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“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.”
- Lucius Seneca
2121--22 OCTOBER 201022 OCTOBE...
“Agility is not about perfect prediction of the future.
Instead, it is about being prepared to exploit change,
and making ...
Dear Delegate (s),
It is a great honour to present the Strategic Agility workshop to you. Strategic Agility is about an
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Ibn strategic agility brochure


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Ibn strategic agility brochure

  1. 1. “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.” - Lucius Seneca 2121--22 OCTOBER 201022 OCTOBER 2010 JW MARRIOTT, KUALA LJW MARRIOTT, KUALA LUMPURUMPUR Tel: 603 9206 5800 Fax: 603 9200 7946 E-mail: Strategic Partner: Introducing... The Agile Model® Endorsed by the American Management Association (AMA) and recognised as the "best leadership model for our changing world" in the 2008 book Human Resource Transformation. Researched & Developed By: ADVANCED EXECUTIVE EDUCATION  A Signature Event by...
  2. 2. “WHILE WE WERE SLEEP“WHILE WE WERE SLEEP“WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING THE WORLD BECAMEING THE WORLD BECAMEING THE WORLD BECAME ‘FLAT’‘FLAT’‘FLAT’ ””” is how Thomas Friedman describes the rapid global transformation and convergence of new forces of change. The accelerating rate and volume of change across the globe will continue to be driven by the exponential growth of competition, global availability of information, macro-economic conditions, technologies advancement and the uncertainties in the global capital markets. These variables are individually volatile, and their interactions make the future impossible to predict with any degree of certainty. In many industries and countries today, managing resembles driving a race car through an unfamiliar route in the fog, leaving many scrambling to reinvent themselves overnight to respond to fast-changing markets. ‘ 95% of the respondents said that being adaptive during the next 3 years was critical for their organisation to thrive.’ - Survey by Agility Consulting - WHEN THE GROUND ROCKS, STRUCTURES MUST FLEX - The same is true for companies competing in today’s turbulent environment. Organisations that are best able to anticipate market movements, re-emerge from the worst system shocks and take advantage of gaps left by those unable to withstand the brunt will win. Doing so requires AGILITY. STRATEGIC AGILITSTRATEGIC AGILITSTRATEGIC AGILITYYY... is the new competitive metric… STRATEGIC AGILITSTRATEGIC AGILITSTRATEGIC AGILITYYY... is NOTNOTNOT just the ability to be quick, but also to take strategic turns in timely fashion, strategic re-direction / re-invention at high speed... IN TIME!!!IN TIME!!!IN TIME!!! MOST COMPANIES DIEMOST COMPANIES DIEMOST COMPANIES DIE NOTNOTNOT BECAUSE THEY DO THE WRONG THINGS,BECAUSE THEY DO THE WRONG THINGS,BECAUSE THEY DO THE WRONG THINGS, BUT BECAUSE THEY KEEP DOING WHATBUT BECAUSE THEY KEEP DOING WHATBUT BECAUSE THEY KEEP DOING WHAT USED TO BEUSED TO BEUSED TO BE THE RIGHT THINGS FORTHE RIGHT THINGS FORTHE RIGHT THINGS FOR TOO LONG…TOO LONG…TOO LONG… The turbulence in corporations’ external environment challenges the capability of internal decision makers to effectively anticipate changing conditions. Unless enterprise flexibility and agility is embedded into organisational DNA, reinventing outmoded business models or responding to environmental challenges stays a pipedream. IS YOUR ORGANISATION ‘AGILE’ OR ‘FRAGILE’IS YOUR ORGANISATION ‘AGILE’ OR ‘FRAGILE’IS YOUR ORGANISATION ‘AGILE’ OR ‘FRAGILE’ ????????? 2121--22OCTOBER201022OCTOBER2010JWMARRIOTT,KUALAJWMARRIOTT,KUALALUMPURLUMPUR “When the rate of change INSIDE an organisation is less than the rate of change OUTSIDE, the end is near.” - Jack Welch Former Chairman & CEO General ElectricAttendThisCuttingAttendThisCutting--EdgeEdge MasterclassTo...MasterclassTo... Anticipate Change: Interpret the potential impact of business turbulence and trends along with the implications to the enterprise. Generate Confidence: Create a culture of confidence and engagement of all associates into effective and collaborative teams. Initiate Action: Provide the fuel and the systems to make things happen proactively and responsively… at all levels of the organisation. Liberate Thinking: Create the climate and conditions for fresh solutions by empowering, encouraging and teaching others to be innovative. Evaluate Results: Keeping the focus and managing the knowledge to learn and improve from actions. (Source: The Agile Model®)
  3. 3. “Agility is not about perfect prediction of the future. Instead, it is about being prepared to exploit change, and making informed decisions as to the best moves and countermoves for your organisation.” - Agility Consulting And Training MODULE 1 INTRODUCTION Experience a process called Strategic Visioneering™ - The very visual and interactive tool will be applied early on Day 1 to identify the turbulence, uncertainty and complexity each participant is dealing with in his/her business environment Align people, processes and technology with The AGILE Model® and learn how to put it into action Identify agile organisations and their unique characteristics What is strategic agility and why is it so important and relevant during these complex and uncertain times? The value of creating a Personal Action Plan