Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 7D


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Once Upon A Kingdom: Chapter 7D

  1. 1. ONCE UPON A KINGDOMA Build A Royal Kingdom Challenge
  2. 2. Hyperia has reached a point where the population has been asking for a University to be built. The majority of the people believe it would attract more scholars and scientists to the kingdom. Shuuhei Kasumi recently made a speech stating that his family’s wealth would make it easy to commission a university to be built in Hyperia. There were a few more funds left to raise for it, but he was confident that he could do so. Until someone spoke up from the crowd saying he could help make that dream a possibility, he was the Royal Accountant, the one who had been keeping track of the public taxes, informed the people that their public taxes which had been collected over the last seven seasons would more than cover the expense of building theuniversity. With the larger portion covered by the Kasumi family’s fortune, they had enough money to build the university. It would be built in first half of the eighth season. Basically this means Hyperia now has a Uni!! I will add it at the beginning of theeighth rotation. With $700 000 donated from the Kasumi family, and the $300 000 fromthe public taxes, the million dollar mark has been reached!! Generation 3 will get to go to Uni!! It also means that the University will be semi-private…
  3. 3. Another neighbourhood shot so you can see that my three Peasant families got a bit of an upgrade on theirhouses. The two-storey brown one is the Hood residence, the green one is the Galle/Hood household and thesingle story is the Newson place. The Galle/Hood house got an upgrade and expansion since it was way toosmall for the 10 of them living there. You’ll see them later on this update. I am thinking of moving them all to bigger lots, the 3x3 ones are small and not suited for the large families.
  4. 4. But first we visit the last Merchant household for this rotation the Nolans. Christopher: Aww, little nooboo… Saphira: Daddy, where did you learn that strange word?Christopher: I’m happy that I got to see you settled down Saphira, I don’t have a lot of time left in this world. Saphira: Oh daddy, don’t say such things…you’ve got plenty of time left.
  5. 5. Admittedly, her father’s words were right. She knew that he and her mother were old and when she had heard of the passing of Lord Diamos not too long ago, the reality hit home. She knew Tyler, his son, they had a brief relationship as teenagers. But since he was his father’s heir, and they are forbidden to marrybelow their class, they couldn’t be together. She cared for Zach though, and she would love their child just asmuch as if it were Tyler’s. For now, she stuck to her painting. It was calming and she always felt aglow when she would get lost in the blank canvas, painting what she could see inside it waiting to come out.
  6. 6. A beautiful picture of far-off lands where the sun was always warm and the breezes carried with them thescents of the tropics in which they travelled though. She would love to see such a place for herself one day, if it was possible. Travel to foreign lands was usually only for the Nobles and the Royalty. Merchants rarely had a chance to travel unless it was their business to sail the seven seas, and Peasants have even less of a chance to go.
  7. 7. One day at breakfast, Saphira asked Zach about where he had come from. Saphira: Zach, what is the place like where you come from? Is it warm there?Zach: Takemizu Village? Well it’s in the land of exotic spices and it’s quite far from Hyperia. It is beautiful in the spring time when the sakura trees are in bloom. The air is filled withlightly falling pink petals and the scent in the air lets you get lost in it…it’s a beautiful place. Saphira: Do you think we could ever go there?
  8. 8. Zach: I didn’t know you wanted to, maybe once our child is old enough. We could go back as a family. Saphira: Do you mean that? I would love that so much!!Zach: Of course I do, the journey will be long, and the voyage across the ocean can be rough sometimes. Saphira: I can handle it.
  9. 9. Saphira barely had time to think about it before the pain rippled through her, it was time for the birth of her child. Saphira: Oohhhh Zach!!! Baby!
  10. 10. Zach: What do I do??Saphira: As if that question has never been asked hundreds of times before!! Zach: I’m sorry?
  11. 11. Saphira: You have a son. Zach: I have a son? Saphira: Yes…and…
  12. 12. Saphira: …a daughter.Zach: Wow, twins…I never would have thought it would be twins. Saphira: I’m a twin so it’s probably genetic. Zach: What will we call them? Saphira: How about…Adam and Peach. I like peaches.
  13. 13. Saphira: Not to worry Adam, your daddy didn’t mean to put you in the pink crib. That is for your sister.
