Athens co creation..Athens calling - Athens like a puzzle


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Interesting things happen in Athens (Greece)..
Big urban development projects, start ups, volunteer opportunities..
Athens Co Creation Branding Project, Panteion University

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Athens co creation..Athens calling - Athens like a puzzle

  1. 1. A CONTEMPORARY METROPOLITAN CITYAthens calling )))))
  2. 2. Athens MunicipalityPopulation 745, 514Area 38.964 km2Density 19, 133/ km2
  3. 3. Rock in Athens 1985 The logo, -a hand-drawn whiteolive wreath, a dual symbol ofpeace and victory.“The emblem, the olivewreath, reflects thesevalues’’… participation,celebration, humanity, andheritage:• ELKE OlympicBusiness Project•Athens Business Clubinterventions such asre-designing publicspaces and plantingtrees and flowerbeds‘’The Beauty in the artPhilosophy, Democracy .. These culturalgoods are precisely the ones, thatcompose the essence of European cultureand vibrate the soul of Europeans .. ‘’(Christos A. Sartzetakis)BRAND CITING SINCE 1985Opportunities for brandingbrand transformAthens to aspecial city. . “Thecountry has tothink of culturenot just asheritage, but alsoas something tobuild a futurefrom-and that isbusiness”(Red Design &C.Koenig)b
  4. 4. The composition of the new brand follows thelogic of a visually simple and understandable,discrete, always and everywhere, drawingwith hidden symbolic value(2011).The official logo of the contest remains the same, with theonly change being the Greek flag placed at the center ofthe hear.The sub-logo was based on the Phaistos Disk.Slogan for the competition, the phrase«Feel The Rhythm».Athens Festival:The fox in the bazaar (2011)-Athenians need a “fairy-tale”-In association with the Athens School ofFine Arts2007 vision «Athens, Eternal Cultural Capital»(N.Kaklamanis)
  5. 5. e-government system•E-payments•Applications/information•Building conditionsservices for the citizenThe City of Athens remains consistent anddynamic in its efforts to support the cityssocially disadvantaged groups, thatis, individuals with disabilities, homelesspersons and substance users.The municipality operates a Disability SupportOffice, the City of Athens Homeless Shelterand four Dependent Substance Use PreventionCentres, while it is in the process ofestablishing a Therapy and SocialReintegration Programme for Substance Users.Office for People with Disabilities : has builtup a database which comprises details onagencies, services, schools, associations forpeople with disabilities and vocationaltraining centers.Friendship Clubs, which act as an antidote toloneliness, and the "Help at Home“ scheme.
  6. 6. http://www.breathtakingathens.comThe urban and cultural makeup of the city offers thevisitor many choices. We’ve put together a coupleof suggestions to assist with experiencingAthens your way…
  7. 7. …FOR VACATION, SHOPPING, MONUMENTS,CONFERENCESWhat is the Wishlist?An easy and fun way to gather and save all your"favorites" in one place! Favorites include: Hotels,Activities, Points of interest etc.As a non registered member you can only view orprint your Wishlist.View your WishlistAs a registered member, you can save, view or printyour Wishlists at any time.Register to save your WishlistLive Itlike a LocalWeather in Athens 25.8CVacation means freedom fromschedules and time restrictions. Whenyou’re in Athens, don’t do as theAthenians do, because while they’re atwork, you can go sightseeing..OR..To plan your unforgettable conference,contact the Athens Convention Bureau
  8. 8. The project includes the construction andcomplete outfitting of new facilities for:•the National Library of Greece (NLG)•the Greek National Opera (GNO)•the creation of the 170,000 m² StavrosNiarchos Park.•The Foundation’s vision is to providethe country and the city with the newinstitutional foundations .•it needs to move forward and witha framework for the future.•Education, culture and sustainability,the SNFCC’s three main elements, areessential requirements in enhancingthe potential of the city and itspeople and placing them within atwenty first century global context.Star architect: Renzo Piano
  9. 9. 1st prise OKRA LANDSCHAPSARCHITECTEN BV(Knuijt Martin)•climate control•changing transportation nodes•activating public realm•strategy of occupying 1000 ground floor spaces in vacant buildingswith cultural activitiesa vibrant, accessible and revitalized heart of the cityto be completed by 2015