MODULE 2 THE BUSINESS CASE FOR STRATEGIC AGILITY Why agility is a business imperative for today’s turbulent business environment Analysing global research that recommends Strategic Agility as a business imperative (e.g., McKinsey & Co., IBM, i4cp, etc.) What actions are successful global CEOs taking to navigate complexity, uncertainty and turbulence Strategic Agility: The essence of effective leadership The necessity of improving your organisation’s capacity to adapt Understand and apply The AGILE Model® Build your business case for Strategic Agility in your organisation MODULE 3 A PSYCHOLOGIST’S PERSPECTIVE ON AGILITY AND THE HUMAN BRAIN How learning creates new connections for brain growth Discover more about ‘learning agility’ Identify your leadership agility strengths and developmental needs as a result of feedback from the Leadership Agility Profile™ (LAP) (Delegates will complete the LAP online prior to the start of workshop. LAP Reports will be distributed to each delegate) MODULE 4 ANTICIPATING CHANGE Recognise the forces that cause change and raise your team’s awareness of their importance and impact Monitor the key measurements and signals of change with your customers, suppliers, employees etc. Scan your environment and search for information with strategic implications Techniques agile leaders apply to anticipate and monitor the forces of change Environmental Scanning and Scenario Planning - How to apply these techniques to help anticipate change MODULE 5 GENERATING CONFIDENCE Communicate a clear ‘line of sight’ - from your team’s contribution to organisational success Demonstrate active leadership practices by staying in touch and listening Align resources with priorities and provide your team with the tools they need to win Develop the right team with skills to communicate and implement strategy as it evolves Understand the importance of ‘employee engagement’ and the key drivers in the ‘service profit chain’ Social networking analysis - What it is and how it applies to generating confidence Continue, Start, Stop Technique - How to effectively provide feedback MODULE 6 INITIATING ACTION The OODA Loop – Understand and apply this framework and tool for speed in decision making Bring focus and priorities consistently to action Drive decision capability throughout the organisation Create a culture that promotes action and a sense of urgency Enable and empower your team to act swiftly across functional areas MODULE 7 LIBERATING THINKING Foster a team climate that encourages innovation through participation and idea generation at all levels Establish a high level of expectation for ongoing process improvement Engage in a constant ‘outside the box’ search for new and better ideas SCAMPER Technique - Understand and apply creativity tools like the SCAMPER Technique MODULE 8 EVALUATING RESULTS Develop and maintain a Strategic Agility scorecard that reflects Key Agility Indicators (KAIs) for the 5 Drivers of The AGILE Model® - Anticipate Change, Generate Confidence, Initiate Action, Liberate Thinking and Evaluate Results Use ‘best practice’ cases to experience conducting a brief Agility Audit™ Conduct a brief Agility Audit™ of your own organisation or business unit Use the Strategic Agility Scorecard and your Agility Audit™ results to develop a plan for implementing Strategic Agility in your organisation or business unit Finalise your individual Leadership Agility development plan The Agile Model® The Agile Model® provides a roadmap to help organisations and leaders navigate through the turbulent waters of today's business environment. The Agile Model® is built from best practices in organisational performance and is endorsed by the American Management Association (AMA) as well as recognised as the “best leadership model for our changing world” in the 2008 book Human Resource Transformation. The five drivers of an adaptive, agile individual, team or organisation, embodied in the model, include the ability and processes to anticipate change, generate confidence, initiate action, liberate thinking and evaluate results. Each of these drivers must exist within all three enterprise domains, i.e. people, processes and technology, in order to create and sustain an agile enterprise.How TheHow The Workshop Will Be Conducted...Workshop Will Be Conducted... Pragmatic Based on research content and real life experience of the facilitator, the course material and concepts can be implemented as soon as participants return to the workplace. Participative This workshop is designed to be participative and interactive in nature. Class lectures, team discussions and networking sessions contribute to the learning process. Solution-Oriented The hands-on exercises and consultative sessions provide a unique forum to address critical concerns in today’s agile business environment. This highly interactive workshop will introduce you to cutting-edge strategies for creating and protecting value in highly unpredictable environments. Rather than viewing corporate strategy in isolation, strategy is integrated with the organisational and leadership factors required to succeed in the real world. Each delegate is required to complete the Leadership Agility ProfileTM (LAP) prior to the workshop, the results will be used as a basis to create an individual Leadership Agility Development Plan during the class, which will help delegates transform vision into action by anticipating change and build more adaptive capabilities to be focused, fast and flexible. “After a comprehensive literature research, the AGILE MODEL is the best leadership model we have found for addressing the dynamics of our fast paced world.” - Dr. Robert Prescott, Author, Human Resource Transformation, 2008 2121--22OCTOBER201022OCTOBER2010JWMARRIOTT,KUALAJWMARRIOTT,KUALALUMPURLUMPUR
