Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 2


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 2

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build a Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. Hyperia is in the midst of a baby boom; the kingdom is growing rapidlyand this pleases King Henry greatly. His people have begun to thrive under his rule and taking advantage of all this land has to offer them. None more rapidly than his own family; his twin sons are about to enter their wondrous childhood years and he could not wait to begin to train his boys in the art of war and diplomacy. Because soon enough it will be time to find them wives.
  3. 3. His boys were growing up right before his eyes, and soon enough he would have yet another baby in this castleas his queen was breeding again. She was very close to her delivery and the king could not hide his excitement. His queen prayed that this one would be a girl, she longed for a little girl to teach and love, not that she favoured her beautiful boys any less. King Henry would prefer another strong son, but to please his queen he would pray for a daughter too.
  4. 4. Prince Derek: Mother is expecting again dear twin. Shall we pray for a little brother or a sister?Prince Xander: Brother, then we can show him who are the bosses around here and make him do stuff for us, like our studies!! Prince Derek: What a most delightful plan, twin!! I quite like the sound of it. Prince Xander: I know!
  5. 5. Prince Derek: You are going to be a boy aren’t you? Yes you are!! Queen Celia: Why would you not love a little sister just as much? Prince Derek: Because it’s a girl!! We can’t play war games with a girl!!Queen Celia: There are many other types of games to play besides war games dear son, I would hope you would include a little sister in them too.
  6. 6. Prince Derek: *sighs* If you say so mother… *whispers be a boy* Queen Celia: There’s a good boy.
  7. 7. The next morning while the young princes were at school, Celia went into labour. Once again, her husbandwas the only one to bear witness. Perhaps it was time to enlist some help around the castle, a king cannot be expected to be the only witness to what should be the domain of a midwife.
  8. 8. Thankfully, it was an easy delivery and the Queen held her precious daughter close. She had known it would be a daughter; she felt it in her heart. Princess Serena had her mother’s eyes and lovely chestnut fuzz on her tiny head but the pale ivory skin of her father. Truly the princess would become a breathtaking beauty.
  9. 9. King Henry had taken a liking to his precious daughter, she would be the apple of her father’s eye andbeautiful like her mother. Henry knew he had to choose a worthy husband for his daughter once she was of age to be wed.
  10. 10. But first he had other matters to attend to; such as the bridal contract for his heir, Prince Derek.Henry: So you know that my son will be needing a bride soon, that is why I have summoned you here. Lord Diamos: Yes, Sire I am aware. My oldest daughter Violet is at your service. Henry: Ah yes, and I also am aware that you have another daughter as well?
  11. 11. Lord Diamos: Yes, my wife recently gave birth to Lilly, my second daughter. Henry: And I hear she has your unique eye colour yes? Lord Diamos: Yes.Henry: Excellent; once she is of school age I shall consider her for Derek as well. Lord Diamos: As you wish, Sire.
  12. 12. Henry: I will consider both daughters in my choice. She will bear my grandson after all. Lord Diamos: I know your choice shall be a wise one my Lord. Henry: Yes, quite.
  13. 13. Lord Diamos: And who shall you choose for your younger son, Prince Xander, my Lord?Henry: I am not sure yet, Xander will wait until his brother is settled first. And now I have a daughter to consider as well. Lord Diamos: I hear she is quite the beautiful baby Sire; is this true? Henry: Yes, she is quite lovely much like her mother I assume, once she grows.
  14. 14. It was soon time for the princess to have her first birthday. King Henry was excited to see how she would turnout. He looked over at his wife who appeared somewhat saddened by it. He had a feeling she missed having a baby around to cuddle.
  15. 15. Also present was the head of the Trace house of Nobles, Lord Thai. It was his queen’s desire to have a social with the other heads of nobility; she had expressed a concern about losing touch with them. Not present at theprincess’s birthday was the head of the Kasumi house, Lord Erian. He had sent his deepest regrets that he was unable to attend; his wife was close to her delivery and he did not want to leave her unattended for too long. Itwas really of no matter to King Henry, his daughter was getting quite fussy and expressed her desire to hasten the process of growing up.