  14. 14. Zach couldn’t believe that his twins were about to grow up and that his lovely wife Saphira gave him the chance to see them grow. Saphira: What? Zach: Nothing, just adoring you. Saphira blushed; making her chocolate skin look even prettier in the light of the setting sun.
  15. 15. Adam Nolan Aries 10/10/9/1/1 Peach Nolan Gemini 7/10/10/1/7A mean Aries and a nice Gemini, what is the world coming to? Zach is going to open a toy store so that’s why Peach is playing with the fire truck. I had extra ones left over from the 30 I was having him make. ******
  16. 16. Our next visit is the Hood household where we see Annabeth teaching Webster to Come Here. Annabeth: You’re such a smart dog Webby!! Webster: Arf ?
  17. 17. Annabeth: Such a smart doggy!! Yes you is!!!
  18. 18. Her older brother may be getting ready to settledown with a wife and family, but Annabeth wasn’t. She wanted to enjoy the time she had as a teenagerto the fullest extent, and that meant making use of the well as often as she could. She wanted to keepher options open before she was supposed to choose a husband; that is, if she was going to at all…
  19. 19. It was great to see their big brother Aaron stop by too, John and Annabeth missed him a lot. Aaron: How are things here mother? Is John helping out like I told him to? Marian: Of course he is Aaron, he’s a good boy. How are your kids? I rarely see them anymore.Aaron: I know mother, I am sorry about that. Ruby is doing just fine, she’s loving the fact she gets to work and achieve her dream of being at the top of the police force.
  20. 20. Marian: And Marylena? How is she doing?Aaron: Just fine mother, Paisley is great to her. She’s pregnant again, he still needs a son. Marian: I can hardly believe that Gelen and Anastasia are growing up so fast. Aaron: Me neither, to think, me the father of twin teens… Marian: Have you thought of using you ability to spawn?
  21. 21. Aaron: No, I haven’t actually. I already have three kids. Marian: Try it son, if I hadn’t chanced it you wouldn’t be here now.Aaron: There’s already a lot of us in that house though…I don’t know, I’ll think about it.
  22. 22. Aaron did wonder if he should spawn a pod baby; he can do it easily enough and it would be nice to see that his species carried on. As far as he knew, he and his mother were all there was of their species…
  23. 23. John waited by his cake, he was going to become a man today and take over the family from his father. It felt like it was only yesterday he was playing with a green toddler brother at their old activity table… Annabeth: Mom and dad are coming big brother, don’t start without them they’re old you know. John: I know, I’m going to wait.
  24. 24. His mother came in and John bent down to make his wish:“I wish to keep the family name strong and to one day have our status elevated to Merchants.” He wished silently. Annabeth: Yay big brother!! Woo!!
  25. 25. Marian: *sniff* My baby boy is growing up… John: I hope my wish comes true.
  26. 26. John: Hey mom, do we still have Aaron’s old clothes around here? Marian: Yes, I think so… John: Oh good, I can’t be seen like this.Once changed he went over to the old well, to see who it would choose for his wife to be.
  27. 27. The well chose a woman named Amanda Carlson to be his wife, they hit it off very well, both aspiring to theWealth persuasion. She came in with a job as a Vice President in the Business track, but since Hyperia only had one position for that and it was filled by Dalen Starr, she had to quit. But the money she brought withher would help them fund their first business to get a start on opening another position in Business. John saw no reason why he couldn’t have his dream though, to be Hyperia’s first Doctor. There was a dire need for a physician in the kingdom and he was planning on being that physician. His mother had taught him a lot about herbal medicines and what plants could make good astringents and ointments. As a plant person she had a kinship with nature that gave her a unique insight into the herbal medicinal world.
  28. 28. Once Amanda was changed into something more appropriate, John proposed to her. He was eager to begin a family and start off great as the head of the Hood family.
  29. 29. With John married and his first child due, he had found his dream job as a Doctor, Robin could now retire as Hyperia’s only remaining Criminal Mastermind and enjoy his remaining time with his son at home.There were two new up and coming Criminals in Hyperia and Robin felt it was time pass the torch so to speak.
  30. 30. Amanda wasn’t as lucky as his mother was, and she gave birth to a daughter. John wasn’t upset, there was still plenty of time to have a son, he did want someone to pass on his medical knowledge to.
