Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 8


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 8

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. Hyperia is finally ready to say good bye to its founders, the kingdomis prosperous and healthy thanks to the hard work of its foundingmonarch King Henry. The future of kingdom now rests with KingDerek and his heir, Prince James; can they do as good a job as King Henry? Or will they be better?It’s a time of change and transition for Hyperia; its founders as well as the families who came with the Rothgates get ready to meet their Maker.
  3. 3. But first, let’s take a look at the newly constructed Kasumi University. Named after the university’s largest donor, Kasumi University is a semi-private establishment where the founder will receive a portion of theenrollment tuition of those who can afford to go. Those who can attend the university must have a property value of $100 000 silver to enrol their children here. It is meant as an attendance cap for the university; as the population grows and expands; so will the university. Right now it is small with only two dorms and nine rental houses.
  4. 4. The largest dorm; with 16 rooms is the King Henry Dormitory. A high-class dormitory set up for the children of Noble birth only. A property value of $250 000 is required for entry to this dorm. Fully renovated andwith an on-site cafeteria that serves only the best and highest quality foods for the mouths and bellies of Noble children.
  5. 5. This is the Merchants dormitory; for the children of wealthy Merchants only. A property value of $150 000 is required for lodging in this 10 room dorm. Custom-built with large, spacious rooms and a fully staffed cafeteria. It has all the required objects for skilling and majors study.
  6. 6. Both dormitories are surrounded by transplanted mature trees to allow for a semi-private feel. As well as tokeep the Peasants from getting too close. Also on campus is a local barter and trade shop for all the shoppingneeds of the students, also included is the campus lounge or gathering place. Both amenities offer high-quality goods and services to the student body.
  7. 7. And for the Peasants, who have managed to meet the minimum tuition costs for entry to Kasumi University; there are several rental properties available for them. No staff, no grounds keeping services. All work that needs to be done must come from the Peasants; any additions or improvements must come out of their own pockets. For these students; you are basically on your own. If you do manage to achieve a decent grade;Kasumi University’s Public Development program offers a reward of $1200 silver upon successful completion of a semester. Nobles and Merchants will receive $1200 gold per semester.
  8. 8. King Derek: We did it my love; our children have a university to go to now!! Queen Violet: I am so happy; our children deserve the best education possible.King Derek: And it will educate both boys and girls, I have decreed it. No educational gender discrimination in my kingdom.
  9. 9. Queen Violet: That’s so wonderful. Princess Elizabeth will be so excited. I can’t wait to see all my nieces go as well. King Derek: As do I. My brothers and my sister’s children will want for nothing educationally.
  10. 10. Aliya: Now this one Arthur, that’s right!! John: Lancelot loves this block toy, I can’t tear him away from it. Aliya: I think we may have a future scientist in the family don’t you think?John: I would much prefer him to take medicine. We need another doctor in Hyperia. Aliya: Oh, that would be good too.
  11. 11. But first, Lancelot and Arthur had to start school. It was the first step towards college. It was also Princess Elizabeth’s birthday too.
  12. 12. Princess Elizabeth K/PO Cancer 7/1/7/7/5LTW: Be Hand of Poseidon
  13. 13. The next day was another double birthday; this time it was for Prince James and Prince Peter. Both of theroyal princes were getting ready to attend Kasumi University once they had collected their scholarships for it.
  14. 14. Prince James FO/PL (tie) Aquarius 7/7/5/8/8 LTW: Be City PlannerPrince Peter FA/FO (red shirt) Libra 5/8/4/8/10 LTW: Marry Off Six Kids
  15. 15. Queen Celia Rothgate Aged: 77 days Mother of: Derek, Xander, Serena, Nicholas and JohnGrandmother of: Elizabeth, James, Peter, William, Ophelia, Renji, Rukia, Isane, Diana, Andrew, Mary, Arthur and Lancelot
  16. 16. Their beloved matriarch shall be sorely missed. She helped found Hyperia and everything it is today is because she trusted her king enough to settle this untamed land.
