Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 8B


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 8B

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. The new district of Hyperia presented a world of opportunity for the growing populace, it was wild, rugged and completely open for new settlers. And the land was cheap too, which was also a bonus.
  3. 3. So what better place for the new castle than here? King Derek ordered that a new castle be built in the newdistrict right away before the third generation was ready to leave for the new college that just recently opened. It was also a fresh start for the Rothgates after the deaths of their beloved King Henry and Queen Celia. This castle was King Derek’s, and not his parents’ castle.
  4. 4. Hinamori was overjoyed with how well her daughter could play the piano, her skills would certainly catch the attentions of a wealthy foreign lord once she was of age. That was the plan for her, to make sure thatOphelia had all the right skills and connections to ensure that the family would have more influence when the time came for one of the Kasumi bloodline to claim the throne of Hyperia. A legitimate claim can be made since Prince Xander is the second oldest of the royal line. Since the untimely death of her twin Shuuhei, Hinamori felt it was now her duty to make their father’s dream of seeing a Kasumi on the throne a reality.Kira was useless, and had no ambition. He betrayed the family; at least she and her sister Rangiku thoughtso. The thought of her brother’s heir Renji being raised by Kira grated at her though; he should be the one to carry on the family’s bid for the throne, instead, he’ll be turned into a bleeding heart like Kira. But Hinamori could do nothing about it, she was married to a Rothgate and a woman.
  5. 5. A few days later, she went into labour with their third child. Xander hoped for a son, while Hinamoriwanted another girl. William was hard to turn, he was too much like his father in that regard; however that did not mean that Hinamori couldn’t still “influence” her son’s potential lovers to see things her way, or toget the ones she didn’t approve of to leave him. A boy’s first love is always his mother so that gave Hinamori a strong sense of power over William that even Xander could not change.
  6. 6. Hinamori got her wish and was rewarded with another daughter. Her name was Victoria, and she tookafter her big sister in looks. Her older twins will be coming of age soon and that meant her plan could begin.
  7. 7. Prince Xander was not as oblivious to what his wife was doing to their older daughter as she thought; he saw the gleam in Hinamori’s eye when she spent time with Ophelia. She clearly favoured her overWilliam. But one look at his younger daughter Victoria told Xander that Hinamori would have a much harder time controlling her than Ophelia.
  8. 8. Victoria Rothgate Gemini 2/10/8/3/8A nice Gemini? O-o? I guess Xander was right about her…
  9. 9. Victoria was a sweet child, and it seemed only right that she would gravitate towards William more than Ophelia. To Xander, this was a good sign. Hinamori would have a harder time turning Victoria.
  10. 10. Ophelia did try though, it was unclear at this point as to which way Victoria would turn. Xander could only cross his fingers and hope for the best.
  11. 11. William had a strong interest in painting and he said he would like to sell ten masterpieces and become anArtist once he finished college. His dream was to open an Art Gallery where other artisans could come to see his work and display some of their own. Xander was thrilled that his son wanted to bring culture to Hyperia and encouraged him every way he could towards that dream.
  12. 12. One day however, Hinamori had caught William painting and she yelled at him for wasting his time onfrivolous pursuits. Xander stepped in and shut her down for it, but young William was devastated that his parents were fighting over him.Hinamori quickly changed her tune and immediately tried to repair the damage she did. She couldn’t afford to alienate her son when he was so close to coming of age.
  13. 13. William was far too nice for his own good, so calming him down took a lot of effort. No Kasumi malewould ever act like this in her father’s house; he would probably have been beaten for showing such appallingweakness like that. Kira had come close once or twice as kid, though he was not as bad as William, but he always managed to escape Erian’s wrath, thanks largely in part to Shuuhei defending his brother.
  14. 14. Soon it was time for her twins to come of age, so she could start matchmaking for them. Xander was just happy to see his children growing so well and healthy.
