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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 6B


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 6B

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. The weddings continue in Hyperia where more and more of the second generation are beginning their new lives free from their parents’ houses. New milestones, new opportunities, and newchallenges await the kids as they start out away from the safety of their childhood homes.
  3. 3. Eric Trace closed his eyes in thought; today he would be getting married…to Amy Gordon. Normally hewould choose to have a few trysts before he had to settle down and produce the next generation, he wanted to so much but his mother was insistent that he make the honourable choice and marry. The one thing thatbothered him was that Amy was one his father’s 20 conquests…and he had to marry her where she would live under the same roof as his father.
  4. 4. Amy: Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean living with your father…Eric: As long as you two don’t act on any feelings that you have left over for one another, I don’t care. Amy: I know I won’t, but what about him? Eric: Father wouldn’t dare…
  5. 5. Eric: Well that went well.Amy: It did. Your father behaved himself. Eric: Cake? Amy: Yes please.
  6. 6. Eric is not a cake shover which is nice. ^_^
  7. 7. Eric: Now how about you and I have our own little party hmm? Amy: Already?Eric: Oh come on, it’s bad enough I have to wait for marriage for woo hoo in this place… Amy: I was just testing you. Relax.
  8. 8. Eric: Muucch better…
  9. 9. With the Trace heir now married, Kindle was free to enjoy the benefits of it herself. Kennedy was more than anxious to make her his and Kindle was happy to give herself to him. She had not heard from Kirain a long while, she did miss her teenage love but she understood that his familial obligations probably kept him busy. And Kennedy was a wonderful man, she loved him a lot, and he loved her.
  10. 10. Kennedy: Don’t worry, I’ll be a good husband to you Kindle. Kindle: I’m not worried, I know you will be.
  11. 11. The next day after some of the colours were changed, Kindle Trace became Kindle Grove.
  12. 12. And Kindle, the shy one, is a cake shover…poor Kennedy didn’t see it coming.
  13. 13. Kennedy: I would like to move out right away if I can. I have a plot of land set aside thatwill need tending. I want to bring a fresh marketplace to Hyperia so we don’t have to ship our produce out of the kingdom to get it processed. Ricky: A wise idea. Kennedy: Yes, I thought so too.
  14. 14. Kindle: I agree as well. I would like to add a bakery section to the marketplace. Oddly enough I have a strange craving for pastries and cakes. Dalen: *impales Kindle with cake plate* Rose: I’m sure my brother would be a good reason for that odd craving Kin… Dalen has no concept of personal space… >_<
  15. 15. You can always count on the triple-bolters to make any party a Roof Raiser… Kindle: Daddy!! This is MY wedding… Lord Thai: *sucks face* Kindle: I am soo embarrassed…
  16. 16. One more wedding of the Trace clan to go…Dahlia: Ooh look at everyone out there!! Hii all!! Ricky: Please dear, show some restraint. Dahlia: You’re no fun.
  17. 17. Dahlia: Look Kin!! I got him!! Ricky: *chokes*Like her older sister, Dahlia is a cake shover.
  18. 18. Eric: You know, I’m really going to miss my sisters. We’ve always been together. Kindle: Aww Eric. I’ll miss you too. Dahlia: It won’t be the same without my twin brother… Eric: Visit often okay? Dahlia: We will. You too okay?
  19. 19. Shawn: Sometimes it sucks being the youngest.Aliya: Yeah I know…what will we do now that everyone’s leaving? Shawn: I don’t know… Aliya: Well let’s get it over with then twin brother.Shawn: Yeah…time to grow up and be responsible adults I guess.
  20. 20. Aliya: Hmm, what to wish for?Shawn: I’m not waiting for you. Aliya: Oh fine.
  21. 21. Aliya: I think I got the better deal in the clothing department don’t you? Shawn: Yeah, yeah rub it in.Amy: Clothes are in the wardrobe you two. Aliya: Something nice I hope? Shawn: And not this?
  22. 22. Prince John: I wish I could have changed for this, I feel so overdressed… Aliya: Oh, you look fine…I mean…handsome…my prince. Prince John: Why do you do that? We’ve been friends since we were kids Aliya.Aliya: Sorry, I’m just so used to having to endure the scrutiny of our family. Especially around you and the Royal House. Prince John: I don’t care about that, and neither does Derek. He’s king now.
  23. 23. Aliya: Well in that case, let’s drop all the formalities then. You look really handsome in that tuxedo John. I’ve always thought so. Prince John: Do I now? Aliya: Oh yes, and since we’re both still single. Why not? Prince John: Why not indeed?
  24. 24. Aliya: And I’ve always wanted to dance with you John.Prince John: I’ve never danced before, for all you know I have two left feet. Aliya: Neither have I. So we’re both in the same boat aren’t we? Prince John: I suppose so. Aliya: You seem to be doing just fine. Prince John: You are a powerful leader in dancing Aliya.
  25. 25. Aliya: I’m glad it’s not off-putting to have a strong female lead in dance.Prince John: On the contrary, it’s quite nice to not have to lead all the time. Aliya: Good to know. Prince John: It is good, I like a strong woman. Aliya: Oh really?
  26. 26. Dahlia: Don’t break him little sister, that’s a prince you’re holding there. Aliya: *ignores sister*
  27. 27. Prince John: Now THAT was unexpected. Aliya: Well I can’t help it. Prince John: Don’t ever change Aliya. Aliya: I won’t.
  28. 28. Prince John: I think I’ve found a solution to my lonely days. Aliya: Me too John.Prince John: I will ask your father for your hand Aliya, I promise. Aliya: Oh, John. I think I’m in love with you. Prince John: Me too Aliya.
  29. 29. Prince John: Do you mind living in the palace? Aliya: Of course not, I’d love to.Prince John: Good. I was hoping you would want to.
  30. 30. Soon enough it was time for the next generation of the Trace family to make their appearance. Eric had no idea what to do, he was young when Shawn and Aliya were born and he didn’t remember much about what to do. Maia had just told him to stand by and watch because there was really nothing he could do.
  31. 31. And the twin tradition continues…
  32. 32. …as does the female first-born.Generation 3 of the Trace family: Kelsey (blue eyes) and Amelia (brown eyes) Trace. ******
  33. 33. A visit to the Merchant section of the kingdom takes us next to visit the Columbus family and see what is going on in their lives this week.
  34. 34. Kieran and his wife to be Leslie were ready, they had been waiting for this day for a while and it was finally time to tie the knot and begin the next generation of the Columbus family line.
  35. 35. Leslie: You don’t think it will rain do you?Kieran: No, I don’t. Don’t worry this day will be perfect. Leslie: I hope so…
  36. 36. Kieran: See? It all went fine. Except for this!! Leslie: Oomph!! Kieran: Hehe.
  37. 37. Kieran: Now let’s have some fun.Leslie: I have been waiting forever for this moment. Kieran: Me too.
  38. 38. Next up was Garnet and Amin.
  39. 39. Amin: I’m ready!!Garnet: So am I!!
  40. 40. Christopher took advantage of the free time to make another trip over to Columbus Curios where he wasdetermined to make top rank today. With Charmaine managing the cash and three new employees to help out with sales and restocking, Christopher had a good feeling about today.
  41. 41. With the infusion of several new customers, Columbus Curios made the historic Rank 10 business whichfinally earned the small kingdom of Hyperia, its first opening in Business and the first step towards an acquisition of a new province where the businesses of the future could break ground.
  42. 42. At home, Kieran decided to finally see if the faeries that spirited him away as a teenager were still out thereand he hoped they would come back to see him. As the new head of the household, he no longer had to hide his interest in the magical beings that he was convinced were living amongst them in Hyperia.
  43. 43. Turns out that his hunch was right and they were still out there waiting for him to make contact again.
  44. 44. Kieran: I thank you my friends. I have missed you.
  45. 45. He had performed his duties as heir prior to his faerie adventure and he was ready to see if he would have a son this time around…
  46. 46. His adventure had left him with a gift this time, unfortunately that meant he could not go out in public rightnow, there would be too many questions he would rather not answer. The general populace would not be asopen to the possibility of other beings in Hyperia as he was. Although with the Galle family living here, he could be wrong…
  47. 47. Kieran: Well my love? Is it a son?Leslie: No, she’s a beautiful little angel. Amethyst Columbus, it’s a pretty name isn’t it? Kieran: Oh…damn. Leslie: Now, now, your father had three daughters before you. Kieran: And I am hoping I break that tradition.
  48. 48. Pao waited impatiently for his intended to arrive. He wanted to marry Ruby and move out so that Kieran and Leslie would have the room for their family.
  49. 49. And with that, Ruby Columbus became Ruby Mellon which sounds more like some sort of fruit than a name.
  50. 50. That left Saphira as the last one who was unmarried. She knew that Tyler had wed another and was alreadythe father of twins so that hurt her. Saphira was feeling quite lonely and was nearing the point of settling for the first man who would have her. She did not want to become a spinster and longed to be a wife who was in charge of her own home…
  51. 51. The well gave her Zach Nolan, a hotel worker from a far off land called Takemizu Village. There was some difficulty getting him into the kingdom, the Political structure had been left vacant since the retirement of Lord Erian Kasumi so Saphira had to turn to her father for getting Zach into the kingdom using his“connections” with the Criminal underground. He was more than pleased to use his connections to make his youngest daughter happy with the man she loved. And she did love Zach.
  52. 52. Saphira didn’t want a wedding, she was perfectly content to marry Zach immediately after he proposed to her in their game room.
  53. 53. With his twin sister now happily married and on her own, Kieran found a lot more time for his beloved wife who was very good with the whole strangeness of his faerie adventure.
  54. 54. Leslie: I take comfort in the fact that you will know how it feels to give birth to a child.Kieran: I am sure I will come away with a much better understanding of your pain my love. Leslie: I would hope so.
  55. 55. Leslie: That doesn’t mean I won’t want to do it again. I know you need a son.Kieran: As soon as I am unburdened with this I will make sure that happens. Leslie: I look forward to it.
