Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 2B


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 2B

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build a Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. The kingdom of Hyperia has been growing, and so has the Political landscape. Lord Erian has been climbing up theranks of the political ladder, therefore getting his family one step closer to the king. If he could become Hyperia’s first Mayor, then he would have direct access to the king and amuch better chance of making himself King Henry’s advisor.However, his biggest rival is Lord Diamos, who has also beenrising in the ranks. Not of the political scene, but the Military one; he has a shot too at becoming the king’s advisor. AndLord Erian will have to work harder if he is to usurp the Starr family as the king’s favoured and first choice for a spouse.Whosoever marries young Prince Derek will be the next queen and have the most coveted position of power in the entire kingdom. Lord Erian wanted to ensure that his daughter would be that next queen; not one of the Starr’s daughters.
  3. 3. Lord Erian needed and edge to usurp his rival, luckily for him his wife was more than willing to oblige. Lady Amaya gave birth to another set of twins.
  4. 4. Another son, Kira and a daughter Rangiku. Another son to carry on his family name and a daughter to offer to the king. Lord Erian was pleased his wife bred well, he chose her wisely.
  5. 5. Erian knew that having his rival witness their birthdays would keep up pretenses andmake him think they were still allied. What better way to deceive a rival than to make him believe he was a friend? He was unsure of how much to tell his wife about his plans, the two of them were friends; a fact that made Erian wary. He didn’t want her to ruin hisambitions and plans with her female weaknesses. Best to play it close to the chest until it was time to reveal his plan. Kira Kasumi Rangiku Kasumi Gemini Scorpio 4/8/8/3/3 5/4/10/4/3
  6. 6. His older children were crucial in ensuring the younger ones would know where they stood when the time came to make the move to power. If Prince Derek did not chooseHinamori, then it would be up to his youngest Rangiku to take the lead. He would train his sons personally in matters of finance, politics, making the proper alliances, and how tohandle rivalries for a plan. He would also make sure they knew how to run a household and select the proper mate which would increase their influence and reputation in the court.Shuuhei showed promise in Architecture, if the way he knew how to put blocks together was any indication of his future skill set.
  7. 7. Soon enough, his two youngest would be old enough to begin. He had plans to getthem enrolled in the same private school asthe young princes were. He counted on the social whims of children to do some of the relationship building necessary to further his plans for his ascent to the highlycoveted position of King’s Advisor. It was afailsafe in case he did not gain the favour of Lord Diamos.
  8. 8. The kingdom was flourishing, the fields were fertile and provided much needed grains, vegetables and live stock feed to keep the kingdom through the harshest of winters.And while having farm land was essential, so was having a functioning barracks. It was onthe top of the list for Lord Diamos once he ascended to General, he planned to use some land to build a barracks for the kingdom’s soldiers to reside in. He had requisitioned a section of land near his property from the king and was given permission to build there once he made it to General.
  9. 9. Lord Diamos was not wrapped up in climbing the Military ranks, that he forgot to makesome time for his second daughter Lilly. She had his beautiful purple eyes and her gorgeous mother’s hair and fair skin. Ani-Mei wanted to see Six of their Kids get Married and they had three already. Lilly would not be the youngest for very much longer.
  10. 10. Dee: Come on Lil, say ‘daddy’. Lilly: *blinks* Dee: Teaching my other kids how totalk never took this long…I know you have a lot to say baby, so tell daddy. Lilly: *giggles* Dee: This is gonna take a while… Lilly Starr Aries 7/9/4/3/5
  11. 11. Tyler, her older brother thought that maybe he could get through to his quiet little sister. Hismother said something about 9 Outgoing points and no reason for her to be so quiet, he had no idea what that meant. Tyler: Mommy taught me this nursery rhyme, so maybe I can teach it to you Lil. Lilly: Ga?
  12. 12. Tyler: Or not…this will be a challenge just like daddy said it would. Lilly: *stares at walls*Tyler: *sigh* I won’t give up, I’m going to get you to talk. I know it.
  13. 13. Tyler: The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain andwashed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy- bitsy spider went up the spout again. Lilly: Tyler… Tyler: She spoke!! DADDY!! Lil spoke!! I’m her first word!! Diamos: Way to go son!! Good for you!!
