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  1. 1. Opening page Project Title: PB Work wiki By: Maha Omar ID:200916521
  2. 2. OVERVIEW OF PRESENTATION:- Introduction: What PB work wiki is ? Definition Examples of other wikis Important issues about PB work wiki: Who use it? Why we use it? How does it work ?(Explain it by using Tutorial videos ) Making sure that all student understand through a Quiz Bibliography
  3. 3.  DefinitionOnline team collaboration to get work done.Capture knowledge, share files, and manage projects within a secure, reliable environment.
  4. 4.  Examples of other wikis:  Wikidot  BluWiki
  5. 5.  Who use it? Students (Educational PB work wiki) Encourage student-centered learning. Even young students can build web pages, embed images & video, and post documents. Provide access to information sources, book lists, and links to good articles. Have the resources stored for future use. Host and share information between students, faculty and staff. Encourage staff development and shared resources across schools. Make distance learning more interactive and collaborative, support research teams, and improve inter-departmental coordination. Business (Business PB work wiki ) Search across your entire company, including full-text search of uploaded files A simple and intuitive user interface guides you to whatever you need Use it anywhere , can access it from computer, phone, or tablet. Customizable to your workflow , Get customers, partners, and vendors on the same page as your team.
  6. 6.  Why we use it?o To organize • Help you to organize your data and guides you to whatever you need.o To editing and sharing • Help you to edit information with your group and share it easily.o To save time • it’s save your time because it’s help you to communicate anywhere and anytime with your group in the same timeo Make a good plan • it’s a good tools to make a plan and share it
  7. 7.  How does it work? t th is video Check ou Registration deo Check o ut this vi Invite friends this video C heck out
  8. 8.  Quiz
  9. 9.  Bibliographyommons, F. L. (n.d.). How To Use Pb Works. Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents. Retrieved May 8, 2012, from to use Part 1 - YouTube . (n.d.). YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. . Retrieved May 8, 2012, from to use Part 4 - YouTube . (n.d.). YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. . Retrieved May 8, 2012, from to use the wiki PBworks - YouTube . (n.d.). YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. . Retrieved May 8, 2012, from in Plain English - YouTube . (n.d.). YouTube - Broadcast Yourself..Retrieved May 5, 2012, from Survey. (n.d.). SurveyMonkey: Free online survey software &questionnaire tool. Retrieved May 5, 2012, from