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Mystical Maladoreias Chapter 6


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Year Three begins for Maladoreias.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Mystical Maladoreias Chapter 6

  1. 1. The twin princesses were ready to enter the exciting world of courtship and gala balls. They were coming of age and soon it would be time to marry. Despite the lack of eligible young men, the twins were still excited to entertain people at the galas and parties.
  2. 2. Anne: How come you’re going first? I was born first! Jennifer: You took too long, and I can’t wait to grow up. Anne: That’s not nice, I was waiting for you…
  3. 3. Prince Nemo: You mean you still want to play with me? Anne: Of course, you’re our little brother. And father’s heir. Jennifer: Social interaction will be important for a prince to learn for the future. Prince Nemo: All the girls are giving me things at school, why?
  4. 4. Anne: Oh poor naïve little prince, he doesn’t get it does it he sister? Jennifer: No, he does not. We should tell him. Prince Nemo: Tell me what? Why? Anne: So young and innocent…
  5. 5. Jennifer: They are trying to curry your favour, they want to be your princess. Prince Nemo: But I’m just a kid. Anne: You’ll understand when you reach our age. Prince Nemo: So like Catherine said…they like me for me title.
  6. 6. Anne: You mean Catherine Prescott? She’s still after you? Prince Nemo: Yeah, she says she’s the only one who understands me. Anne: Oh she does, hmm. Prince Nemo: Should I listen to her?
  7. 7. Jennifer: Well all we can tell you is there will be many young ladies who will say anything to make you believe them. As we were once that age, we know more about it than you. You are the next king and you will choose who will be the next queen, my advice little brother; is to find a girl you really love. And don’t base your choice on who can suck up to you the best.
  8. 8. Prince Nemo: Father said that too, but I’m worried I’ll forget. Can you two stay with me until I have to become king? Anne: We can be your trusted council if that’s what you want. Jennifer: Of course we can, we would not leave you all alone.
  9. 9. Anne: We will always be here for you little brother. It’s our job to look out for you. Jennifer: And to make sure you know how to dress appropriately. Prince Nemo: I love you two. Anne and Jennifer: We love you too.
  10. 10. Meanwhile the Royal Venue had become quite popular recently. King Vayne had to add another poker table just to keep up with the demand. He was pleased to have so many of his subjects coming in to have a good time. It helped the Venue to reach Rank 7 in only a few short days.
  11. 11. It had become a nice place to visit and socialize with others around the area that would otherwise be isolated in their own areas. The news around the kingdom was that the people were becoming a little more willing to venture out of their homes with the history of the MNG virus being eradicated. They felt safe again.
  12. 12. They felt even better when King Vayne himself sat down to join their game at the new table. Although at the request of General Prescott, he was accompanied by Sir Goopy, a lieutenant in his base; he was to ensure the king’s safety. King Vayne appreciated the effort to ensure his safety but he didn’t want to give his people the impression he didn’t trust them.
  13. 13. The king even let them win a few hands, despite the fact that he was an expert poker player. His poker face was stoic and hard to read, only a true military profiler would notice his ticks and expressions. He was enjoying himself.
  14. 14. King Vayne: I just wanted to say I think you are doing an excellent job of keeping the people happy and willing to come inside. Amin: Thank you Your Majesty!! I am so humbled by your praise. King Vayne: Keep up the fine work.
  15. 15. Anne: Do not tell father…River. I want this to be our secret. River: I didn’t want to do anything wrong…I couldn’t help it, that Well has a strange summoning power. Anne: I actually like that about the Well, it brought me you. River: You’re a princess…I’m just the son of a Merchant.
  16. 16. Anne: I really like you, you’re so…mysterious. River: I am not really, I’m just a Water elf. Anne: And that’s why you are so mysterious. My Water elf. *sighs happily*
  17. 17. Secret rendezvous aside, it was soon time for the heir to the throne to finally understand what his sisters were talking about. Prince Nemo was excited to find out what the big deal was.
  18. 18. Queen Penelo: My little baby is growing up so fast… Prince Nemo: I cannot wait to grow up so I can finally meet our people. Father promised to show me the way to hold court and meet the people. Queen Penelo: *sniffles*
  19. 19. Prince Nemo: Here goes nothing… Queen Penelo: It’s not too late to turn back the clock is it? Prince Nemo: Mother, this has to happen you know that. Queen Penelo: I know, does not mean I have to like it.
  20. 20. Prince Nemo: Now to try out this Well, Anne said it brought her something nice. I wonder what it will bring me…
  21. 21. Prince Nemo: I wish…for someone pretty, smart, funny, and kind. Someone I can see myself falling for…
  22. 22. Prince Nemo: Who are you? Demeter: Oh, you’re the Crown Prince!? I am so underdressed!! Prince Nemo: Yes but…who are you? Demeter: Forgive me my Lord; I am Demeter Erde…a humble Earth elf. I am not worthy to stand in your royal presence. I’m just the daughter of a Merchant. Prince Nemo: It’s alright, father said I should get to know my people.
  23. 23. Prince Nemo: Am I really so scary? Demeter: Of course not my Lord… Prince Nemo: Then show me. Prove it. Demeter: How?
