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Capturing The Moment at VSTE 2011


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Discover different methods of screen capture.

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Capturing The Moment at VSTE 2011

  1. 1. Capturing  C i the  th Moment VSTE 2011 S 0Methods for Screen CapturingMethods for Screen CapturingChristopher Bugaj, MA CCC‐SLP Assistive Technology Trainer
  2. 2. Prnt Scrn (Alt + Prnt Scrn) ( l )What would we use this for?What would we use this for? – Put pictures into PowerPoint – Picture of a primary source (e g Constitution) Picture of a primary source (e.g., Constitution) – Give directions (step‐by‐step illustration) –DDocument student work on websites t t d t k b it – Online quizzes (question by question) – Al P S Alt + Prnt Screen captures the active window h i i d – To save notes for an absent student (hard copy)A.T.TIPSCAST Episode 23: Wiggle, Push, Paste
  3. 3. Snag It Snag ItScreen Capturing Software  – Can create Windows icons – Capture a scrolling window – Built in picture editor so you can draw on a picture – Saved in a variety of formats y – Same as Prnt Scrn, but not available at home  (unless you purchase it) Tutorials:
  4. 4. ActivInspire/Smart Notebook Camera Tooll– More options than just rectangular capture More options than just rectangular capture– Print screen available everywhere • Camera tool only available on computers with software. Camera tool only available on computers with software.ActivInspire Tutorial: Tutorial: Notebook Tutorial: //b l / b k l
  5. 5. screencast‐o‐ (free)• Capturing video (up to 15 minutes)• R i t ti NOT Registration NOT required i d• Have access anywhere with a high speed Internet  connection• Upload directly to YouTube• Upload directly Screencast‐o‐matic (Registration  q Required))• Export the video to use in other projects                     (MP4, AVI, FLV, GIF) (MP4 AVI FLV GIF)
  6. 6. ActivStudio Flipchart/Smart Notebook  Video Recorder d d Same as Screencast o matic except… Same as Screencast‐o‐matic except ‐ Time is not limited ‐ Need a mic to record sound Need a mic to record sound ‐ Not web‐basedActivInspire Tutorial: Notebook Tutorial: S tN t b kT t i l
  7. 7. CamtasiaVideo Capturing Software  – Captioning options Captioning options – TechSmith website has good uses for  screen capturing in education screen capturing in education – Need a mic to record soundWhat would we use this for?What would we use this for? – Creating tutorials – Capturing video off the web (copyright restrictions  p g ( py g still apply) Tutorials:  Tutorials:
  8. 8. JING  (Free Download) (Free Download)Video Capturing Software  p g – TechSmith website has good uses for  screen capturing in education screen capturing in education – Need a mic to record sound – Built in picture editor so you can draw on a video Built in picture editor so you can draw on a videoWhat would we use this for? – C ti t t i l Creating tutorials – Capturing video off the web Tutorials:  T i l
  9. 9. iOS Screen Capture Screen CaptureHold both buttons Hold both buttonsdown to snap a picture. Instantly puts picture. Instantly putsthe picture into your Photos app.Photos app.
  10. 10. ScreenChomp App (free)Annotate over still shots on your iOS device. htt //bit l / h
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  13. 13. Contact Info Christopher Bugaj E-mail: Twitter: Book: Blog/Podcast: attipscast wordpress com More: about me/chrisbugaj