  15. 15. Ophelia Rothgate PO/R Scorpio 9/7/10/7/1 LTW: Be Icon (sucks to be her)William Rothgate FA/K Cancer 9/3/1/3/10LTW: Have 6 Grandkids (easy-peasy)
  16. 16. Prince Nicholas and Lady Lilly were expecting once more. Nicholas wanted another son, desperately so, buthe did not impress that upon his wife. He had too many daughters in his opinion, after all, he was the third of four boys. He wanted the same for himself.
  17. 17. He knew leaving her in such a state was risky, this time his beloved father in law was not around to see to her in his absence. Someone had to work to keep food on the table, and Nicholas was the only one who could.
  18. 18. He was disappointed yet again when Lilly birthed two more daughters Amy and Ariel. But he did not sayanything to her, she was over the moon with four daughters. And…honestly, happy wife means happy life right?
  19. 19. Amy Rothgate Libra 7/10/1/3/8Ariel Rothgate Aquarius 7/6/4/9/9
  20. 20. At least she was happy with him, his older brother on the other hand, had to deal with Hinamori…if Lilly were like that, Nicholas didn’t know what he would do. So perhaps he’d be better off keeping his disappointment with four daughters to himself.
  21. 21. The other set of twins, Andrew and Mary, had their next birthdays soon after their younger sisters.Nicholas had to make do with only one son, but he would make sure that Andrew turned out to be the best young man he could be. ******
  22. 22. Rangiku and Goopy’s twins were due to grow up too, their further attempts to have more children havefailed. Though that made Goopy happy, the less the better for him. He was Romantic in nature and it was hard to be that when their were screaming brats everywhere. He did his duty as a Noble of Hyperia and produced an heir; and as far as the law was concerned he was freed of any further obligations.
  23. 23. Micah GilsCarbo Libra 2/8/2/6/7Michaela GilsCarbo Gemini 2/8/9/6/1
  24. 24. The twins, once changed, were set to skilling at the request of their mother. She wanted them to be top oftheir class once they began schooling with their cousins; it was one thing that Rangiku wanted most of all, to show up her sister. The two had always thrived on the friendly rivalry since they were kids themselves. Currently Hinamori had the upper had with three kids and she with two. But it was enough to keep Goopy happy and that was worth more to Rangiku.
  25. 25. And it meant more time for them to be a couple. Rangiku had that advantage over her sister, Hinamori knew that Xander only tolerated her because there is no such thing as divorce in Hyperia, she figured that out when she saw how distant he had become after the birth of Victoria.
  26. 26. Rangiku didn’t want that to happen to her, so she was secretly glad that their frequent couplings did nottake effect in pregnancy. Goopy had his heir, his duty was fulfilled as a citizen and that was enough for Rangiku.
  27. 27. Micah found he had an interest in Nature, and was outside bug hunting as often as he could. Rangiku didn’t mind that her son was into bug hunting, as long as he didn’t bring in any live ones of course.
  28. 28. His sister on the other hand hated it. She did go out with him at first, because she wanted to play with hertwin, but soon found out that poking a bee hive often ended badly. And her mother was furious that she ruined her new dress with filth so Michaela never went bug hunting again.
  29. 29. Michaela: Mama will be so mad if I get stung!! EEEE!!!
  30. 30. At the Grove Estate, it was a rather slow week, the triplet boys were ready to begin school and their servant Gabriella Newson had not yet arrived. Kindle was not overly upset about it, though Kennedy was. Kindle really didn’t like the idea of servants in her home, it felt odd since she never had one growing up. But Kennedy insisted that she take one on, he grew up with them at his estate and to him it was natural for a Noble household to have servants working for them.
  31. 31. Two of their triplets preferred to study, the third and the heir Jason would rather be out meeting people than staying home, but as a child that was not an option. Jeremy and Jacob liked their books.