  10. 10. Thivon Avenue soon7 goals+•Elaionas metropolitan transportationcenter and sports facilities•Alexandras Avenue sportmuseum/parking place•Kerameikos area cluster creativeentrepreneurship/KM Pop-upMarket/serviced studios/co-working spaces,studio housing•Academia of Plato museum/shoppingmall•Reconstruction of derelict buildings•Cycling networks/ social support hub(Larissa Station)•Reformation of the Varvakeion Market andAthena’s Street•«Rethink Athens»Re-launching Athens initiativeThe recent Re-Launching Athens Initiative, received€84m from the ERDF aims to revive the city centreto make it more attractive to investors.The project is based on 5 priorities:competitivenessimproving quality of liferegeneration of urban areashandling the social crisissustainabilityAthens underground revitalized‘’This project has dramatically changed urban transport in theAttica basin. It has raised the standard of living for Athensresidents and improved air quality. Further work (extending ametro line) is continuing to improve life in the city: inparticular on the line linking Piraeus and Kifisia in the north.The EU is co-financing the project to the value of €50 m (of atotal investment of €79.2m) with 205 jobs directly createdduring its implementation. Some 440 000 commuters arebenefitting from improved traffic flow, safety and comfort’’. Incubator for smart citiesKerameikos by 2016OLIAROSJessica
  11. 11. redevelopment of the Syngrou avenue (is planned)Piraeus Underwater Antiquities Museuma new landmark for the city and the port of Piraeus, with mainreference to the culture, quality tourism and sustainability Architectural CompetitionRegeneration of part of the Piraeus Port Authority (OLP) Coastal Zone -transformation into an open public space for outdoor activities“The National Museum of Contemporary Art is on a crossroad, where the oneside is the Acropolis Museum and the other in the center of Athens, showingthat Greece has not only history, but also a present and a future”National Gallery
  12. 12. "City Branding" is already outthere…MUSICsoundsnapMOBILE Marketing warpFashionnetrobeTaxi, as it should be technology andinnovationhttp//:www.radiojar.com than 26 extensions for theJoomla! work on..manydomains..innovation – sharingeconomy – social developmentUnique system forrecording andpresenting the onlineadvertising businessacross the internet.TaxibeatTaxiplonOUR OBSERVATIONSThe LazyPub application isa low cost solution, whichenables easy publishingPDF, EPUB and HTMLversions on mobile phonesand tablets.
  13. 13. easyKENAKenergycertificatesin 6 stepsCodebenderonline development & collaborationplatform for Arduino users, makersand engineersonline marketplace for kids..Its not thedestination,its the journey!Innovative holiday & travel ideasStart ups for…tourism,energy, fashion, survey,art & creation…..SPONSORSNESPRESSOHEINEKEN SIMPLY BERGERS GALAXY DOMINO’Ssurvey platform which providesaccess to millions of targeted users
  14. 14. UniversitiesAthens Startup Weekend University•Startup Weekend University is part of Startup Weekend, a global grassrootsmovement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basicsof founding startups and launching successful venture•Startup Weekend University follows the same basic model of all StartupWeekend events: students are welcome to pitch their startup idea and receivefeedback from their peers.
  15. 15. Startup Live Athens #3 -Sustainable EnterpreneurshipJune2013 - ALBA GraduateBusiness School2012, the event included pitching, mentoring and hands-on business building with the special focuson cultural and social entrepreneurship focuson “Social Entrepreneurship”to “create initiatives thatinfluence both business andcultural behaviors so that allparts become confident towardspeople with disabilities“.•IncludAbility•We Protect the Forrest•Women on TopAll three teams were awarded withparticipation in educational & trainingprograms, recruitment services andmembership in a coworking space and socialeconomy network!2012 Includabiliy pioneeraward  Pioneer: FestivalAiming on the missionto clean the forests andprovide alternative energyresources rising starawarda venture dedicated tomentoring women andconnecting them withsociety and the marketCommunity VoteWe Protect the ForrestWomen on Top2013 EuRuKo (the EuropeanRuby Conference) an annualconference which focuses onthe Ruby programminglanguage• is used for startups too..
