MSNBC- Mobile Marketing Harnessing the Power of the Small Screen


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July 2011 Luncheon Event

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MSNBC- Mobile Marketing Harnessing the Power of the Small Screen

  1. 1. Nearly three-quarters of American consumers are multitasking whilewatching TV, according to a new study from Deloitte.While watching TV:• 42% of US viewers are online• 29% are talking on cellphones or mobile devices• 26% are sending instant messages or text messages.
  2. 2. 24.0MM Tablet Sales 7.6% 49.4MM Mobile Social Usage 15.6% 73.3MM Smartphones 23.4% 91.4MM Mobile Internet 29.2% 236.6MM Total Mobile Phone Users 75% All US figures based on total US pop of 315.5MM Source: eMarketer
  3. 3. • According to ComScore, in May of 2010, 90%+ of the US population over 13 owned a mobile device.• eMarketer reports there are over 100MM mobile internet users in the US.• Nielsen reports approximately half of the cell phones in the US are currently smart phones as compared to only 27% 1 year ago- smart phone adoption is increasing.• Unlike a TV, computer, or newspaper, mobile devices are almost always on you and can be accessed practically everywhere- their reach is unmatched by any other advertising medium. Morgan Stanley Internet Report
  4. 4. • In 1984, there were about 1,000 devices worldwide able to access the internet. Last year, there were 1 billion.• It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users. It took Facebook two years.• iPhone was released in 2007 – it was the first multi-touch smartphone• Since the launch of both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, the smartphone market has exploded in populatrity and in May 2010, accounted for more than 17.3% of all mobile phones sold• Android has over 37% market share (beating iOS) by CY10, H2• It took Twitter 3 years to reach 1 billion tweets. Now there are over 1 billion tweets per week.• Facebook has 250 million regular visitors. . . On mobile devices. There are more than half a billion active users overall.
  5. 5. • Mobile advertising is a lot like desktop advertising but it’s simpler. And more complicated. • Less ad capability and fewer formats • More fragmented and less transparency• 2 mobile display advertising opportunities: • Mobile web: • mobile equivalent of desktop web space but generally simplified (WAP site) • Mobile in-app: • stand-alone software used for dedicated and specific purpose
  6. 6. Smartphone, Feature Phone & Smartphone OS Mix Ranked by ImpressionsConnected Device Impression Share 1% 2% WINDOWS SYMBIAN 17% 17% FEATURE RIM PHONES 16% CONNECTED 67% 27% 53% DEVICES SMARTPHONES ANDROID iOS Source: Millennial Media, 5/11
  7. 7. Broadcast Social Media MobileNightly On-Air Promotion Digital Mobile Homepage Nightly iPad App
  8. 8. • Extend reach • reach your audience when they’re not in front of traditional media or while they’re multi-tasking with traditional media• Apply the multi-screen multiplier • walk your consumers all the way through the marketing funnel by reaching your audience on multiple types of media to increase your campaign’s effectiveness (extends PC reach by 13% according to Nielsen)• Reach consumers at the bottom of the funnel • purchase intent and brand awareness with consumers on mobile devices is higher than on desktop. Mobile users are more action oriented and mobile advertising is very effective at the point of purchase.• Mobile display should account for 10-15% of an overall campaign budget
  9. 9. 25%Percent Impacted Delta 20% 15% Mobile 10% Online 5% 0% Aided Brand Advertising Message Brand Purchase Awareness Awareness Association Favorability Intent Source: Dynamic Logic MarketNorms for Online, last 3 years through Q4/2009, N=2, 461 campaigns, n=3, 713,053 respondents; Adinex for Mobile Norms through Q4/2009, N=74 Campaigns, n=69, 524 respondents Delta=Exposed-Control
  10. 10. Service Advertisers & Publishers Providers Agencies Angry msnbc Birds ESPN Etc. MSNAnyone who has content that is monetized by advertising
  11. 11. Service Providers Advertiser and Networks Publisher Solutions Ad ServingRich Media Platforms Providers
  12. 12. Offer creative execution and development Phluent MedialetsRich Media Providers Celtra
  13. 13. Offers services like 3rd party ad servingAdvertiser and DARTPublisher AtlasSolutions
  14. 14. Serves advertiser’s ads on publisher’s page Mocean Ad Expert Smaato AdMarvel Ad Serving Platforms
  15. 15. • Provides publishers with ways to monetize remant• Provides advertisers AdMob with inexpensive remant inventory Networks MillennialFrequently networks own or have their Mojiva own ad serving platforms
  16. 16. Advertisers & AgenciesLocal or National Companies
  17. 17. • Sponsors are interested in apps that will be frequently used or have a large number of active unique users.• Frequent use can be driven through a connection to a specific event, such as The Today Show, or Nightly News, and content that is updated regularly over long periods of time.• Sponsors also look for a unique experience that is not available on either a regular or mobile web site, such as video playlists since the devices allow an opportunity for engaged interactivity with brands.
  18. 18. • Sponsors look for an app that reaches their target demo• Mobile app display impressions are typically sold as a bundle with mobile web assuming a content match.• Other times, advertisers may be interested in purely in- app opportunities or may even pay for their own branded app• Sponsors look for apps that will have marketing buzz that builds to the launch event, particularly if they can be incorporated in the buzz and launch.