  17. 17. Queen Violet: Father?Henry: What will I do without her? It’s not fair I was granted extra time, I should have gone with my beloved Celia…Queen Violet: My mother felt the same way when my father died, she wanted to go too but was also forced to endure extra time here. I don’t understand it.
  18. 18. Henry: What is Death playing at? Making me stay behind…Queen Violet: I wish I knew. It may seem cruel, but I think you might have been given this time to spend with your grandsons. I know they would love to play with you. Henry: Perhaps you are right my dear.
  19. 19. Henry took her advice to heart and spent precious time with his younger grandsons. The harp reminded him of all the good time they had in this palace.
  20. 20. He spent some time with Derek as well. Hyperia was in good hands with his son and his wise wife, Henry felt that when the Reaper did come to get him that he could rest assured that his kingdom was safe and sound.
  21. 21. The harp was indeed a gathering place for thefamily, Elizabeth spent some time talking to James about college. She was eager to go, a experience like that was truly once in alifetime. Although Derek did insist that shetravel there with her brothers; he still wanted to make sure his little girl would be safe at school. So soon enough…
  22. 22. King Henry Rothgate Aged: 81 Days (damn glitches) Father of: Derek, Xander, Serena, Nicholas and JohnGrandfather of: Elizabeth, James, Peter, William, Ophelia, Diana, Andrew, Mary, Arthur and Lancelot.
  23. 23. Anastasia: Princess, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. King Henry was a well-loved king.Princess Elizabeth: Thank you. I will miss him and my grandmother. They helped to found this kingdom after all. Anastasia: If you don’t mind being friends with a Peasant girl, I’d love to see you again once we get to university. Princess Elizabeth: I would like that very much. Thank you. ******
  24. 24. Ani-Mei: Ginger, my dear; you made it. Was the carriage ride comfortable?Ginger: Yes ma-me; I was very comfortable. Though you didn’t have to go through all the trouble of it for me.Ani-Mei: Nonsense; it was no trouble at all. My son did not think it was worth his time to organize but I put my foot down. Ginger: And he is accepting of me being here?
  25. 25. Ani-Mei: Never you mind him; I will handle it. I am still his mother.Ginger: I’m very grateful ma-me, thank you for keeping your promise. Ani-Mei: It’s what Dee would have wanted. Ginger: I do miss his Lordship. Ani-Mei: So do I my dear…
  26. 26. As soon as Ryan and Iris were home, Ginger got right down to teaching Ryan how to study. Raising her fouryounger siblings had taught her a lot about teaching; she was thrilled when Lord Tyler allowed her to keep herjob as a teacher while she lived here. He turned it around saying it would be a good opportunity for her to give his children extra tutoring now that there was a college available to them. He made it sound as if it was his own brilliant idea to let her keep working. Rose took on the task of teaching Iris how to study, as long as Ryan had Ginger as his private tutor, Tyler didn’t care what Rose did for Iris.
  27. 27. Tyler granted Ginger a lot of freedoms, such as free use of his well. Her true match was apparently Benjamin Long who had a job as one of the local Captain Heroes. He made good money and would make the Starrfamily wealthier, but Ginger did not take the initiative of asking him to move in. After all, she was a servant in this household and that sort of thing was up to Tyler.
  28. 28. It was also birthday time for the twins. Ryan and Iris were about to be teenagers.
  29. 29. Ryan Starr PO/K Pisces 5/5/9/3/7LTW: Max Seven Skills Iris Starr PL/PO Aquarius 8/4/6/10/7 LTW: Be The Law
  30. 30. It did not take long for Lilly to show her next pregnancy. Ani-Mei was just grateful to see one more grandbaby before Reias came for her next. The same glitch plagued her as did the former king, she was givenextra days for a purpose. In this case it seemed to be to welcome Ginger into the home, fulfilling Dee’s promise to her as well as to see their next grandbaby.
  31. 31. Ani-Mei: This never gets old. Lilly: Why did I agree to this??!!At least this time it was just one, and a son as well. Tyler would be so proud to see his son when he came home from work tonight.
