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The Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 11


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Chapter 11 of my Sims 2 Royal Kingdom Challenge. This time visiting my upperclass families-Noble and Royal Families

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The Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 11

  1. 1. The Kingdom of Celestia Chapter 11: Nobles and Royals
  2. 2. We begin our visit with the upperclassmen of Celestia by a stop at the Lampright house. As you recall, this place turned into some kind of ugly. However, Story here has found love with Luke McCarthy.
  3. 3. Her father Lord Thomas is still a tub pirate and full of personality, even if he has the face of an ape.
  4. 4. His son and heir to the family line Honor, inherited the family’s amazing good looks.
  5. 5. I swear when I created Smrithi and Nicholas I had no idea they would breed such unique sims. I still love them though.
  6. 6. Honor’s recently taken up piano this season.
  7. 7. Luke is doing things the right way and making sure he has Story’s father’s blessing before getting too serious. It’s alright though, Thomas is okay with the fact that you didn’t meet his daughter through the matchmaker Luke. He likes you.
  8. 8. Smrithi still challenges her grand-daughter to a good old pillow fight each night before bed. You’re never too old for this kind of fun.
  9. 9. Rayan Hashmi/Lampright still keeps the Lampright Estate spotless.
  10. 10. Unfortunately, we lost Smrithi late in the season this round. It’s sad seeing the first generation going, but time must march on.
  11. 11. The family chugged along even with the loss of their beloved Matriarch.
  12. 12. Neha Hashmi stopped by to visit with her cousin Story Friday after lessons. The two girls are very good friends.
  13. 13. Neha stayed the night and the girls held a special pillow fight in honor of their late Grandmother.
  14. 14. Although Neha had been closest with Story, she was getting to know her cousin Honor better these days.
  15. 15. Her uncle was such a goof ball. Always juggling the goblets!
  16. 16. Before long it was Rayan’s elder birthday. The entire Hashmi family was invited to help her celebrate.
  17. 17. Heidi provided musical entertainment for all the guests. She was the most accomplished musician of the family after all.
  18. 18. Cadence Lampright and Hamsa enjoyed dancing the afternoon away.
  19. 19. Leia McCarthy and her brother Luke had been invited to the birthday celebrations. Leia did her best to make a good impression on her brother’s future mother-in-law.
  20. 20. Overall, Rayan had not aged up too badly at all.
  21. 21. The party was a grand success and had been enjoyed by all in attendance.
  22. 22. Rayan and Thomas had found it wonderful to catch up with their younger siblings.
  23. 23. Over at the other Lampright estate, Dutchess Michelle had stopped in for a visit.
  24. 24. Journey Lampright found the Dutchess to be a tad rude mocking their current living accommodations.
  25. 25. Cadence Lampright was in the middle of getting to know Erik Noble a bit better.
  26. 26. Isuelt was also taking advantage of the free time to make sure she and her little brother were on the best of terms.
  27. 27. Cadence hoped her father would finish their new home soon. Living out of tents on the open fields was not very lady like.
  28. 28. It didn’t take too much longer for the new castle to open up. Cadence decided she quite liked the new Dutchess even if her aunt didn’t.
  29. 29. Even with the tower finished, Cadence still spent many hours outdoors. Her favorite pastime with throwing knives…
  30. 30. Her handmaiden Isuelt was quite the entertainer!
  31. 31. Before long the two girls shared their teen birthday. Cadence had insisted the servants bake an extra cake for Isuelt too. She wanted them to celebrate together properly.
  32. 32. The Nobles and the Lamplights cheered their girls on as they blew out the candles.
  33. 33. Just one last look at our lovely ladies before we take a gander at the damage.
  34. 34. Wow! I dare say that Cadence Lampright actually grew into her looks. She’s still no traditional beauty, but hey she’s doing better than her poor cousin Story.
  35. 35. Well, Isuelt grew into her looks a tad I suppose. That’s alright it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
  36. 36. Over at the Rawal house, poor Yasutora had to spend sometime in deep meditation. He’d come down with the flu, and he had no desire to pass it on to his relatives.
  37. 37. Tanishi congratulated her son Ichigo on another successful business venture being added to the capital. My Leia McCarthy is really getting around this season.
  38. 38. The capital of Celestia now boasted it’s first dining hall.
  39. 39. Yasutora was now taking on much more responsibility to entertain the subjects. A good lord ought to be accessible to his people. Nicole was left close at hand to make sure her young heir was getting a solid handle on lordly responsibility.
  40. 40. Ichigo wasn’t far off either, but he was keeping his hands off. It was the only way his son would learn was to be free to make mistakes.
  41. 41. He did quite well entertaining the Queen.
  42. 42. Duchess Michelle didn’t much care for her first visit. Yasutora left her sitting at that table far too long. Nicole would have to have a word with him about that.
