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Personal Branding Using Social Media


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Presentation on Personal Branding Using Social Media by Brian Hollowaty - Founder of

Presentation on Personal Branding Using Social Media by Brian Hollowaty - Founder of

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  • 1. The Importance of Online Personal Branding • Enhance career opportunities • Increase LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT with customers and potential employers • Increase your compensation – recognized brands command premium prices • Our personal brand is the only asset we have in the new economy • We are in an ultra-competitive world (GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE) • There will be fewer jobs available in the future • More people will be entrepreneurs and free agents Brace yourselves for the coming years, but more importantly, embrace the coming years!
  • 2. If you don’t show up in Google, you don’t exist!!
  • 3. 3 Challenges of Social Media (facing Companies and Individuals) • Information • They don’t have the information, knowledge or understanding of social media. • They don’t fully understand the value of social media to their career or their business. • Implementation • They don’t have the resources to successfully implement the social media tools. • They don’t have time to work on these things. • They don’t have a budget set aside for this new and developing area. • Integration • They don’t know how to integrate social media into their existing operations of their company or their existing personal branding activities. • They don’t have procedures, policies and other supporting infrastructure to integrate social media across function business units.
  • 4. Adopting the Right Philosophy • Sharism concept – Give, give, give • Focus on what you are passionate about • Engagement, NOT Sales or Marketing • Niche thyself • Take a Forest Gump approach to business/career (Christine Lu @christinelu)
  • 5. Tools to Cover Today • Blogs – Wordpress example • Google alerts, analytics, and adsense • YouTube • Twitter • Tweetdeck • analytics • Slideshare • LinkedIn
  • 6. To Blog or not to Blog? • Blogs – Wordpress example • Position yourself as an expert • Build a community • Increase engagement by adding value to your community • Fresh and relevant content is critical • Comment and engage other bloggers • Use Google analytics • Use widgets and plugins to include feeds, tools, and other valuable content
  • 7. The Power of Twitter • Conversation is the new online currency. Twitter is the goldmine of conversations • All about listening to the people • Affects everyone • Kogi example • Why Twitter matters? • Growing rapidly • Game-changing technology • Immediacy • Access and Influence • Brevity • Sharing • Business and Personal • Twitter Benefits • Better, more engaged relationships leading to greater customer loyalty • Drive traffic to your website • New Customers • Increased brand presence • Informed Feedback loop • Brand extension • Every user’s voice has influence • Innovation and crowdsourcing opportunities
  • 8. *graphic and other valuable resources available at
  • 9. Example of a Branded Twitter Page
  • 10. Example of a Branded Twitter Page
  • 11. Building Your Brand Online - YouTube • YouTube and other video sharing sites like Viddler and Vimeo offer a tremendous opportunity for personal branding • Video cameras are very affordable (Flip HD is a great option for around $200) • Video interviews are a great way to get visibility and make impact • Video content is highly visible on search engines • Distribution sites such as TubeMogul make it easy • Easy to use, reference and upload • Example of Wordpress upload • Great potential to go viral • Example of “Where in the hell is Matt?” video
  • 12. Building Your Brand Online - LinkedIn • LinkedIn is the most professional or business-like of the social networks. It seeks only resume- type information. • LinkedIn is not just for jobseekers. It is a place to brand yourself as an excellent resource on a particular topic. Why LinkedIn? • Typically more publicly viewable than an individual Facebook profile. • Your name will rank high in search engines. • Tips: • Choose the personalized URL option during setup. • Fill out all sections as completely as possible.
  • 13. Position Yourself as an Expert • Use the Recommendations function (similar to Reviews application in Facebook) • Write recommendations and request recommendations • Current and past colleagues • Clients • Conference attendees • Start a group on the topic of your academic discipline or join an existing group. Answer questions in your area of expertise posed by other users (similar to Discussion Board in Facebook). • Use Applications • To embed slideshow presentations on your profile. • To share your conference travel itinerary with colleagues. • To link to your blog. • To initiate private, secure online workspaces to collaborate with colleagues. • To share your reading list.
  • 14. Creative Job Search Techniques and Tools • Use to create a visual resume • Create visual resume using Powerpoint • Be sure to include: • Photos • Past projects • Accomplishments • Articles • Links to websites • Speaking engagements • Educational background • Employment experience • Personal attributes • Be sure to save as a PDF, so it can be easily emailed out • Upload to and tag it with appropriate tags • Create a YouTube video of yourself • Video resume • Host a radio show on BlogTalkRadio and interview the heads of companies that you want to work for – based on a topic that is of interest to THEM
  • 15. THE GOAL: An INTEGRATED Brand Plan
  • 16. Key Takeaways • Invest the time upfront to develop your personal brand statement • Engage the help of others in the process • Contribute, Contribute, Contribute • Monitor and continually evaluate your brand • Create a niche and leverage your uniqueness • Invest heavily in (social media) learning and development There are no rules, so have fun and express your brand!
  • 17. Resources Sharism Concept – Isaac Mao - - visual resume website – online presentations – great place to post content and do research - alerts based on keywords sent to your email daily, weekly, or monthly – video distribution website – create and host an online radio show – resources for entrepreneurs and companies
  • 18. Contact Information Brian Hollowaty - Founder Twitter: Email: Website: