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The Royal Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 16


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Chapter 16 of my Royal Kingdom Challenge.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The Royal Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 16

  1. 1. The Royal Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 16
  2. 2. At the palace Beatrice and her new husband Simon were enjoying an afternoon of cards. It seemed odd to try to go back to normal after everything that had happened over the long winter months. But Beatrice supposed life must go on.
  3. 3. Simon had been a little unsure about getting married. He’d actually thought at one point he was hoping Baldwin would get the proposal. However, he’d found with the recent crisis that had struck the kingdom that he would not have wanted to see someone else here trying to help guide the kingdom and Beatrice back to a brighter path.
  4. 4. It certainly wasn’t going to be easy. Some days Beatrice hardly got out of bed, but Simon was determined to do everything he could to keep a smile on his queen’s face.
  5. 5. The Shahan family was celebrating new beginnings as well. The winter was over, spring had come and with it Darcy and Esther’s wedding day. Elinor provided the entertainment while every Coldwell and Shahan watched their children get married.
  6. 6. Catherine sniffed back the tears as she watched her youngest get married at last. On the plus side she thought, soon she’d have grandchildren!
  7. 7. The following day Fanny had joined her older sister Isabella at the newly opened Green Tower. It was to be a place for the new coven women to come and study various arts and skills they felt they needed to serve the kingdom.
  8. 8. It was quite the sight walking up to it. It was smaller than it had been meant to be, but the design had to be scaled back due to all the recent costs the kingdom had suffered from the great myshuno outbreak.
  9. 9. Her nephew Edward had shot up like a weed. He was certainly an active one! He seemed to adore watching the fire dancers. Perhaps she should take him to Tiwiki someday? Fanny was sure he would probably have a wonderful time!
  10. 10. Her twins had already talked her into going with them pregnant as she was to Takiemizu. Anne had been given a Manor house by her soon to be husband, and Anne was of the opinion that it would be a great chance to welcome their new sister Esther into the family.
  11. 11. Well Isabella thought, Edward was certainly old enough now that she could probably take a short leave from the kingdom.
  12. 12. Matthew had even pointed out that it would likely mean a lot to her little brother if she went to welcome Esther into the family, and besides once the Green Tower officially opened Isabella likely wouldn’t have much free time at all for quite a while.
  13. 13. In the end, of course, Izzie was talked into going.
  14. 14. Esther was so glad her new family was going to all that trouble to welcome her into the flock. Unfortunately, Anne’s timing could have been a bit better. Well, pregnant or not she wasn’t going to try to talk her new sister into canceling. It had taken Anne too long to plan. It would be rude.
  15. 15. Anne’s future husband certainly had a lovely estate in the hills.
  16. 16. Esther wasn’t the only pregnant Shahan/Sims woman here. Fanny had come too. After all she said they’d both likely get busy once the babies got here best to do a bit of traveling while you still can. This made sense to Esther.
  17. 17. Elinor and Anne checked out the sleeping arrangements upstairs and found they were more than acceptable to accommodate all the women.
  18. 18. Oddly enough while they were out in the mountains they met a woman named Marisa Shahan. Apparently, she was a cousin. Her grandfather? At least Anne thought that’s what the woman had said…though neither she nor Isabella could remember once they got home. Anyway, her grandfather (or something) had been Great-grandfather Ocean Shahan’s brother. Wasn’t it such a small world to meet another Shahan! Just wait until they told Catherine.
  19. 19. Anne and Elinor unfortunately found a bunch of poison ivy. The twins were not at all happy to be itchy for most of the trip.
  20. 20. All the women had learned the Acupuncture massage and it was truly marvelous!
  21. 21. The twins and Isabella did most of the exploring leaving Fanny and Esther at home, but each night all of them would settle in around the fire and talk about the wonderful things they’d seen and done.
  22. 22. Esther insisted on going out with Anne at least once. They went to the local shrine where Esther made a wish at the shrine. The legends said you could hear music playing and that it would glow, but Esther hadn’t seen either.
  23. 23. All in all, Esther had a wonderful time in Takiemizu. She actually quite enjoyed getting the chance to spend that extra one on one time with Fanny.
  24. 24. Back at home Catherine and Peter were enjoying the calm before the storm of grandchildren. Although, Peter knew Cat was secretly looking forward to having a lot of grandchildren to spoil. Hopefully, the kids would cooperate.
  25. 25. Esther and the girls had returned home from their trip, and both were floored to hear about other Shahan relatives in this part of the world. Perhaps they should invite Marisa over as a house guest in a season or two like Esther suggested. Cat certainly would like to meet other family after all this time.
  26. 26. Elinor had found she was completely inspired by her journey. She’d been tinkering with odds and ends since she was small, but Catherine and Peter never expected her to create something as marvelous as what she called a dance sphere.
  27. 27. Catherine was proud of her daughter, but really Peter was too old to be trying to use that strange thing!
  28. 28. Soon after returning home, Esther gave birth to her first born a little boy she and Darcy named Richard.
  29. 29. The same day, Yasutora Chen sent one of his best riders to carry word to Catherine and Peter that they had another grandson named Kugo.
  30. 30. Fanny looked down at her son and smiled. Just wait until your Grandmother sees you! 2 grandsons on the same day. Isn’t she spoiled?
  31. 31. Yasutora adored cooking! He’d gotten this from his father Yidi. There was always good food at the Chen table. Though perhaps the birth of a son called for something extra special?
  32. 32. His parents were in complete agreement as they discussed it later that evening, that the Dining Halls should be opened to everyone in the capital the following day to celebrate the arrival of Kugo.
  33. 33. His father had dusted off his best cooking clothes excited for the following day of feasting!
  34. 34. Ivy had come to the feast hall in honor of the birth of her new lord. She’d always loved living in this part of the kingdom and knew the Chen family had friends from all around, but this Master Tellerman certainly had odd clothes where he came from.
  35. 35. Fanny and Tanishi worked the floor all day taking the orders of their subjects getting to know them. Tanishi was quite impressed with Fanny’s ability to work the floor.
  36. 36. Her little boy, who wasn’t so little anymore was acting the perfect lord seeing everyone to their tables as they arrived.
  37. 37. The feast had been a success! It was the talk of the kingdom for weeks after it’s conclusion. Tanishi and Fanny spent the next months bonding and growing ever closer.
  38. 38. She also began to learn the art of cooking from her new-father-in law Yidi.
  39. 39. The family even got a puppy when Yasutora realized Fanny seemed to be missing her family pet Cyric.
  40. 40. Life for Yautora and Fanny was bright.
  41. 41. At the palace unfortunately things weren’t sunny at all. Simon welcomed Dutchess Michelle to the palace. I appreciate you coming all this way to meet the crown princess Michelle. I’m afraid Beatrice won’t be coming down.
  42. 42. Simon had entertained court alone again today, and he sighed looking down at Tristen. Beatrice had hardly looked at her daughter once. He knew she felt a lot of pressure to have a son, to live up to her older brother, but they could always try again. Having a little girl suited him just fine. He was just happy she was healthy. (Yep a romance sim who actually rolled the want to have a baby)
  43. 43. What was most concerning was the fact that the servants whispered Beatrice would lie the baby on the floor and walk away from her if she was crying. Act as though she couldn’t hear her. What was Simon going to do?
  44. 44. Ocean and Mildrith were discussing the matter of their daughter too. Perhaps, if all three of them put their heads together they could think of something.
  45. 45. Meanwhile across the kingdom in Aridia, Lord Lampright weary with the capital decided to see his good friend Lord Brampton in Aridia. He didn’t expect to arrive at the birth of his friend’s child though…
  46. 46. Unlike the capital, Aridia was scorching hot and water features were a birthright even in the peasant homes.
  47. 47. It was so good to see Echard again. Honor was extremely happy for his friend on the birth of his daughter Allana.
  48. 48. Perhaps when our girls are older we could arrange for our families to travel together? I would certainly love for Clarity and Allana to meet.
  49. 49. I cannot thank-you enough Honor for insisting I visit the Great library with you when I visited the capital last fall. If you hadn’t, I never would have met Anne. I cannot tell you how truly happy she’s made me.
  50. 50. It wasn’t long at all before Allana had grown into a beautiful little girl. Echard loved playing with her blocks in the nursery.
  51. 51. He and Anne were expecting again, and they’d enjoyed hosting several visitors to their home this season including Anne’s elder sister Isabella who had made a run through Aridia to pick up recruits for the new coven opening in the capital.
  52. 52. Isabella’s visit had also meant he could tour his lands, go hunting, and drinking with Honor guilt free. The girls didn’t want to men about while they caught up.
  53. 53. Anne took aim at her old friend Honor on the last morning of Spring. Oh how she loved this tradition of Aridia pelting one’s guests with water as they leave. There was no man more deserving of a fond farewell than Honor. Even better she thought, in 2 more days I get to douse my sister.
  54. 54. Oh boy doesn’t Isabella have something to look forward to in a few days! Thanks for stopping by the kingdom again, and I do hope you enjoyed the chapter. Kingdom’s gotten so big now…anyway obviously trying playing in a slightly different order…also I tend to binge play a group of houses on weekends and then write up what I can. Hopefully, this isn’t too confusing for everybody.