t worry you can undo anythingwith the back arrow near the top.
  4. 4. The undoarrow is yourfriend.  I like using some of the effects in Word, one being changing the page colour. The one shown here is Olive Green. Simply hover your mouse over a colour to see what it looks like. Try fiddling around with different effects and settings. If you click on something such as this Olive green and decide you don’t like it or do something else you don’t like, you can easily remove it with the handy undo arrow near the top of the page.
  5. 5. Next I click on fill effects and Texture and I get this windowwith a number of background choices. I normally put on a paletexture as my background. You may prefer to use one of thecolours shown on the previous page or just skip this stepaltogether and leave your document white. It’s all up to you.
  6. 6. Now I am ready to start inserting mypictures and writing the text.To find your pictures click on Insertand then Picture.
  7. 7. Then you will need to navigate towhere your pictures are stored.Here we have a bunch of simselveshaving fun. These I found underDocuments/EA Games/The Sims2/Neighbourhoods/N004/Storytelling.You will need to go to the TS2neighbourhood that you took yourpictures in.If you want TS3 pictures they arefound under Electronic Arts insidethe Screenshots folder.Pictures done in paint can be foundunder Pictures.Once you find the picture you wantsimply click on it. Or to insert a fewpictures hold down Ctrl, click onthe ones you want and click insert.To make my TS2 pictures easier tofind I delete all the thumbnails so Iam only looking throughsnapshots. I also move thesnapshots into sub folders on mydesktop after each scene orrotation.
  8. 8. I clicked on the pictureof the simselves on thebubble blower.This came up fairly smallas it is simply taken withthe normal gamecamera. If you use ascreenshot program orsome other camera youmay get much largerpictures.Word now gives ussome options. Minecomes up highlighted onFormat and sometimes Ichoose to do somethingto the picture style. Youcan add a border or addsome kind of pictureeffects. Fiddle withpicture shape, borderand effects and you willlots of neat things youcan do.The most useful toolhere I find is Crop. Thatallows you to take slicesoff any side of thepicture.
  9. 9. When you click on crop is puts these black angle pieceson each corner. You just grab and drag them whereyou want them to be. As you drag you will see a lineappear, once you let go that is where it will crop yourpicture. Very useful if you took too much backgroundor someone’s elbow was in the way.
  10. 10. Now that this picture has been croppedit looks rather small. You can change thesize of your pictures by right clicking onthe picture and selecting Size from thedrop down menu. If you do make a smallpicture larger it will look grainier. Iusually only make my pictures this smallif I want more than one on a page.
  11. 11. Most of the time I only change the height and clickclose to resize. When I use Fraps Screenshots thepictures insert much larger and I have to make thepictures smaller. Here you can see I made thissmall picture 19 cm and it looks very grainy.If you click Reset your picture will convert to howit was when you first inserted it into yourdocument.
  12. 12. Did you get that? Don’t make me come over there!Once you have your picture you can add your text. Well you could add text first and sometimes I do, but most times I add my pictures first and then if I feel they are not quite right I will swap it for another. Your text can be typed in below here, or it can be inserted into a text box or a speech bubble. Given my comedy leanings I rather like adding the occasional speech bubble.
  13. 13. To add a speech bubble or a simple text box click on InsertShapes. The text box I circled in red. There is also a range oftext boxes across to the right as well but I find this one to begood enough for most things. This is the text box I used here.If you click on format under picture tools you can take away theoutline, make the box invisible or make it a pretty colour like Ihave done here.
  14. 14. You can also change the size and type of your text. If youclick on insert and go across to the right there is Word Art which gives you even more text options.Once you are happy with your document it’s easy to upload at a site such as Scribd or Slideshare.Hover over Save as and choose PDF file. Then click publish when the window opens.
  15. 15. Upload to Scribd by clickingupload and navigate to whereyour saved PDF document is andclick open. It’s similar forSlideShare.It may take awhile.
  16. 16. Once your document hasfinished uploading click onShare & Embed.This window will open. ForLive Journal untick theauto box and put 600 forthe width. Otherwise yourembedded upload will beshow up very small.Make sure it also saysSlideshow.You then copy theembedded text and goover to your Live Journal.
  17. 17. Simply click post and HTML andpaste the embedded text intothe posting area. I never botherwith any other buttons for this.Down on the Tags line you maywant to put the name of yourstory or some other word tohelp people find your uploadsas you do more.Switch to Rich text to check it isthere at the proper size andclick post.Go check your page and youshould now have a lovely clickover story. 
  18. 18. But if Scribd is being a pita upload to Slideshare!I hope this made sense and was easy to follow. I know I wouldn’t go back to posting any other way. When Scribd works I prefer it as it has the option to copyand paste text straight from the upload as well as be a click over or scroll down entry. I always upload to both places as some people can see one better than the other. Now go and be a slave of the exchange no more!