  31. 31. Annabeth: Now don’t you worry little Willomena, Aunty Annabeth is going to teach you lots of cool things, like how to buck against the system of patriarchal rule; just like me. And I know there are other women out there who will agree with me, I just have to find them. ******
  32. 32. Over at the Galle household, the two youngest were about to have their birthdays. Ruby wanted the honour of giving her niece Claire her toddler birthday while Marylena gave Julia her childhood one.
  33. 33. Ruby: Ready?Marylena: Ready.
  34. 34. Claire Galle Scorpio 7/6/6/4/1Will I never get rid of the Mean Girls in Hyperia? And if you forgot Julia’s stats: Julia Hood Pisces 6/3/10/6/10
  35. 35. In continuing with the birthdays, Paisley finally got his heir. Little Duncan Galle was born the next day. He looked just like his sister Elle with the blue eyes and green skin.
  36. 36. Marylena: How’s my pretty little boy? Aaron: He’s beautiful Mary, you must be so proud.Marylena: I am, I finally was able to give Paisley his son.
  37. 37. Later that week it was time for Gelen and Anastasia to have their teen birthdays. Aaron was the father of teenagers…he couldn’t believe that time had gone by so fast. Gelen Hood PO/R Virgo 10/3/10/3/7 LTW: Own 5 Top Businesses Anastasia Hood FO/PL Taurus 5/6/4/10/7 LTW: Earn $100 000
  38. 38. The new teens quickly made use of the well to bring them their First Kisses. Gelen was given Sharon Cooke ashis, she said that it was nice to share a kiss with him but she was a lot older than he was and was due to become an adult very soon.
  39. 39. Anastasia had better luck with George McCarthy though, he was the cashier at Nerissa’sMercantile and not seeing anyone anymore as far as she knew. His old girlfriend was Alise Cooke but last he heard she had grown up and gotten engaged.
  40. 40. More birthdays followed that week and it was Elle’s turn next. Elle: Cousin Anna, will I grow up to be as pretty as you?Anastasia: I don’t know Elle, you’ll just have to grow up and see won’t you? Elle: I can’t wait to grow up!!
  41. 41. Elle is stunning, and I’d let her keep the clothes but it’s not going to fit with the kingdom… Elle Galle K/FO Scorpio 9/3/9/10/1 LTW: Be Mad ScientistTotally doable since she’s Peasant class and I have 5 Science spots to use.
  42. 42. Elle: You gave my cousins nice First Kisses, I hope you’ll do the same for me Mr. Well.
  43. 43. Elle: Wow, you did!!Steven: Hey I’ve heard of this place, this is Hyperia right? Elle: Yep, and you’re from some place far away right? Steven: Takemizu Village. Elle: Wow, that is far. Steven: Yes it is.
  44. 44. To finish up the final birthdays of the week we have Claire becoming a child, she can now go to school with her siblings and cousins.
  45. 45. And finally, cousin Gelen gives Duncan his toddler birthday, finishing up the Galle’s week. Duncan Galle Leo 6/10/2/4/7 ******
  46. 46. And finally, the last house of Rotation 7, the Newsons. Garrett and Georgia are ready to become teens at last. I can get rid of the nanny.
  47. 47. Garrett Newson K/R Pisces 5/3/7/3/7 LTW: Be Education MinisterAgain, doable since I have 12 positions open at this point and will have more once this is over.
  48. 48. Georgia Newson K/PO Gemini 4/7/8/3/3 LTW: Be World Class Ballet DancerNo dance club yet, so unfortunately, no LTW for Georgia.
  49. 49. With all six now teens it meant that everyone was now able to take a job to help out with the familyfinances so skilling was in order, as well as learning all their life skills such as Parenting and Fire Safety. Ginger had found a position in Education for the time being, she thought it would be best to have some money of her own to take with her, she and Gavin were nearly adults now.
  50. 50. There was still time for them to combine skillingwith fun so the six siblings hardly noticed that they were leaning useful talents for later in their lives.
  51. 51. Ginger: Gavin…we’re finally adults. I can’t believe it. Gavin: I know, this is good news, we’ll be able to earn more at work now. Ginger: I hope Lord Tyler remembers to honour his father’s agreement… Gavin: You still want to do that?Ginger: Yes, I think it would be very helpful to the Starr family if I became their help.
  52. 52. Gavin: You go first sister. I’ll wait for you. Ginger: Thank you!! I think I will.