  16. 16. Princess Serena was as lovely as Henry had predicted she would be; choosing a suitable husband for her would be quite the challenge. She was very shy and serious; he had a feeling she would excel at academics. Princess Serena Virgo 10/1/8/1/8 ******
  17. 17. The kingdom prospered and with the newest addition of the first Merchant family to the area, trade would increase exponentially.
  18. 18. Christopher Columbus stared at the noble across from him; the smile on his face as he looked at his wife Charmaine was slightly unnerving to him. He knew that nobles sometimes took a fancy to the women ofother classes, but he did not want his woman to be another one of his conquests. However, he could do little to oppose a noble, he would have to endure it if Lord Thai chose to woo his wife. His business in thiskingdom needed to get started and offending a noble with power would do little to help that. He had taken a job working as a “questionable” Bookie for a local merchant who lived not far away from Hyperia.
  19. 19. But Charmaine seemed unaware of Lord Thai’sinterest in her; all she saw was a chance to makea powerful ally for him as he began his business. Christopher knew that his only chance to make sure his wife stayed with him was to get her breeding as soon as possible. If she was with child, then Lord Thai would most likely lose interest in her rather quickly. He prayed for a good night’s bedding to produce a child.
  20. 20. Christopher’s prayers were answered later that week when his wife confirmed that she was indeed breeding. At least he had earned a slight reprieve from Lord Thai’s interest in her for the time being.
  21. 21. He took every spare moment he could to make sure Charmaine would not be lonely while she was breeding. Because he knew that her loneliness could make her more susceptible to another man’s charms.
  22. 22. Indeed, it worked. He was right about making sure she was taken care of.
  23. 23. However, a late shift at work left Charmaine all alone when it came time for her to give birth, Christopher regretted not being there for her during such a trying time.
  24. 24. He had to miss the birth of his twin daughters while he was at work. It would seem that Charmaine would haveto begin breeding again once she was able, he needed a son to carry on his family name and to inherit his business once he got it up and running.
  25. 25. Charmaine named her beautiful daughters after two of her favourite gemstones: Ruby and Garnet. She was pleased to have someone around to talk to and play with while her husband was away.
  26. 26. Soon after, Charmaine was with child again and her daughters were ready to grow up. The Family side ofCharmaine was delighted to have the chance to teach them how to talk and walk and hear them sing their first nursery rhymes. Though her Pleasure side craved the chance to let loose and indulge in some of her favourite past-times like couch jumping and pranking unsuspecting people.
  27. 27. Christopher helped out with the girls and theirskill-learning. He wanted to be a part of their lives as much as he could. Though both of his girls were fairly mean and highly active, he would have his hands full if they decided to pick up their mother’s love of pranking people. Ruby Columbus (blue) Aries 10/10/9/3/1 Garnet Columbus (pink) Scorpio 6/5/8/3/3
  28. 28. On a rare night off, Christopher was home to bear witness to the birth of his third (and fourth) children because once again, Charmaine had bred twins.
  29. 29. The birth of his only son and heir Kieran and another daughter, Saphira. He had his son and a third daughter; he was happy and pleased.
  30. 30. But another late shift had him miss another set ofbirthdays, although the upside to it was that he was climbing the ranks of the Criminal underworld rather quickly, and would soon have the means tocreate his business and start building the legacy for his son to inherit.
  31. 31. But keeping his house in order and safe from falling apart before that could happen, was another task Christopher had to take charge of. ****** *Lord Thai (Romance) + Charmaine (Pleasure) = Triple-Bolt Trouble*
  32. 32. After all, what is a Royal Kingdom without a little juicy gossip and scandal to occupy the upper crust anyway? And here is where it ends, next time we visit the Starr and Kasumi houses and with a little Trace thrown in there for good measure. Inow have five families in Hyperia and still only one community lot. Christopher is nearly a Criminal Mastermind at the end of this rotation; there by opening the Intelligence career for me!! Yay!! Also I had to tear down the Rothgate castle one daybefore their second week rotation ended so I lost that day. Glitchy headmaster becoming uninteractable even with the Bat Box fixes was a really large red flag for me so they got a new place that I built myself. You’ll probably see that next time. Until then!! ^_^