  32. 32. Ani-Mei: *sigh* This is the last time I’ll ever get to do this…
  33. 33. Ash Starr Scorpio 7/5/9/3/1Mean kid is mean… >_> ******
  34. 34. Amaya: We are one of the last few founders standing my love.Erian: Yes, with the passing of Henry and Celia we are closer to our goals. Amaya: I know, hard to believe isn’t it.
  35. 35. Erian: Let’s hope Shuuhei pulls it off.Amaya: Have my faith my love…and take care of our boy will you? Erian: Amaya…what are you saying?
  36. 36. Amaya: I’m saying, don’t make me wait too long hot stuff… Grim: He can’t hear you, you know that right? Amaya: Yeah…but it makes me feel better.
  37. 37. Lady Amaya Kasumi Aged: 78 Days Mother of: Shuuhei, Hinamori, Kira and Rangiku Grandmother of: Renji, Rukia, Isane, William, Ophelia, Micah and MichaelaThe prim and proper, demure wife of a scheming throne usurper. Amaya put up with her husband’s plans to take throne with all the expected behaviours of a Noble’s wife.
  38. 38. Losing his wife of 50 years, Erian suddenly found himself scared for the first time in his life. Scared of what his grandchildren will think of him, scared of being alone, and scared of meeting a dim fate in theUnderworld for all the scheming and machinations of his life. He suddenly felt the urge to do right, the Grim Reaper cursed him with extra days as well and he planned to make good use of them. And the first thing was to see his oldest two grandchildren grow up.
  39. 39. Though he had seen the light of good, his son Shuuhei was still blinded by hatred and darkness and it was all directed at his brother and wife. Shuuhei: You think I would not notice??!! You are worse than a harlot!! You’re a whore too!! Princess Serena: What? Shuuhei: The toilet Serena, I saw it… Princess Serena: Oh…no…
  40. 40. Her worst fear had been realized…she was pregnant again. In a moment of weakness, probably due to hergrief over Amaya’s passing; she and Kira shared their pain. She may not have always gotten along with hermother in law, but Serena did love her. She was gentle and kind to her, albeit unsupportive when she was the target of either Shuuhei’s or Erian’s wrath.
  41. 41. Shuuhei did not want to strike his wife in front of his children so when they came home from school, hevented his rage on the Zen garden. It did seem to calm him a bit, though he did not hear the approaching thunder or pay much attention to the darkening sky above him…
  42. 42. The loss of his wife, and then soon after, his heir was too much for Erian to handle. He knew that his younger son had slept with the princess, the evidence of that was clear. He would have insisted that Kira marry her eventually, but not because of Shuuhei’s death. He did not need a scandal attached to the Kasumi name; notnow and not at this stage. How would it look on them if the public ever found out what happened here today?
  43. 43. Soon after Shuuhei’s death; the princess went into labour. He was the only one home at the time so he had to assist (or watch from afar) her.
  44. 44. Erian: Well…you have shamed us. I do expect that you marry Serena. Kira: Father, don’t talk like that in front of my daughter!! I will marry her soon enough. Erian: And then she gives you a girl on top of that. Hmm…Kira: I don’t care that my first born is a girl!! I love her anyway. And her name is Orihime, try to remember it.
  45. 45. Erian: Now since you’re my only remaining heir…*sigh* I insist that you two wed before that child is old enough to crawl. Is that clear? Kira: Orihime, call her by her name!! Princess Serena: You don’t have to be so mean…I love Kira and our daughter. Erian: I was not speaking to you. Kira: Father!! Enough!!
  46. 46. Kira did keep his promise; and as soon as Orihime was down for a nap, he proposed to her. Rukia was a witness; and she was happy to see her mother and uncle finally stop beating around the bush and get to thepoint. She and her brother knew full well how their father was; Renji tried hard not to listen when he wouldspout garbage and hatred about his mother to him. He would not become his father; Renji was not like that.He was the next legal heir, but if his mother and uncle have a son, he would gladly pass heirship to him if he wanted it. But for now, he would do his duty as oldest son.