  19. 19. Web Mobile Apps 81 70 74 MINUTES64 MINUTES 66 MINUTESMINUTES MINUTES 43 MINUTESJune, 2010 December, 2010 June 2011 Source: comscore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics
  20. 20. • App Loading Takeover Banner Video Preroll Homescreen Placement Brand Blast Mobile •• Size of banner dependsad apps: 10-15 loading and one • Handheld in-appbrowse app (300x250) second to custom Appears device homescreen of each section Only appears on the while and is initially clicks pre-roll. “interstitial” pop-over on device served on. ad size per device in landing page - have no companion or Video pre-roll ads are non-clickable and unique Ads typically subsection branded full-screen standard placement. to Zumobi leave-behind banner scale to width of device’s screen. apps • iPad • Note: The power of rich media on mobile phones is browse: 15-30 second pre-roll. Video pre-roll is clickable, features companion banner Mobile ads and screens are particularly impactful. • iPad in-app:small and because rich media offers a is NOT very 15-30 second pre-roll. Video pre-roll highly engaging and interactive experience, thus clickable, features clickable-companion banner with leave- behindmagnifying ad effectiveness on a mobile device. on the feature screen
  21. 21. • Targeting by device and carrier are standard across most platforms.• GEO targeting (geographical location) is also fairly standard across most platforms.• Demo targeting (demographic) is not standard.
  22. 22. • Fragmented landscape • many players involved• Lack of scale • different products and ad serving platforms each have unique workflow• Lack of research • apps are insular, privacy a concern with phone info, cookies and URLs drop• Technical • typical ad call flow is far more complicated than desktop ad call
  23. 23. 28% 36% 54% 57% 15% 10% Despite Android’s Rise, It’s Losing Developer Support iPhone/iPod Touch iPad AndroidSource: Flurry Analytics, January – June 2011
  24. 24. Tags can be printed, stuck, or displayed anywhere.Download it. Open the app, point your phone at a tag, and - presto!- you get a pieceof content or an experience that helps build the Open Happiness brand and creates more consumer engagement.
  25. 25. 81.390 (87%)807060 43.6 (178%)504030 15.72010 0 2010 2011 2012 Source: eMarketer, Dec 2010
  26. 26. • eMarketer expects worldwide tablet sales to reach 81.3 million units in 2012, up from 15.7 million in 2010.• Apple’s iPad, which essentially revitalized the category, will remain the market-share leader through the forecast period, with an expected 69% of the global market in 2012, down from 85% in 2010.• Consumers in the US will be big drivers of tablet sales, making up 62% of all tablets sold in 2010.
  27. 27. • Almost 300 million or 1 in 5 smartphones worldwide will be NFC (Near Field Communications) -enabled by 2014 (Juniper Research, April 2011)• 10% of Japanese mobile subscribers have already used their mobile wallet to make a purchase (9.8MM) – Retail/Convenience store, vending machine, public transportation grocery stores, and restaurants
  28. 28. A system that allows syncingbetween your TV and a secondary device, like your iPad
  29. 29. • Your watching Maddow, the topic is the stimulus packages
  30. 30. • Your iPad, listening to the audio from your TV, hears the stimulus package audio and triggers…• The Maddow App, which brings up a stimulus package info-graphic, magic!
  31. 31. • You’ve DVR’ed the first hour of the TODAY show so you can check out Maroon 5’s appearance on the Today Concert Series
  32. 32. • Your iPhone, listening to the audio from your TV, hears Matt Lauer talking to the lead singer…• The TODAY App, knowing the concert series is sponsored by Toyota, launches a Toyota rich media mobile ad touting the new CR-V
  33. 33. Women in Wireless • www.Womeninwireless.orgCTIA • www.CTIA.orgeMarketer • www.emarketer.comMobile Marketer • www.mobilemarketer.comZero Moment of Truth • truth.html
  34. 34. Thank YouIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact me Mary Stenmark Senior Director Msnbc Digital Network 678-629-5263
  35. 35. Source: eMarketer, July 2010
  36. 36. • Smartphone vs. feature phone, app versus WAP • Smartphones generally offer a richer, more interactive browsing experience yielding better advertising results as measured by CTR and conversion • In-app generally offers a more interactive, more effective advertising experience• Mobile campaigns have multiple channels and drive numerous goals: • Display: branding, audience, DR / transaction (performance) • Search • Local • Commerce – at retail stores • SMS – text messaging• Are tablets (iPad) mobile devices? • Generally yes but mimic the desktop browsing experience
  37. 37. • Make sure you have a call to action• Make sure your site is easy to navigate• Make sure all your links work• Know who your audience is and make sure you reach them• Ask users to opt in for more information, but do not abuse this opportunity!
  38. 38. • Google: 55.3 million• Facebook: 42 million• Gmail: 40.5 million• Yahoo Mail: 39.9 million• Weather Channel: 26.9 million 9 out of 10 searches result in an action
  39. 39. • Who buys the most mobile? • Autos • CPG – Consumer Product Goods • Technology and telecommunications • Financial Services • Entertainment • Travel • Retail
  40. 40. • Metrics • CTRs: .4-.6% on msnbc mobile browse • .8 - 1.5% industry standards • (5-20X higher than desktop online)• Features / capabilities: • frequency capping (standard) • day parting (standard) • 3rd party ad tracking (standard) • 3rd party ad serving (not standard)