Final gs ch p the energy crisis in pakistan


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Final gs ch p the energy crisis in pakistan

  1. 1. The Energy Crisis In Pakistan
  2. 2. CONTENT • • • • • • Introduction. Objective. Energy Resources Of Pakistan. Causes of Energy Crisis. Recommandations. Conclusion.
  3. 3. • Crisis of Electricity, Gas, & Fuel and affected the economy. • Facing up to 18 hours of, electricity outage a day. • Energy crisis since the last few years. • Power outage 3-4 hours everyday. • Without generators and UPS faced tremendous problems. The prices of both continued to increase in their demand.
  4. 4. Facing power shortage
  5. 5. Natural crisis
  6. 6. Oil crisis
  7. 7. Pakistan facing crisis • Pakistan has faced 1000 to 2000 MW shortage of power. • Expected more than 3000MW next year. • Pakistan is facing 80 millions tons of oil shortage. • And is lacking behind the needs of natural gas at about 27 million ton of energy in current year and this ratio will rise in upcoming years.
  8. 8. Energy crisis in Pakistan • The crisis often has effects on the rest of the economy, with many recessions being caused by an energy crisis in some form. • In particular, the production costs of electricity rise, which raises manufacturing costs.
  9. 9. The main energy crisis Hydel energy • Water flowing in the rivers has kinetic energy. • Power produced by the turbine depends on quantity of water flowing/minute and the head of water available. • Mostly river flows by melting glaciers on High Mountain. • This energy can be converted into electrical energy.
  10. 10. Cont…. • • • • • • • Two methods are normally used: Dams Run of the river projects. PAKISTAN MAJOR DAMS: Tarbela Dam Warsak Dam Mangla Dam
  11. 11. Crisis of Hydel Energy cont... • The energy crisis starts from 1990 and still Pakistan is in the crisis of these all as before. • The country is facing a huge electric power crisis these days.
  12. 12. Cont… • Though it has been more than a year since when the country is facing this crisis, but till now no proper solution has been made to this problem neither any proper planning has come into existence since the symptoms and begging of this short supply of electricity.
  13. 13. Solution to Hydel energy • Pakistan is in the grip of a serious energy crisis that is affecting all sectors of the economy and the various segments of the society. • As the situation stands to-day, there are hardly any immediate solutions to resolve the issue. but they need immediate planning and execution with an enormous investment.
  14. 14. Thermal energy
  15. 15. CAUSES OF ENERGY CRISIS 1.Fluctuation of oil prices in international market. WAPDA & KESC purchase expensive oil and transfer cost to customers…. 2.Faulty Distribution system. we waste to 15 to 20 percent energy through poor distribution system 3.Unproductive efforts. seminars & conference but no implementation.
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATION • Govt. must pay circular debt. • Govt. must invest to cover up line losses. • Govt. must convert from inefficient gas plants to efficient ones in order to conserve electric energy. • Govt. must consider investing in Solar Energy plants to produce Electricity as they provide free energy, and are less mechanical than Wind Energy Plants.
  17. 17. CONCLUSION • To take strong steps of existing infrastructure and transformed it to utilized renewable energy for future needs. • To utilized the coal reserves through it will give us energy for next 25 years. • WAPDA is facing huge line losses due to electricity theft or illegal usage of electricity.
  18. 18. Thank You Thank You