  47. 47. With their union official; Erian backed off. He instead chose to focus on Rukia rather than Renji. She passed it off as senility; why would her hard-core patriarchal grandfather spend time with a girl over her twin?
  48. 48. Rukia was happy to give Orihime her birthday. Though it was a bit odd that she was both her half-sister and cousin at the same time, she preferred to think of her as a half sister. Orihime Kasumi Gemini 4/8/8/3/3 Another mean Kasumi girl…why must they ruin my plotz?
  49. 49. Meanwhile, the middle child, Isane didn’t care about how Orihime was related to her; she just saw her as hersister. She wasn’t the youngest anymore so that made her a little happier. She was glad to have someone close to her own age to play with now that Renji and Rukia were all grown up.
  50. 50. Erian: What took you so long?Grim: I had other appointments. Erian Kasumi, why did you squander the extra few days I had given you? You were doing so well at the beginning.Erian: I guess a day of goodness can’t overcome a lifetime of wickedness, am I doomed to Hell for all eternity now? Grim: I’ll think about it. Spending time with Rukia did buy you a little credit though. Erian: I gave her Sunnystone Park, don’t ask me why I did that…I can’t remember.
  51. 51. Erian: Amaya my love…here I come. Grim: She’s waiting for you.
  52. 52. Lord Erian Kasumi Aged: 82 Days Father of: Shuuhei, Hinamori, Kira and Rangiku Grandfather of: Renji, Rukia, Isane, Orihime, William, Ophelia, Micah and MichaelaA schemer, plotter, and my first really devious bad guy; Erian was made out to be a bad dude, but he did have his moments. Such as giving Rukia Sunnystone Park. That surprised me, I think it was because she was the one who had the highest relationship near the end with him. She can’t keep it of course since females can’t own property in Hyperia and I have tofigure it out so I can pass it to Kira. I love the fact that Kira and Serena were triple-bolt stalkers; she had two with Shuuhei though so she didn’t totally hate him. They had an unauthorized flirt when I wasn’t looking so that had to go with the Sim Blender real quick.
  53. 53. Proof that even dead, Shuuhei is still a jerk. He scared everyoneexcept Renji. He got Rukia twice, Kira once and even poor Isane got it too, I missed it when he scared Serena though. But she’s a Knowledge sim so she loved it. Oh and by the way, stats: Rukia Kasumi K/PO Virgo 10/1/10/6/8 LTW: Be Game Designer Renji Kasumi PO/K Scorpio 9/7/10/1/8 LTW: Be Captain Hero
  54. 54. So ends the Kasumi’s eventful week. My graves are starting to pile up…it’s kind of sad really. I think I mightactually miss having my bad guys around. Well, there’s always Hinamori and Rangiku…so the Kasumi plot is not over yet as long as there’s someone to carry the torch. ******
  55. 55. Next stop: The Trace household where we open with one of the Sims girls stealing their paper. Bad child….I forget which one of the quads she is though.
  56. 56. We come in to the birthday of the youngest set of twins Samantha and heir Logan. Eric has five daughtersand only one son, I chose not to tempt fate with another since these two pushed them over the five kid limit. But I got my heir so all is well.
  57. 57. News spread fast to the Trace household; the deaths of the former king and queen and the Kasumis really hithome for Maia and Thai. They were close to the end as well and would soon join the other founding familiesof Hyperia. Maia wanted to savour every moment she could with her family, and that meant giving the heir his birthday toss.
  58. 58. Samantha Trace Pisces 7/1/10/1/8 Logan Trace Taurus 3/10/5/10/3
  59. 59. The same day had birthday for the middle girls Heidi and Rachel as well. They were all born so close together and for that, Maia hoped that they would grow up close.