  56. 56. Turns out he would be freed from that burden sooner than he thought… Leslie: Oh dear…where will that come our? Kieran: WHAT?? I never thought about that!!
  57. 57. Kieran: If my chest explodes stand back… Leslie: Oh gods!! What if it does?? Kieran: Run.
  58. 58. Kieran: Hold her would you? I am not quite done yet… Leslie: What? What do you mean? Kieran: Hang on…
  59. 59. Kieran had birthed twin girls, Emerald and Peridot.Looks like he would be continuing the tradition after all…
  60. 60. Christopher took on the pleasure of ensuring that his granddaughter grew up well while Kieran worked away as his Entertainment career.
  61. 61. Amethyst Columbus Sagittarius 3/4/10/7/10
  62. 62. Kieran did the honours of teaching her how to walk. He knew soon enough she would be going to school and he would miss a lot of her while she was gone.
  63. 63. All three of his girls would be growing up so fast, he wanted to be there as much as he could for them and the new baby that would soon be here, his heir he hoped.
  64. 64. Amethyst took to being a big sister nicely, she was always playing with them at the activity table. Emerald Columbus (orange) Capricorn 9/3/2/8/10 Peridot Columbus (pink) Sagittarius 1/1/10/10/10
  65. 65. Now that Columbus Curios was Rank 10, Kieran could begin his venue business using the land he hadpurchased with the revenue from his father’s store. Minstrel Park would soon be known as the place to go fora lovely outdoor concert, or to hear from the court jesters or comedians who would travel though Hyperia. He wanted to make sure that his children could enjoy the luxury of being known as a Noble house, currently Minstrel Park was only a Rank 2 venue, but he was confident that word would soon get around the kingdom about it, after all the Columbus name is sonorous with successful businesses now. ******
  66. 66. Our final stop today is the Cooke residence, home of Nathaniel and Adelaide. Little Andrea wasabout to join Alise in the world of teenagers and hormones, she was excited and couldn’t wait to begin.
  67. 67. Andrea Cooke FA/FO Aries 5/8/6/3/3LTW: Be Captain Hero
  68. 68. Adelaide: Now did you look out for your sister today Alise?Alise: Yes mother. She was fine. And when Sharon has her birthday tonight I will make sure she’s alright too. Adelaide: I know my dear, I worry you know? My girls… Alise: I know mother, I do.
  69. 69. Sharon was ready to join her sisters in high school. She had grown bored of the primary school life and was looking forward to a new challenge.
  70. 70. Sharon Cooke FO/R Aquarius 8/0/10/10/8 LTW: Woohoo 20 Sims(a-ha-ha not happening >_<)
  71. 71. With three teenage girls now, Nathaniel had become rather alarmed that he still had no male heir, so he called the adoption agency himself this time around and was rewarded with his patience. The SocialWorker delivered them a boy, his heir, Sloan Cooke. His family was killed in a flood two years ago whenhe was a toddler and he was sent to the orphanage as soon as he turned 4. He wasn’t there for long before they told him he would be going to live with a wonderful family in Hyperia. The agency was pleased withhow well the girls they sent the Cooke family were doing and accelerated the process for Sloan to join them.
  72. 72. Nathaniel was proud of the little boy, he was so inquisitive and smart. He was also very active and energetic. Sloan Cooke Cancer 7/5/10/2/6
  73. 73. Sharon: Don’t worry little brother, we won’t be too mean to you.Andrea: Sharon, we won’t be mean to him at all, you know how much daddy wanted a son. Sharon: I know, I was just kidding.
  74. 74. Alise: As the oldest, I will make sure that Sharon won’t be. Andrea: We know, we know, you’re the boss.Alise: I still don’t know why you wanted to wear such bright colours and pants Andrea. Andrea: Why not? Alise: Women do not wear pants.
  75. 75. Adelaide: It is rather unusual Andrea. Sloan: Yeah, boys wear pants!Andrea: Oh come on, I have a skirt over it… ******
  76. 76. And that’s all for Week 6, Part 2!! Now stats time!! # of Households: 9 # of Playables: 68 # of NPC Community Lots: 1 # of Owned Community Lots: 4(Columbus [Rank 10], Columbus [Rank 2],Kasumi [Rank 5], Starr [Rank 6]) SM: (2x9; two generations in each household), SM=18 Population: 68x18= 1,224 Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 1 of 12 filled (Columbus [retired], Trace [Retired], Hood) Military: 0 of 1 filled (Pop. of 1,000) Oceanography: 1 of 5 filled (Kasumi) Politics: 0 of 1 filled (Kasumi retired) Journalism: 0 of 1 filled (Pop. of 1,000) Music: 0 of 1 filled Business: 0 of 1 filled Law Enforcement: 1 of 3 filled (Cooke [fired], Starr) Education: 2 of 4 filled (Sims),(Trace) [Pop. 250 x 4=1000] Entertainment: 1 of 5 filled (Columbus) Intelligence: 1 of 2 filled (Hood), [Diamos has retired] Architecture: 1 of 1 filled (Trace) Science: 1 of 6 filled (GilsCarbo)