  14. 14. Ani-Mei: Don’t look so upset Dee baby, at least she speaks. Dee: I wanted to be her first word. *pouts*Ani-Mei: Well maybe this baby will want to say daddy as their first word. Dee: Maybe…are you going to move? Or can I take your knight? Ani-Mei: Yeah, yeah. Mr. Impatient…
  15. 15. Ani-Mei: Hold that thought!!! OWWW!! Diamos: I never get tired of this!! Ani-Mei: Grr!! DEE!! Diamos: What? *grins*
  16. 16. Yes, triplets. I chose to give themthree, for one because I really would like to have a chapter with all kids for onceand two it was a lot easier to do it all inone shot and third, she wanted six so she got them. Two boys and a girl. So Dee has three sons and three daughters.
  17. 17. Then we got a genie. Dee could have his Perma-Platness too because his LTW is to be a Media Magnate and I need a population of 1000 to have that opportunity. Since at thispoint I’m not even in the triple digits yet, he won’t be getting that without a genie. So here you go Dee honey, enjoy. *wink* (loopholes FTW)
  18. 18. As it turned out, Tyler had a real gift for painting. His parents’ portraits were atestament to his skill. If Tyler had one chance, he would want to become an Artist and fill the kingdom with his beautiful pictures and art work.
  19. 19. Triple b-day!!Dee was looking forward to seeing how gorgeous the last three of theirs would be, he couldnot think of anyone better to share a family and a life with than Ani-Mei. She was always so good to him.
  20. 20. He named one son after his twin brother Dalen whom he had to leave behind when he came toHyperia, his daughter was given the lovely nameof Rose and his youngest son was given the nameKyle. Kyle had his mother’s bright blue eyes and his raven-coloured hair. The little boy was trulybeautiful because he carried the very best of both of them.Dalen Rose KylePisces Libra Taurus7/1/10/3/10 1/8/7/2/10 7/6/4/7/5
  21. 21. Like Lord Diamos, the house of Trace was well on the way to having peace of mind. Lord Thai had managed to keep twelve lovers and his wife was none the wiser. He was nearly home free. Eight more and his dream would come true.
  22. 22. Because Maia was far too engrossed in the prospect of having another child around tocare what he was up to when her back was turned. However he was not expecting this kind of surprise…
  23. 23. She birthed twins, another daughter named Dahlia and a son named Eric. His first son. Both have his dark hair and their mother’s eyes. His oldest, Kindle was due to have herbirthday tonight as well; though she was not pleased to have the birth of her brother and sister on the same day as hers.
  24. 24. Despite that, she knew she was still number one in her daddy’s heart. And now she got to be the boss of the little ones now too.
  25. 25. Having three kids already and yet another on the way, did not stop Lord Thai from making use of the matchmaker’s services to drop him Lover #13, Jan Tellerman though. The matchmaker only served the Noble houses since most others were too poor to affordher services. And Maia remained blissfully unaware of his philandering; which suited him just fine.
  26. 26. Sweet Kindle, shy little Kindle she had no desire to follow her father’s path in life. Her desires led her to a more safe and reasonable young boy, Shuuhei Kasumi. She liked Shuuhei a lot and surprised herself by making a bold move in asking him to dance. Kindle always dreamed of dancing the night away at some lovely palace ball with a handsome young man waiting for her on the floor. Kindle wassure Shuuhei thought the same way abouther, he always wanted to spend time with her. Kindle let herself dream of Shuuhei being that young man who would sweep her off her feet and carry her away to his palace.
  27. 27. The time soon came for her younger siblings to grow up. She looked forward to playing with them once they were old enough.
  28. 28. Now that they were older, Kindle could play with them. She wanted to teach them the same nursery rhyme she knew. Eric Trace Aries 10/10/3/1/3 Dahlia Trace Libra 4/10/3/7/7
  29. 29. Kindle was happy to teach her brother the nursery rhyme, and he was happy to learn it as well.
  30. 30. And so ends the Week 2 Rotations. Hyperia is growing and will soon have another new family joining them. Here’s the stats so far: # of Households: 5 # of Playables: 30 Population: 30 (1x30) #of NPC Community Lots: 1 # of Fires: 0 # of Robberies: 0 Careers: Politics (Kasumi), Military (Starr), Criminal (Columbus, Trace) Uni Funds (5% of Lot Values): $12, 780 (Starr=$4076), (Kasumi=$4077), (Trace=$3574), (Columbus=$1053)