  60. 60. Lord Thai Trace Aged: 78 Days Father of: Kindle, Dahlia, Eric, Aliya and Shawn Grandfather of: Kelsey, Amelia, Heidi, Rachel, Samantha, Logan, Jason, Jeremy, Jacob, Marie, Arthur and Lancelot Oh Thai, what can I say? Your Romance Simself ’s skankitude made you famous. I even managed to get you (more)recognized from this story alone. You had 20 Lovers and never once got caught, though your heir married one of your lovers,there was never any jealousy (cuz I Sim Blended it away  ) Leave it to your simself to take all the good potential townie girls…and sorry about you dying first, Ani-Mei seems to have some sort of magical youth potion she’s using. (And no I didn’t cheat Ani-Mei younger, the glitches did that for me)
  61. 61. However, you did leave me with an interesting glitch on the lot. The Ever-Burning Glitch Fire remainedburning for five sim days and was still going when the week’s rotation was over. Talk about leaving an eternal flame…
  62. 62. The day after Thai’s passing, Maia was left wondering; what a cruel twist of fate left her a widow? Shewas the same age as her husband, and yet she lives on… Amy and Eric tried to get her to talk to them but she just couldn’t find the words to say.
  63. 63. Her oldest granddaughters had to grow into beautiful young ladies without their grandfather around to see them. If she could take a portrait with her of this moment to give to him, she would do it in a heartbeat. Kelsey Trace FO/FA (track suit) Aries 10/9/5/1/4 LTW: Be Space Pirate Amelia Trace FA/K (red skirt) Aries 10/10-/5/1/3 LTW: Be Media Magnate
  64. 64. The days passed in a haze; Maia found herself sighing wistfully at the portrait of her smiling, youthful face. A face that held all the joy and hope of a life with the man she loved; a life that was supposed to end together. The clock struck seven and she felt a chill crawl through the air behind her…
  65. 65. Lady Maia Trace Aged: 83 Days Mother of: Kindle, Dahlia, Eric, Aliya and Shawn Grandmother of: Kelsey, Amelia, Heidi, Rachel, Samantha, Logan, Jason, Jacob, Jeremy, Marie, Arthur and LancelotI chose this picture because it has three of my favourite Hyperians in it. Though all three are gone now; it’s really the only one I have of Maia’s face…
  66. 66. The youngest twins were understandably upset; their beloved grandmother had to die on their birthday. She wouldn’t be there to give them tickles and read them stories anymore…
  67. 67. For Samantha the excitement wore off quickly while her twin was still enjoying the moment. She missed Grandmother Maia already.
  68. 68. Another rotation, another pair of deaths. I knew this day would come that Week 8 would be filled with deaths and births, but let’s not forget one of the most important things: I have a ton of unused CASpoints. And even more with the addition of the Uni so up next is our final family of this chapter and one you’ve never seen before, or are likely to anywhere… ******
  69. 69. This was her new home, it was alright. Anjula would follow her master anywhere he went even to a place likeHyperia. She could sense the magic in their air as soon as she arrived, there was a lot of untapped potential in this place. She wondered if her master would pick up on that as well.
  70. 70. The power she could feel from these three alone was more than enough proof that Hyperia was magical. Thebeing born of nature and man, the two oldest daughters of a weakened deity, surely her master could feel it? True, he did not wed beforehand and bring his young bride here to settle; it was just the two of them. Her master hoped to find a bride here in Hyperia; though the current women at his table were no eligible for wedding.
  71. 71. Her master was of the Fae; or faerie folk. He was also of Noble birth; he came to this land to found a dynasty or a legacy as the people here call it. His magic was weakened as he came through the veilseparating his world from this one; but Anjula knew that he would reclaim it soon enough. His wings were already absorbing the magic in the air here; they sparkled with it.
  72. 72. Ah, but what of breeding? Would it strengthen the lineage? And would there be a nice male cat for her here? Only time would tell…
  73. 73. Jonathan Magnus knew that coming to Hyperia unwed was looked upon with question. But he could not find a faerie female who was willing to leave the Fae to come with him. So that left him with only the local women to potentially mate with. He came across a place called Minstrel Park where he heard the angelic tune of a bass playing in the band shell. The woman playing it was far better than her lack-luster companions strangling the piano and hitting all the wrong notes on the drums. She caught his eye immediately.
