UDL 2.0 7-18-10


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Presentation from Temple University Institute on Disabilities

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UDL 2.0 7-18-10

  1. 1. http://metaatem.net/words Christophe UDL 2 0UDL 2.0 B h P MA CCC S PBeth Poss, MA CCC-SLP er R. Bugaj, MA CCC-SLP
  2. 2. UDL is the practice ofUDL is the practice of embedding flexible strategies into the i l d i thcurriculum during the planning process so that ALL students canthat ALL students can access a variety of learning solutions. Short Video EShort Video E http://bit.ly Explaining UDL:Explaining UDL: y/udlexplained
  3. 3. UDL principles…p p
  4. 4. W b 2 0Web 2.0 Possibilities fo Web 2.0 provides a expansiv the Web is seen as a two-wa both readers and writers. The social software, allowing com ll b ti b t tcollaboration between two or 2005) & N& New or Education ve learning world “in which ay medium, where people arey , p p e main catalyst for this is mmunication and l ” (O’R illr more people”. (O’Reilly,
  5. 5. Digital Natives, Digitally En “O t d t t d ll "• “Our students today are all " speakers" of the digital langu computers video games andcomputers, video games and Internet.” (Prensky, 2001) Wh W b 2 0 t l• When we use Web 2.0 tools engaging our students in wh their language of preferencetheir language of preference ngaged tinative uage of d thed the we are hat is often ee. http://www.flickr.com/photos/judybaxter/48011834/
  6. 6. Universal Design for Learning m • Universal Design for Learnin o Multiple means of Engagement o Multiple means of Representati o Multiple means of Expression • Web 2.0 o User-centeredo Use ce e ed o Information sharing o Collaboration o Blanket term for any website tho Blanket term for any website th meets Web 2.0 ng t on at is more than absorbing contentat is more than absorbing content
  7. 7. Our CriteriaOur Criteria • Does it provide all three prin • Is it relatively easy to use?• Is it relatively easy to use? • Is it free? o What is the registration process • Appropriate Content? Is it be across something that’s “inaacross something that s ina as a learning opportunity OR the student does not experie content? We let you decide. nciples of UDL? s? etter to have a student stumble appropriate” which can be usedappropriate which can be used R deny access completely so ence the “inappropriate”
  8. 8. W ll i h O li CWallwisher.com – Online C • Representation o Video, audio, images, and textand text o Visualize/collect notes o All notes/instructionso All notes/instructions in one place • Expression• Expression o Brainstorm o Sequencing events Collaborativeo Collaborative http:// C kb dCorkboard /www.wallwisher.com/wall/udl2philly OR http://bit.ly/phillyww OR
  9. 9. Glogster EDU MultimediaGlogster EDU - Multimedia • Representationp o Video, audio, images and text o Present curriculum information manner • Expression o Collaborativeo Collaborative o Presentation alternative PosterPoster n in an engaging, interactive
  10. 10. Vozme com Simple TextVozme.com – Simple Text- • Representation o Audio instructions o Review spelling words o Editing alternative • Expression o Audio for presentationso ud o o p ese a o s to Speech-to-Speech
  11. 11. Flickr Online photo and vFlickr — Online photo and v • Representation o Annotations to photos as promp o Visually represent ideas, curricu o Many Creative Commons licens freely • Expressionp o Collaborative or individual use o o Alternative presentation formats video sharingvideo sharing pts, provide information ular concepts sed files that can be used of annotations by students s
  12. 12. Piratepad net Shared worPiratepad.net – Shared wor • Representation o Brainstorming activities o Remotely work with others o Color representation of authorship • Expressionp o Collaborative writing o Real-time sharing of ideas o Track changes via timelineo Track changes via timeline for assessment purposes rd processorrd processor
  13. 13. Tar Heel Reader TalkingTar Heel Reader — Talking • Representation o Text to Speech o Changeable background and text colors to support vision nee o Switch Accessible o Many high interest, low reading level books available • Expression o Easy to add pictures via Flickro Easy to add pictures via Flickr o Simple interface for adding text g Digital Booksg, Digital Books eds g t
  14. 14. Blabberize com Talking pBlabberize.com – Talking p • Representation o Audio instructions o Review sight words • Expression o Record an essay o Describe an evento esc be a e e o Answer test questions o Presentation alternative *Registration is required.g q **BEWARE the BROWSE feature picturespictures
  15. 15. Phrasr Photo Word SlidePhrasr — Photo-Word Slide • Representation o Supports literacy instruction at o Illustrate concepts visually—es o Provide photo supports for lang • Expression o Motivate reluctant writers o Fast and easy to usey e Showe Show many levels pecially figurative language guage
  16. 16. Where To Find MoreWhere To Find More Go2we UDLtechtoolkit. e Web 2 0 Resourcese Web 2.0 Resources eb20.net .wikispaces.com
  17. 17. Contact InformationContact Information • Beth Poss, MA CCC-SLP o possbeth@gmail.com o http://twitter.com/possbeth • Christopher Bugaj, MA CCC o attipscast@gmail.com o http://twitter.com/attipscasto p // e co /a pscas o www.attipscast.wordpress.com o www.iste.org/chewat C-SLP