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Energy crisis in pakistan


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Energy crisis in pakistan

  1. 1. Energy Crisis in Pakistan By Asif Ali Kazi
  2. 2. Energy Crisis• An energy crisis is any great bottleneck (or price rise) in the supply of energy resources to an economy.• Pakistan is facing energy crisis for almost half a decade now…….
  3. 3. Import of Hydrocarbons• Despite having enormous renewable energy resources Pakistan is importing huge amount of hydrocarbons from abroad.
  4. 4. Coal Reserves• According to a research most of rich geothermal resources of the world lie with in the borders of pakistan• A Single Thar Coal Reserve Of Sindh is about 850 Trillion Cubic Feet,• Which is More Than Oil Reserves Of Saudia & Iran.
  5. 5. Factors Leading to Energy Crisis• Number of electricity consumers has increased owing to rapid urbanization.• Poor management• Lack of Accountability.• Poor distribution system
  6. 6. Energy Generation in Pakistan• Pakistan rely heavily on conventional sources of energy i.e. Hydel and Thermal Power.• To meet the challenge of Energy shortfall there is dire need to search for alternative sources of energy.
  7. 7. Solution(Suggestion to overcome Energy Crisis)• Thar coal can be converted to gas by a process underground coal classification which can safely be used to fulfill energy needs.• Biomass can be used to produce Biogass as Pakistan is an agricultural country it can easily gather required raw material.• Wind Energy can be generated by setting up wind mills in the coastal areas of pakistan especially sindh.
  8. 8. Continued…..• Solar Energy can be generated using scorching heat of vast areas of Balochistan as the land has no other use.• Nuclear energy share to the power generation must be enhanced as we are nuclear power nation.