  53. 53. No mental break-downs over missing college for them not even Fortune minded Gavin, I was surprised. Neither of them rolled the “Move Out” want either, I guess with no parents that doesn’t come up.
  54. 54. Ginger: Okay, I went out and bought new adult clothes for everyone, the bills have been paid and the house expansion is completed. Is there anything else I’m forgetting? Gavin: Ginger, relax. I can manage just fine. Everything will be alright when you’re gone. I can take care of them.Ginger: I know, but I worry you know? Leaving this house…our brothers and sisters, I don’t know if I’ll have much time to spend with you after I leave for Lord Tyler’s house. Gavin: I’m sure he’ll let you come see us, or even let us come see you there. Don’t worry.
  55. 55. Ginger: And Gabriella? I heard that Lord Kennedy Grove has asked if she would work for him to help out Lady Kindle with their three boys.Gavin: I haven’t spoken to him yet about that, I’ll have to ask Gabriella if she even wants to go live with them. Ginger: Oh. Maybe I should talk to him instead…I can do it before— Gavin: Ginger, I got it. I’ll handle it.
  56. 56. Ginger: I know you do…I’m sorry for being a such a Nervous Nellie about it. I just feel so protective of our sisters.Gavin: I know, me too. We raised them after mom and dad died. I will make sure they’re safe and in good homes. I know that Sir Amin has requested help with his quadruplets as well; Lady Garnet is overwhelmed, Gabriella might want to work for them instead and I’m sure Georgia wouldn’t mind helping out the family Gabriella doesn’t choose. Ginger: I hope so.
  57. 57. Gavin: I’ll make sure you are all going to be paid fairly for your labour in those houses, their masters are good men with excellent reputations in Hyperia. Ginger: And Gallagher and Garrett? What about them?Gavin: I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, now you should go pack, the carriage will be here for you in morning to take you to the Starr Estate. Don’t be late. Ginger: I won’t; I’m nearly finished packing now.
  58. 58. The next morning, Ginger was ready to go. The carriage came early enough so that her brothers and sisters could see her off before the school carriage came for them. Ginger tried to put on a brave face, but inside her heart was breaking; she raised her siblings and she was going to miss having them close by. But she was notgoing to miss the chance to return the kindness that Lord Diamos and Lady Ani-Mei had shown them when they arrived here in Hyperia, Nobles rarely bother to welcome the lowly Peasants that move here. ******
  59. 59. And that’s it!! Week 7 is complete!! Final Stats as follows: # of Households: 17 ( I forgot to include the Monarch household the last few times) >_< # of Playables: 102 (Holy triple numbers Batman!!) # of Graves: 1 (Starr *sniff*) # of NPC Community Lots: 4 # of Owned Community Lots: 6 (Columbus [Rank 10], Columbus [Rank 4],Kasumi [Rank 6], Starr [Rank 10], Grove [Rank 0], Nolan [Rank 0])SM: (2x17; two generations in each household, +1 for every heir marrying up a class (Kasumi), +1 for 5 community lots, +5 for adding a Business District) SM= 41 Population: 102x41 = 4,182 University Fund: $700,000 (Private Funding) $329,708 (Public Funding) Total: $1,329,708 (+5 SM to be added next rotation for having a University) Careers Unlocked: Criminal: 2 of 41 filled (Nolan, Cooke (Alise, I think), Hood [retired]) Military: 1 of 4 filled (Grove) (Pop. of 1,000 x 4) Oceanography: 1 of 5 filled (Kasumi) Politics: 1 of 4 filled ([Kasumi retired], Rothgate 2) [Pop. of 1,000 x 4] Medical: 1 of 1 filled (Hood) [First opens at 1,000 pop. Then again at 5,000] Journalism: 1 of 4 filled [(Mellon) (Pop. of 1,000 x 4)] Music: 1 of 1 filled (Kasumi) Business: 1 of 1 filled (Starr) Law Enforcement: 3 of 3 filled (Cooke [fired], Starr, Cormier, Galle) Education: 3 of 16 filled (Sims, Trace, Newson) [Pop. 250 x 16= 4,000] Entertainment: 1 of 5 filled (Columbus) Intelligence: 2 of 2 filled (Hood, Starr) Architecture: 1 of 2 filled (Trace) [+1 for addition of a sub-hood: Business District] Science: 2 of 6 filled (GilsCarbo), (Cooke)