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From Word Document To Slideshare


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From Word Document To Slideshare

  1. 1. Tutorial:<br />Converting your Microsoft Word<br />Document into a slide share presentation<br /> It's so easy, a caveman could do it! <br /> <br />The first thing I do, since the pictures for Sims stories are in landscape form instead of portrait, is to change the layout from portrait to landscape. As pictured, go to page layout-orientation and then choose 'landscape'. I am using Microsoft Office 2007. If you have an earlier version, like 2003, your interface will look different, possibly as pictured on the next page:<br /> <br />If so, just poke around until you find where you can change your page orientation. I'm sure it can be done, but since I mine is different, I can't tell you where it is. Maybe it's under 'format' or 'View' or something. Poke around and learn your program if you don't already know how to do this! Lol<br />Okay, now on with the tutorial. Once you change your page orientation, your page will look like on the next page.<br /> <br />Now, you are ready to insert your picture. Just click 'insert' and then picture. A box will pop up. Just navigate to the folder where the picture you want to use is, highlight it and then click 'insert'.<br /> <br />Now we have a picture! You will notice that your picture takes up practically the whole page, so you will want to resize it a bit. Just click the picture to select it and then place your cursor at the corner as shown and drag the corner up a bit. If you go too far and the picture disappears, don't panic. You can always click 'undo'. You will need to use the space bar/back button to center your picture where you want it.<br /> <br />I always put all my pictures in first, and then go back to write my story. Sometimes when I am typing the text and hit enter to start a new line, my picture on the next page slides down a notch. If that happens, just put your cursor at the top of the picture and hit 'backspace' until it's back where it's supposed to be. Also if you type more text than you made room to accommodate, it will slip down to a new page. In that case, just drag your picture to make it slightly smaller, either at the corner, or the bottom of the picture.<br /> <br />Now, if you haven't done so already, you need to open a slideshare account, and go there and log on. Click the upload button and then browse and select files. This is the bulk upload link, which will allow you to upload more than one. You can also use the single upload link, but it has given me trouble, so I just use the bulk upload one. A box will pop up. Just navigate to where you saved your Word document, select it, and then click 'open' at the bottom of the box.<br /> <br /> Your file is now uploading to slideshare! Sometimes it's fast and sometimes it's slow, so just be patient and wait.<br /> <br />Once your file is uploaded, you will see this page. All you have to do is click 'Publish', unless you have uploaded more than one file. Then you would click 'Publish All'. Make sure to have 'Public' as your setting if you intend to share, or you won't get an embed code.<br /> <br />Once your file is converting, you will see this page. Give it a few minutes and then click 'here' to see the status of your conversion. I actually got an error for the first time while this one was converting and had to upload the whole thing again, but that usually doesn't happen.<br /> <br />Hey look! We now have a slideshare presentation! You have a couple of options here. One is that you can click, 'more share options', which will bring up the menu above. I circled Live Journal because that is what I use. Just click your choice and follow the prompts from there. I tried it this way and only got it to work ONCE. After that, it kept telling it couldn't log in to LJ, so I started using the code circled at the top. Simply click, highlight, and copy that, and post it onto the blog/journal of your choice. Now you have a beautiful slide presentation to share with everyone! It was simple, huh? So easy a caveman could do it! LOL<br />