  32. 32. Jason Grove Leo8/10/4/5/6
  33. 33. Jeremy Grove Aquarius 4/4/3/6/9
  34. 34. Jacob Grove Scorpio 10/8/9/7/1(I like this triplet the most, he got the blond hair ^_^)
  35. 35. Over at the Cormier household, Ricky’s wish for a boy was once more dashed when Dahlia welcomed yet another girl, Gabrielle. She would have to get pregnant again, Ricky needed his heir.
  36. 36. Ricky: You do understand how important it is to me to have an heir right? Dahlia: Of course…Ricky: Then you know that if this baby is another girl, you will have to keep getting pregnant right?Dahlia: I do. I know the law and the new five child limit which was imposed recently. Ricky: And this will be three.
  37. 37. Though it was not to be, another daughter was born. So Violetta made the third daughter for the Cormier family.
  38. 38. Birthday for Gabrielle.Gabrielle Cormier Libra 2/8/4/6/7
  39. 39. Which meant they had two more chances to have an heir and Dahlia knew what had to be done. Sheprayed that this would be the last time she had to do this, her mother may have had five kids too, but Dahlia wasn’t prepared to do the same.
  40. 40. Thankfully, this time would be her last. She birthed twin boys Luc and Andre and her days of pregnancy were finally over with.
  41. 41. The oldest, Marie was happy to have sisters to outnumber brothers with. She didn’t understand whyhaving brothers was so important to her daddy, weren’t girls just as good? Talk at school from the other girls in her class had the same puzzling effect; they didn’t understand it either. Every one of them hadbrothers, and until Luc and Andre were born, Marie was the exception. She tried to teach Violetta the same nursery rhyme she remembered learning when she was young, but she didn’t seem to like it.
  42. 42. Marie: Gabrielle liked learning the rhyme…I don’t get it. Violetta Cormier Gemini 9/4/10/4/3
  43. 43. Ricky gladly bounced his heir Luc as he prepared to blow out the candles on his cake. Dahlia saw how happy he was with his sons, she just hoped he didn’t forget he had daughters who needed him too…
  44. 44. Luc Cormier (white shirt) Gemini 4/10/10/3/8Andre Cormier (plaid shirt) Pisces 7/1/10/3/8
  45. 45. Gabrielle and Violetta had their birthdays at the same time as their brothers. So once they changed they sat down to play with their little brothers for a bit. Tomorrow they would be starting school with Marie. ******
  46. 46. And that wraps up the Noble houses for this turn, next time, the Merchant class. So here’s where the stats stand: # of Households: 18 # of Playables: 113 # of Graves: 7 (Starr, Rothgate, Kasumi, Trace) # of NPC Community Lots: 4 # of Owned Community Lots: 6 (Columbus [Rank 10], Columbus [Rank 4],Kasumi [Rank 6], Starr [Rank 10], Grove [Rank 1], Nolan [Rank 0])SM: (2x18; two generations in each household, +1 for every heir marrying up a class (Kasumi), +1 for 5 community lots, +5 for adding a Business District, +5 for adding a Uni) SM= 46 Population: 113x46 = 5,198 Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 2 of 51 filled (Nolan, Couderc, Hood [retired]) Military: 1 of 5 filled (Grove) (Pop. of 1,000 x 5) Oceanography: 0 of 5 filled Politics: 1 of 5 filled (Rothgate 2) [Pop. of 1,000 x 5] Medical: 1 of 2 filled (Hood) [First opens at 1,000 pop. Then again at 5,000] Journalism: 1 of 5 filled [(Mellon) (Pop. of 1,000 x 5)] Music: 1 of 1 filled (Kasumi) Business: 1 of 1 filled (Starr) Law Enforcement: 3 of 3 filled (Cooke [fired], Starr, Cormier, Galle) Education: 3 of 20 filled (Sims, Trace, Newson) [Pop. 250 x 20= 5,000] Entertainment: 1 of 5 filled (Columbus) Intelligence: 2 of 2 filled (Hood, Starr) Architecture: 1 of 2 filled (Trace) [+1 for addition of a sub-hood: Business District] Science: 2 of 6 filled (GilsCarbo), (Cooke)