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Idaho CEC Great Eight


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This was a break out session at the Idaho Council for Exceptional Children conference in 2012.

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Idaho CEC Great Eight

  1. 1. Sally Norton-Darr, MS CCC-SLP Christopher R. Bugaj, MS CCC-SLP Eight of our most common, already available, recommendations
  2. 2. Sally Norton‐Darr snortondarr@yahoo.comChristopher Bugaj @attipscast via Twitter For More Info: Facebook Site: Download a PDF of this entire presentation at
  3. 3. USE WHATCHYA GOT!The Philosophy:Use the technology that is already in place firstto meet the needs of students.This Philosophy means… Consider low tech strategies first, then move to high tech as needed Implement technology that is least restrictive Better rate of adoption and less chance of abandonment Use a Universal Design for Learning approach All students (not just those in special education) will benefit You’ll save money!!!! You’ll save time!!!! Students implement strategies faster
  4. 4. THE GREAT EIGHT (LINKS TO RESOURCES AT THE END OF THIS PRESENTATION)1. High-Contrast in Windows2. PhotoAlbum Feature of PowerPoint 1. Google Doc- 2. PowerTalk Demo too!3. Visual Schedules (Linear and Amorphous)4. Keyboarding5. Social “Situation” Stories6. Sound Record Feature of MS Word*7. Graphic Organizers (paper, software, Internet)8. Pacing Boards (communication strategy)9. Listening Stations (Incorporating Podcasts in the Classroom)
  5. 5. HIGH CONTRAST IN WINDOWS Tutorial – Podcast – Blog - Video -
  6. 6. PHOTOALBUM FEATURE OF POWERPOINTTutorial - - - - Ideas -
  7. 7. VISUAL SCHEDULESLinear - Blog: Podcast: – Blog: Podcast:
  8. 8. KEYBOARDING/TYPING TUTORIALS•• Podcast describing these:• o The user makes music by pressing keys••• HIAT Comparison Chart:
  9. 9. SOCIAL SITUATION STORIESIntroduction and examples- examples-
  10. 10. SOUND RECORD IN MS WORD Tutorial- Tutorial- Blog- Podcast-
  11. 11. GRAPHIC Templates- Web 2.0 Tools:
  12. 12. PACING BOARDS Video- Blog- Podcast-
  13. 13. LISTENING STATIONSTutorial- -
  15. 15. The Practical (and Fun) Guide  to Assistive Technology in Public Schools: http://attipscast.comDownload a PDF of this entire presentation at