  16. 16. venture capital fundsStartup WeekendAthens 2013Openfund Incrediblue & WorkableHRPL Tech Catalystpre-seedHachFwdFundsAthens Open Coffee &Techcrunch blogAthens StartupDigestLife is too short to work at a boring companystart ups in:mobile applicationsmobile marketingwolfish Globo LazyPubUpstream Warp.lyTransportationsolutionssocial mediaFashion EnergyArts …Useful conclusions• start ups have shownsignificant potential•need an effectivenetworking with theaim of implementingfresh business ideas•should takeadvantage ofinvestmentprojects/financing•need to eliminatenegative effects ofbureaucracy
  17. 17. Athenians in the face of significant challengesare trying to redefine solidarity "αλληλεγγύη"and community "γειτονιά“…volunteerism is "one of the most basic expressions ofhuman behavior and [it] arises out of long-establishedancient traditions of sharing and reciprocal exchanges.”Free provision ofsocial andmedical servicesin the areas oftreatment,prevention,education, healthinfrastructure,etc.citizensengagementparticipatorydesignaims to promote the variousgroups of volunteers andNGOs in Athens, as well asconnecting them with othervolunteers that want toparticipate in their initiativesmatchesstudentvolunteers toevents globallyvolunteers forevery kinds ofeventsThe organization hasorganized more than300 voluntary workprograms in 104 areasof Greecean annual event and networkinaugurated in 2011 to connectvolunteers and promotecollaboration among volunteerinitiatives.In 2004, 160.000people applied forvolunteer positionswith the AthensSummer Olympics,and 45,000 Greekvolunteers became apart of the events.Approximately25,000 people tookpart in volunteeraction during theAthens SpecialOlympics in 2011."This is My Athens" is a new,free program available tovisitors to Athens. It is staffedby volunteer Athenians whoare excited to show you "theircity" and all it has to offer.
  18. 18. CREATIVE teams to improve publicspaces• Architects: architect groups thatproduces designs creating publicspaces and projecting buildings• Civil communication with agencies toresolve problems, promotion anddissemination.• Creative a collegiate artists intervenecreatively in the city.• Cultural events.• Turning trouble spots into greenareas .• Social actions to strengthen weaksocial groups• Highlighting the citys historythrough tours.recently created thefirst pocket park inAthens.. a smallerversion of a regularpark ..a solution tothis common “lack-of-green-spaces”problem..
  19. 19. The first Artistic Incubator of Athens - housed atthe restored historical building of Romantzomagazine- A vibrant cultural hub will be createdwhere new creative/artistic start-up groupsBIOS.Athens centre fortodays art and crossmedia“DIAZOMA Association” incollaboration with “APTInformation Systems S.A” underthe sponsorship of the "StavrosNiarchos" Foundation, createdthe EasyGuideApp, aninnovative guiding applicationfor "smart" mobile devicesPanteion University of Athens..Scheduled a two day scientific meeting on May 2013‘’Managing cultural organizations in times offinancial crisis..’’•Sustainability ofculturalorganizations andactivities•New ways andsources of fundingImpact of the crisison priorities andpolicies promoted•Actions to approachvulnerable groupstogether•Development ofalternative culturalactivities in crisisOPERA at school, on metro stationsinnov athens cluster - homefor start upsAthensInternational FilmFestival@NeosKosmosThtreSharing the theaterThe key is ..Innovation, mission statement,passion & cooperation…‘’we live because ofour love of an utopia’’..O.Andreadakisvolunteers
  20. 20. A meeting point for international artisticcreation, Art-Athina brings togethersignificant Greek and foreign artgalleries, cultural institutions, curators,collectors, art critics and art lovers•Comfort and Technology•3-D Digital Cinema•educational Views•Baby Celebrations & Playgrounds•Conferences•Accessibility, Interface and Free Parking•Automatic Reservation SystemGroups, drink and theater is a source ofinspiration and motivation for both: artisticgroups, and the public. Polymorphic sites,favorite sounds, variety of colors andatmospheric lighting create an idyllicenvironment in which the artists use theirimagination entertain, perplex andentertain the audience ...Athens welcomes some of the mostcreative European musicians. Artists ofthe European Jazz scene and manypromising young musicians performfor the biggest jazz event of AthensAthens Pride started as a small grassroots initiativegathering a few hundred activists in 2005 and quicklygrew to become one of the most popular and mostsignificant all day events of the city.A great celebration that has lasted 56 summers,and that has hosted some of the leading lights oftheatre, music and dance