  74. 74. It was a blessed miracle when the owner of the park stepped in and shooed off the one who was murderingthe drum set. The angel finally came off the bass to talk to him; Miss Meadow Thayer was her name. And she was a vision.
  75. 75. Jonathan: Shall we dance my dear? Tis a wonderful night and the ambiance is perfect. Meadow: Oh, you are such a charmer…of course. Jonathan: I am Lord Jonathan Magnus, at your service. Meadow: Miss Meadow Thayer, charmed.
  76. 76. Their date was progressing well, Miss Meadow seemed to be enjoying the evening with him, perhaps he had found his lady?
  77. 77. It was going very well indeed…
  78. 78. In his spare time off work, he kept up with his magic studies and eventually relearned how to make the potions he was famous for in the Fae. His magic room was lined with potions he learned to make.
  79. 79. He could soon open his shop; it would sell his potions of course and he also planned to make it an apothecary as well. There was a need for a shop like that here, he knew that.
  80. 80. Miss Meadow eventually came round to the idea of their courtship and agreed to be his bride. He was thrilledto have found such a lovely woman so quickly; though the patriarchal law of this kingdom was strange to him,he did not want to disobey the laws. In the Fae it was the females who were more powerful and more respected.
  81. 81. He wed her immediately, the best time to indulge was now.
  82. 82. Because when his Fae blood burned; it usually meant he was at his peak performance and it did the job well…
  83. 83. Jonathan was inspired by Meadow’s drive to learn everything she could about being a parent, he sat down with her and pulled out another copy of the book to read through himself.
  84. 84. On her way to tend their crops, labour pains struck. And Jonathan was out there as fast as he could to see the birth of his first child.
  85. 85. When his first born was a daughter, he was more than pleased. A first born female was a powerful faerie and he couldn’t wait to teach her everything he knew of his world and its magic. But the law of this land said hehad to have a male heir to carry on the family name with, so it was only a matter of time before his Fae blood began to boil again and the time was right to have another child. Meadow would love the chance of course, so that made things easier. His daughter Leiya was always going to be the apple of her daddy’s eye though. ******
  86. 86. Stats as of Week 8, Part 1: # of Households: 18 # of Playables: 106 # of Graves: 7 (Starr, Rothgate, Kasumi, Trace) # of NPC Community Lots: 4 # of Owned Community Lots: 6 (Columbus [Rank 10], Columbus [Rank 4],Kasumi [Rank 6], Starr [Rank 10], Grove [Rank 0], Nolan [Rank 0])SM: (2x18; two generations in each household, +1 for every heir marrying up a class (Kasumi), +1 for 5 community lots, +5 for adding a Business District, +5 for adding a Uni) SM= 46 Population: 106x46 = 4,876 Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 2 of 48 filled (Nolan, Couderc, Hood [retired]) Military: 1 of 4 filled (Grove) (Pop. of 1,000 x 4) Oceanography: 0 of 5 filled Politics: 1 of 4 filled (Rothgate 2) [Pop. of 1,000 x 4] Medical: 1 of 1 filled (Hood) [First opens at 1,000 pop. Then again at 5,000] Journalism: 1 of 4 filled [(Mellon) (Pop. of 1,000 x 4)] Music: 1 of 1 filled (Kasumi) Business: 1 of 1 filled (Starr) Law Enforcement: 3 of 3 filled (Cooke [fired], Starr, Cormier, Galle) Education: 3 of 19 filled (Sims, Trace, Newson) [Pop. 250 x 19= 4,750] Entertainment: 1 of 5 filled (Columbus) Intelligence: 2 of 2 filled (Hood, Starr) Architecture: 1 of 2 filled (Trace) [+1 for addition of a sub-hood: Business District] Science: 2 of 6 filled (GilsCarbo), (Cooke)