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urban conservation

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  • When the industry revives, cities in developing countries with a strong basis for tourism development will be better poised to attract private sector and foreign investors who see opportunities in developing hotels and other tourist-related activities. Employment opportunities for local workers will increase through the development of the service industry and increased demand for local food production, handicraft manufacturing, and other cultural industries. The number of small and medium enterprises will grow as economic opportunities become apparent.


  • 1. Optimum Benefits of Urban Conservation
  • 2. Optimum benefit of urban conservationThe optimum benefits ofurban conservation canconsidered be in thesefollowing aspects: Culture – Heritage Economy Kandovan ,Tourist village,Iran
  • 3.  Culture - HeritageCultural endowmentssuch as traditionalarchitecture, uniquestreetscapes, and historicsites are increasinglyrecognized as importanteconomic resources in bothdeveloped and developingcountries. Perespolis,iran
  • 4. Cities are often animportant focal point fordevelopment based onthese resources becausethey provide concentrationsof heritage assets,infrastructure services,private sector activity, Historical town of Masoolehand human resources.
  • 5. Improving the conservationand management of urbanheritage is not onlyimportant for preserving itshistoric significance, butalso for its potential toincrease income-earningopportunities, city livability, Esfehan,iranand competitiveness.
  • 6. heritage conservation hasincreased city liveability bypreserving streets andneighbourhoods built at ahuman scale, public areas thatsupport positive communityinteraction, and green spacesthat offer recreational activities.By preserving their heritage, Esfehan,Irancities can create a unique senseof place and singular urbanlandscapes, developing strongbranding and conditions toattract investors.
  • 7. In addition, improving acity’s self-image andidentity through recognitionof heritage assets has beenshown to increase civicpride and energizecommunities to activelyaddress a wide range of Bam,Kerman.Irandevelopment and livelihoodissues.
  • 8.  EconomyOne of the most highly-visible and dynamic linksbetween heritageconservation and localeconomic development liesin the potential for culturaland natural assets toattract tourism investmentand spending. Kermanshah,Iran
  • 9. The investments in heritageconservation that areadvantageous for tourismdevelopment are also keyelements of creatingliveable cities-in otherwords, improvements thatsupport tourism alsoenhance residents’ Esfehan,Iraneconomic opportunities andstandard of living.
  • 10. Conclusionheritage conservation and tourism developmentcan improve standards of living, increase income-earning opportunities, and generate wealth for thepoor.Combining the conservation of heritage assets andimproving infrastructure services provides moreliveable and dynamic environments that directlyimpact the ability of poor communities to takeadvantage of the opportunities for a better life,while at the same time supporting citycompetitiveness.
  • 11. Thank You for YourAttention