  21. 21. ‘’The Athens Biennale functions within aninternational network of large-scale periodiccontemporary art events. It emerged from theintense cultural activity that makes Athens one ofthe most interesting places for contemporary art,and it aims to be an agent of constant change andinnovation, provide a context for creativity anddialogue and constitute a wide platform for thedesignation and the critical engagement of localartistic production, as well as a forum of discussionand exchange with the international scene’’.Heaven, titled ÒHeavenÓ (2009)MONODROMOS (2011)‘’Athens, and Greece, have been the epicenter of a social and economicalearthquake whose consequences are becoming stronger: How could one reflect onthis situation which seems to exhibit characteristics that make it global ratherthan national or local in nature? Is what has been rather facilely referred to as the“Greek example” a significant turning point in history?’’Redefining Athens’s identityand image
  22. 22. On Thursday 22ond of was adifficult day for Athens. Allmeans of transportationinvolved in 24 strike and sothe only way to move was byprivate cars.The first site is here!!!“Car-Sharing” : A Pilot Program in thecity of Athens•An element of modern transportstrategies•In order to reduce traffic and illegalparking in the cityThe telematics system offers•Real-time monitoring of the position of all buses.•Information to passengers through "smart attitudes."•Information through SMS and applications.•Update passenger in a bus (announcing next stop)•Information on traffic(via the automatic passenger counting).•E-ticket•athens innovation living lab (open data)Smart Neighborhood: where media-based socialinteraction occursSmart Street: where new transportation behaviorsdevelopSmart Square: where civic decisions are takenSmart Museum and Park: where natural andcultural heritage feed learningSmart City Hall: where mobile e-governmentservices are delivered
  23. 23. VALUE SYSTEM•Strengths-social and cultural entrepreneurship on voluntarism40% increase  Human Grid/ TEDxAthens Athens Migration Policy Initiative (AMPI)•Weaknesses-racist violence incidents(2012:107 incidents in Athens out of 154 in Greece) in air pollution•Opportunities-immigrant integration council(np 78 of L. 3852/2010)•Threats-violence escalation
  24. 24. QUALITY OF LIFE•Strengths-Mediterranean climate•Weaknesses-increased unemployment(7,3% - 03/11-03/12)•Opportunities-Rethink Athens, Re-launching Athens initiative,Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center and Park, Atenistaspocket park-Metro extension to Piraeus /Tram•Threats-decline of the middle class buying power,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47008514,d.ZWU&fp=4ba16b14749a4503&biw=1092&bih=514
  25. 25. GOOD FOR BUSSINESS•Strengths-human capital (think biz / AUEB)•Weaknesses-changes in the tax system frequently /high "tax rates“•Opportunities-The Hellenic Initiative (THI) supports an economicrenewal in Greece through entrepreneurship, businessdevelopment and investment (Hellenic Diaspora)- Framework Programme: smart citiesdevelopment /“Cooperation” work programme-•Threats-brain drain ( human capital flight)- lack of competitiveness for new investors
  26. 26. HERITAGE AND CULTURE•Strengths-powerful historical background•Weaknesses-inadequate planning for cultural organizations’sustainable strategies-new funding and financial resources•Opportunities-cultural and heritage development of suburbs of cultural and educationalinstitutionsOne-day Conference "The Entrepreneurial Museum. - Benaki MuseumManagement of cultural organizations in times of crisis “- Panteion University•Threats-destruction of the forest environment
  27. 27. TOURISM•Strengths-Athens: great cultural destination Coastline: Athens is surrounded by beaches,where you can swim for many months•Weaknesses-bureaucratic obstacles for residents outside theEuropean Union affect tourism-•Opportunities-alternative forms of tourism (elective medical tourism)( air routes/lower fares (Athens International Airport) Greek Tourism (Hellenic Diaspora)•Threats-increase on tourism competitiveness (neighbor foreigncities)
  28. 28. urban renaissanceReconstructionof Urban Environmenta new business trend ?new and innovative culturalactions and synergies
  29. 29. Forming a clear city identityA new brand narrative taking intoaccount the emerging dynamicsLean-ing start up and setting down allthe pieces of the puzzle: creation ofvalueCoordination & methodology forintegrated action
  30. 30. Maria Giouleka Neokleous Vaimaki Kopsiavivikopsia@gmail.comKaterina Vlassopoulou yourattention!Panteion University of Social & Political SciencesMaster in Cultural ManagementCourse: Cultural Marketing and Communication-Athens Co-Creation Branding ProjectCourse Instructor : Betty Tsakarestou