  4. 4. Dear Delegate (s), It is a great honour to present the Strategic Agility workshop to you. Strategic Agility is about an organisation’s ability to move up the strategic agility spectrum from “I’m totally oblivious to the potential changes that might impact our organisation” to “I see change coming and am prepared and already doing something about it.” The workshop tools include Strategic Visioneering™, scenario planning, environmental scanning, OODA Loop Decision Analysis, employee engagement processes, and the Agility Audit process. I hope that you find the materials covered to be timely, to be useful, but, most importantly, to make you, as decision-makers, much more attuned to change and to become Strategically Agile. See you Soon! Nick “Strategic agility is difficult to achieve. Companies that rise to the challenge can reap great rewards. Those that remain inflexible risk extinction.” - Professor Don Sull London Business School Dr. Nick Horney is an internationally recognised expert with 21 years of experience in the area of Leadership Agility, Team Agility, Organisational Agility and Change Management. He is the Founder and Principal of Agility Consulting, a leading management consulting firm that specialises in helping global leaders and organisations build adaptive capability to anticipate change and respond appropriately to the increasing turbulence and uncertainty in our world. Dr. Horney’s first-hand knowledge of agility and change management was developed during his 23 years in the Navy leading diving and explosive ordnance disposal teams, where change was a daily event. Nick retired from the U.S. Navy reserves at the rank of Captain. Since 2001, Nick has consulted leaders to help transform their vision to action by anticipating change and building more adaptive capabilities to become focused, fast and flexible. Representative clients have included Harvard University, Harrah’s Entertainment, Dell, Lenovo, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, US Social Security Administration, ARAMARK, John Deere, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Celanese Chemicals, Cornell University and R.R. Donnelley. Nick has been recognised as an expert in strategic agility by The CIO Magazine, American Management Association, Canadian Management Centre, Human Resource Planning Society and AMA Japan. He served as one of the Panel Experts for CIO Magazine's The Agile 100 Awards. He served on the Executive Committee of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) as Vice President of Client and Constituency Relations. During his tenure, CCL was recognised by Business Week for delivering best-in-class leadership development products and services. The Secretary of Commerce appointed Dr. Horney to the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. He also helped establish and served as a judge for the USA Today Quality Cup Award for ten years. Nick serves on the Board of the Human Resources Planning Society (HRPS), is a committee co-chair for the HRPS affiliate organisations and serves on McKinsey’s Online Executive Panel and the Chief Learning Officer Magazine's Business Intelligence Board. Nick coauthored a book entitled Project Change Management, published by McGraw-Hill. He has authored or has been interviewed for various podcasts, magazines and journals including The National Productivity Review, Training and Development Journal, CIO Magazine and Bank Marketing Magazine. His academic experience includes adjunct faculty work at Rochester Institute of Technology, Cornell University and the University of Central Florida. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organisational Psychology from the University of South Florida. From The DeskFrom The Desk of Dr. Nick Horneyof Dr. Nick Horney Dr. Nick HorneyDr. Nick HorneyDr. Nick Horney Client TestimonialsClient Testimonials “Nick did an outstanding job working with U.S. AgBank. He brought his expertise to the project while at the same time was able to work collaboratively and creatively with us to get exactly what we needed.” - Sr V. President, Strategic Planning U.S. AgBank “Nick has been helping our executives to improve their change agility which is required in our high-volatile industry.” - Managing Director of Talent Management, Lenovo “Nick is an innovative professional whose ability to see the forest through the trees is unparalleled. His advice to Rice Toyota during the difficult recalls of 2010 has been priceless.” - Internet Marketing Manager, Rice Toyota Motor Company “I found the Agility seminar to be one of the most useful seminars that I have attended in the past five years. The models presented caused me to re-evaluate our strategic direction. The sense of urgency which I took away from this session was personally energising. For a business leader, this seminar probes many of the vital issues confronting the turbo - charged environment in which we are trying to survive.” - President, KAO Specialties America 2121--22OCTOBER201022OCTOBER2010JWMARRIOTT,KUALAJWMARRIOTT,KUALALUMPURLUMPUR