Karens VoIP presentation


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Karen Libby, New Business Development for Blue Rooster Telecom, prepared a presentation to explain what is VoIP and the pros and cons for businesses.

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Karens VoIP presentation

  1. 1. VoIP: What the heck is that?
  2. 2. When is a phone not a phone? • VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the "new" way to talk... but is it for everyone? For some businesses, it's the best thing since sliced bread. But, is it always"enterprise- grade"... good enough for your business needs? Let's get into the world of VoIP, so you can evaluate for yourself!
  3. 3. The World of VoIP There are Three Main Types of VoIP: • 1. Business VoIP services, such as a hosted PBX • 2. VoIP-based business telephone systems • 3. Consumer VoIP services
  4. 4. Business VoIP Services • A hosted PBX is a telephone system that is housed OUTSIDE of the customer's office, in the provider's network. The customer uses an outside internet connection and VoIP telephones connected to their local area network.
  5. 5. Advantages & Disadvantages • Pros: These services are usually a fixed cost per month with unlimited calls. Additionally, employees have common voicemail and dialing plans. • Cons: Service outages caused by the customer's internet connection, hosted PBX provider or local area network. For a reliable hosted VoIP system, costs of local network upgrades can be high.
  6. 6. VoIP Based BusinessTelephone systems • These systems place the telephone system hardware at the customer's office. The features are similar to a hosted VoIP, and the telephone lines can be VoIP-based (called SIP trunks) or traditional telephone lines.
  7. 7. Advantages & Disadvantages • Pros: Long term savings on maintenance over traditional phone systems. Employees can simply plug their phone into ANY network jack in the officeThe connection is stable, so the problems of hosted VoIP systems don't come into play. • Cons: Cost is 20-50% higher than a traditional phone system. Installations are tricky and need to be handled by a trained professional.
  8. 8. Consumer VoIP • These are free or low cost services such as Skype, Vonage or Google Voice. These services are used for saving money on long distance telephone calls and international calls.
  9. 9. Advantages and Disadvantages • Pros: These services save money, especially if an employee is in another country. • Cons: The quality of calls varies, since the VoIP provider has no control over the Internet connection. The cost of dropped calls or poor clarity can outweigh the savings. You pay for what you get!!
  10. 10. Blue Rooster offers complimentary consultations on phone and internet services, including VoIP based telephone systems