Building Brand Awareness Through Real-world Gamification


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How Turkish Airlines partnered with InMobi to bridge brand awareness from the real-world to mobile devices.

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Building Brand Awareness Through Real-world Gamification

  1. 1. Building Brand Awareness Through Real-world Gamification Rob Jonas Neset Dereli VP EMEA Interactive Marketing Communication Manager
  2. 2. JAPAN NORTH AMERICA North America EME 119 M 149 M APAC 16 M 246 M AFRICA Africa LATIN AMERICA Latin America 35 M 22 M578M mobile consumers 93.4B impressions per month 165 countries Touching 40% of mobile Internet users globally, on average 200 times a month
  3. 3. Simplifying Mobile Advertising Mobile Creative Mobile Reach Mobile Analytics & ResearchThe Leading HTML5 Largest Independent Universal Analytics &Ad Creation Platform Mobile Ad Network Research Solutions
  4. 4. Mobile is Part ofDaily Life Globally, Mobile web time is “me”19% In the 15% time: it isbathroom Shopping usually a personal 67% rather than a Lying in bed 15% 22%Spending time social shared media event with family experience 25% Commuting 47% 39% Waiting for While watching Source: InMobi Media Consumption Aug 2012 something TV Sample size: n = 11,040
  5. 5. Reach EngagingTargeting ContextualPersonal SocialWhy Mobile?
  6. 6. Global Media Consumption The average mobile web user in Germany consumes 7.2 hours of media daily. Mobile devices represent 27% of this time. Mobile share has overtaken TV and is catching up to Online Media.Source: InMobi Media Consumption May 2012 Sample size: n = 11,040
  7. 7. of Global smartphone and tablet39% owners use their device while watching TV Source: InMobi May 2012; IAB 2012
  8. 8. The Power of TouchIt’s personal, emotional and intimate
  9. 9. AlwaysOnDevice
  10. 10. OS/Handset AudienceGeographical InMobi Content/Time Targeting
  11. 11. Mobile 22% Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.) Devices 19% Entertainment (music, videos are etc.) 18% Innately Play Games 14% General Info (Search, Sports, Social News etc.) 12% E-mail 7% Local Search 8% ShoppingSource: InMobi & On Device Research, MobileMedia Consumption Research Feb 2012 Sample size: n =10,699
  12. 12. Connecting the Physical World to the Digital Landscape Gamification to Engage the Consumer during the OlympicsQR Flags by Turkish Airlines
  13. 13. QRFlagsMobileBanners
  14. 14. Reach Consumers Engagement Personal Targeting Contextually Relevant
  15. 15. Context Bespoke, personalized ads are targeted at the userPhone based off the assimilated contextIndividualPersonalExperienceswith MobileDevice Contextual Awareness Device learns user patterns and is aware of its surroundings Information about the user pinged back to the ad server
  16. 16. Thank Rob Jonas VP EMEA InMobi you. Neset Dereli Interactive Marketing Communication Manager Turkish Airlines