  43. 43. Nicole for her part liked watching to see what her subjects frequently ate when they stopped by. George always enjoyed a plate of pancakes and came in the mornings.
  44. 44. Lord Yidi still helmed the kitchen and provided most of the meals his subjects ate by hand.
  45. 45. The family also continued to run the most successful fields in the kingdom. They were much more than just a place for the peasants to work and toil. There was plenty of fun to be had there as well.
  46. 46. Yidi and Tanishi still kept up their tradition of nightly chess matches. They discussed the comings and goings naturally, but mostly just took the time to check in with each other.
  47. 47. Yasutora introduced Nicole to Fanny. She’d gotten up the courage to venture all the way over here. Hopefully, it would pan out okay.
  48. 48. Overall, Yasutora and Fanny had a pleasant afternoon together.
  49. 49. Meanwhile, in the Moon Islands Michelle took the time to check in at the the Laguna. Adam Eglisfelde was in charge of the place, but she wanted to check in and make sure it was up to her standards.
  50. 50. The Dutchess decided she was quite pleased with Adam’s progress. The Laguna was always full of people whenever she stopped by.
  51. 51. Lord Eglisfelde was glad the Dutchess seemed pleased with his first venture in the islands. He’d have to wait to see what sort of operation she thought it was best he or Noble open the following season.
  52. 52. The Three Lanterns was doing alright in oh what was that Noble boy’s name again? No matter, the elderly King always seemed to enjoy his stays here.
  53. 53. Back at home Adam spent time grooming young Celina. She was growing up to be a lovely young woman just like her mother Princess Kaya.
  54. 54. His son Geralt was already walking and talking thanks to his wife’s careful attention.
  55. 55. Of course, in no time at all he was out of swaddling and a full grown boy who loved to play in the tub of all things.
  56. 56. Adam took the family on a short vacation to the Mountains. His wife’s niece could certainly use the distraction.
  57. 57. Hopefully, she could clear her head up here in the mountains away from everything.
  58. 58. Adam was a little disappointed that his son was hopping about the beds and not showing a lot more restraint given the circumstances.
  59. 59. I mean the crown Prince had just died! Ryker had been trapped inside the castle when it set ablaze and had not escaped.
  60. 60. This meant that Ocean had to declare his eldest child Beatrice to be the future queen of the kingdom.
  61. 61. Adam did have to wonder why they hadn’t considered the fact that Kaya had a perfectly healthy son that could take over the family.
  62. 62. Celina was sad she hadn’t gotten to throw a party for her coming of age. But, she supposed she understood since her cousin Ryker had just passed away.
  63. 63. Beatrice visited her brother’s grave again and noticed that Elinor Sims was here too. Cleary the young woman really had started to fall for Ryker.
  64. 64. Meanwhile Rishi and Ocean were discussing the future of the kingdom. He was getting older, and he hated to think he was leaving his kingdom in such a dire mess.
  65. 65. Ocean took some time out of his day to invite Dutchess Michelle over to the castle. “I’m so glad you could make it. I don’t want to say that I don’t trust my sister’s husband, but we’re talking about heirship to the throne.”
  66. 66. “I don’t want Beatrice to have any issues ruling the kingdom.” “Oh don’t worry Ocean, I’ll keep an eye on Adam and make it absolutely clear he’s not to meddle in his niece’s rule.”
  67. 67. “Hello girls mind if I join you?” “No of course not, you’re more than welcome to join in Michelle.”
  68. 68. The family soon had another reason for his sister to come home. The death of their mother Queen Rhoni.
  69. 69. Adam had come to the funeral of the queen as well, and did his best to make a good impression on the soon to be king. Ocean side stepped too much talk about Geralt.
  70. 70. Beatrice was tense things had been rough for her in the last few months. All this pressure was now on her and it felt like her Uncle was pressing in. She’d been getting ravens from her cousin Geralt almost weekly.
  71. 71. She truly needed Agnes to come through for her.
  72. 72. Lance had been alright. They’d had a good time together, but something had been missing. There just hadn’t been a spark.
  73. 73. She’d tried the wishing well too, but again something just wasn’t right.
  74. 74. Then one day, Darcy Sims had offered to walk her home. It didn’t take long for the two to start chatting on the lawn.
  75. 75. Darcy had her smiling for the first time in months after only a few hours.
  76. 76. Over the coming weeks, Darcy became a regular visitor at the palace. The princess never failed to have a good time with Darcy.
  77. 77. Rishi had to smile as he watched Darcy openly display affection for his grand- daughter right in front of the king no less.
  78. 78. That night King Rishi passed away and was buried beside his wife across the shore of the palace’s lake. The kingdom was now officially in the hands of his son Ocean. Time would tell what the future would hold for the kingdom of Celestia.
  79. 79. Well I hate to break it to Rishi, but Darcy is already taken, but hey at least he’s got Beatrice smiling. Can’t believe I didn’t notice Ryker was on fire sooner, but by the time I got anyone down there to try to put him out he was gone…well I suppose generation 3 will be interesting…..