  24. 24. Prince Nemo: Like this. Demeter: Oh!! Prince Nemo: *so this is what Anne meant…*
  25. 25. Jennifer: So how was it little brother? Prince Nemo: How was what? Jennifer: The kiss, what did you think I mean? Prince Nemo: Umm, wet…and kind of awkward…Demeter was nervous. Like she was afraid to do it.
  26. 26. Jennifer: You are the prince after all, and she’s just a Merchant’s daughter. You are just out of her league. Prince Nemo: Who decided that? Jennifer: Father’s ancestors; our ancestors. You are a prince and you have to marry someone worthy of your royal class. No less than a Noble born will be accepted.
  27. 27. Prince Nemo: Father has not explained all the rules to me yet. Aren’t you worried about who you have to marry? Jennifer: I would rather oversee the Royal Treasury than marry. Someone has to be in charge of the royal coffers, they pay for everything. Prince Nemo: You would be good at that. You have the talent for Fortune.
  28. 28. Prince Nemo: What about you Anne? Anne: I just want to be liked, you know be Popular? Jennifer: Well you know our little brother; he’s all about Family. He wants to make sure his sisters are taken care of.
  29. 29. King Vayne: I have heard some strange news about star people visiting my kingdom…I wonder if there is any truth to it. If so, are they friend or foe? ******
  30. 30. Meanwhile, over at the Prescott house; the twins Connor and Catherine were also having their teen birthdays. Soon enough Catherine could make her play for Prince Nemo. After all she knew that he could only marry a girl of Noble birth.
  31. 31. Catherine: Are you watching us? Connor: Let’s go, I can’t wait any longer. Delilah: We’re watching you.
  32. 32. Catherine: See you on the other side of childhood brother! Connor: But I haven’t made my wish yet! Catherine: Too late!!
  33. 33. Catherine: Oh please drop me a gorgeous blond prince…make him mine. I know this Well has powers…and I want them to work for me right now.
  34. 34. Catherine: I am Catherine Gloria Prescott and I wish for a True Love who will be mine forever.
  35. 35. Catherine: You’re not the prince. River: Don’t ask me why the Well drops who it drops. I just go with the flow. Princess Anne won’t be happy about this… Catherine: *sigh* Well, you failed me.
  36. 36. River: No offense but I do love the princess. And I think she loves me. Catherine: And I wanted the prince to fall out of that Well but we can’t all get what we want. But you can be useful…you can get me in to see him, just say you’re going to see Princess Anne. River: I doubt they would let me inside the palace.
  37. 37. It seems that like his twin, Connor was also getting the wrong type of girl. She was new to Maladoreias, the eldest daughter of the Peasant family Masashi. Her name was Hanako, and she was beautiful; Connor felt instantly attracted to her as soon as she crossed his path. But he was the heir to a Noble family and like the prince he was forbidden to marry below his class. However that did not mean he couldn’t “play” with her…that was still allowed.
  38. 38. Connor: My name is Connor Prescott. My father is the general in the King’s Army. Hanako: I have heard of him, he is a great man. Connor: He is, and I hope to be half as good a man as him one day. Hanako: If you’ll forgive this humble Peasant girl’s opinion; I already do think you are great. Connor: Really? Hanako: Yes. Most definitely.
  39. 39. In his off hours, Hayden was also an accomplished business man. His store, Prescott Arts and Crafts reached Rank 10 very quickly due to the employees doing their best to attract new customers to the store. One such customer was the wife of another Peasant family, Nightengale Chinook who had also recently settled in Maladoreias along with the Masashi family.
  40. 40. And the odd Malachi Benton, he was newly stationed at Hayden’s base. His “affliction” made him uniquely qualified for field work; it also turned a few heads in the store. He knew things that few other soldiers could figure out; like how to identify dangerous plants. His family was the second last of the Peasant class to settle in Maladoreias.
  41. 41. Hayden found out that hiring the teenage Ivy Copur was instrumental in the success of his store. She had a true talent for sales, she was young, approachable and had a knack for getting reluctant customers to open their coin purses.
  42. 42. And he still had plenty of things to look forward to, like the teenage birthdays of his younger twins Diana and Delilah. Soon he would be interviewing suitors for his daughters and ensuring that his son marries proper before he will pass the business to him.
  43. 43. Catherine: Yes! Now the Prescott girls can take this kingdom by storm. The three of us are great catches; the boys will be lining up to win our hands! Aveline: Such ambitions…how did I ever end up with such a daughter? Catherine: Luck mother; pure luck. ******
  44. 44. And that is all for this time, this is part one of five. As mentioned, I have added four Peasant class families, three you know. The last is of course Cyd Roseland, I didn’t Townie him because of the dog. I can’t make strays so this time there’s four Peasant families. Finally, the stats and aspirations for the kids: Princess Anne PO/FA Catherine Prescott R/K Cancer Aries 7/6/2/3/8 10/10/10/4/1 LTW: Be Media Magnate LTW: Be Rock God Princess Jennifer FO/FA Connor Prescott K/PO Leo Scorpio 7/10/4/3/8 10/4/10/7/3 LTW: Own 5 Top Businesses LTW: Be Criminal Mastermind Prince Nemo FA/K Diana Prescott R/K Taurus Taurus 7/7/6/8/4 5/5/5/7/5 LTW: Be Education Minister LTW: Be Rock God Delilah Prescott FO/R Libra 1/10/3/7/10 LTW: Be Hall of Famer