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Rise of the Marketing Technologist and Future Trends - Rotterdam Business School 2013
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Rise of the Marketing Technologist and Future Trends - Rotterdam Business School 2013


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Presentation at the Marketing & Media course of the Rotterdam School of Management

Presentation at the Marketing & Media course of the Rotterdam School of Management

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  • 1. Rise of the MarketingTechnologist
  • 2. * NIMA A + B in 1993...* 20 years Sales & Marketing at some of the worlds top brands* Sales Leader & Social Software Evangelist EMEA @ IBM* Digital Marketing Partner Manager & Evangelist @ Adobe* Founded Arjan Radder Marketing Concepts Q1, 2012
  • 3. Marketing was pretty easy in my daysRemember those 4 Ps...?
  • 4. Not long ago we all lived in a one screenworld :-)
  • 5. Anno 2012 Marketing is riding akiller wave of new technology.
  • 6. And the one screen world has dissapeared...ina very short time..
  • 7. The Extended Web and digitalization Have brought endless opportunities to Marketers
  • 8. It has torn down complete business modelsand gave birth to many new, Tripadvisor, PirateBay,,, Spotify, etc etcLets look at a few more examples in the leisure domain..
  • 9. These guys are dead meat
  • 10. These guys however; are in the zone
  • 11. Traditional retailers are loosing the battle andneed to turn stores into experiences Traditional retail turn over down 6% in Nl over 2012...
  • 12. In the mean time web shopping has exploded.5000 plus packages every day in NL alone...!
  • 13. Technology also added an equal amount ofcomplexity...
  • 14. Technology MUST becomepart of marketing’s DNA.
  • 15. Technology and marketingare 100% intertwined
  • 16. MarketingIT
  • 17. So who navigates?
  • 18. Rise of the Marketing Technologist Marketing CTO(Chief Marketing Technologist)• Reports to CMO• Coordinates with IT• Coordinates with products• Technology expertise• Marketing savvy
  • 19. BringsMarketing andtechnologyunder oneumbrella.
  • 20. And leads way into the
  • 21. For example in sports or maintanance LZR Racer swimsuit Wilson Nanoclubs
  • 22. Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  • 23. Ideal for for example E-Tourisme applicationsE-Tourism: Creating Dynamic Packages using Semantic Web Processes
  • 24. Helping out in many ways (and also takingover many jobs)
  • 25. Virtual tourisme?“Virtual reality (VR) offers tourism many useful applications that deserve greater attention fromtourism researchers and professionals. As VR technology continues to evolve, the number andsignificance of such applications undoubtedly will increase”Guggenheim Online Full article at:
  • 26. ➔ Customers, customers, customers!➔ Technology is always a means and not a goal➔ Understand the role and value of Technology (not (perse) the Techno itself)➔ Become, or become friends with, the Marketing Technologist➔ Always, always be aware of the future...➔ Never forget the 4 Ps...:-)!
  • 27. Inspirational credits to Scott Bricker, The Marketing – – +31 6 2501 – –